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  1. thanks! Already added it to the missing wonder cards list
  2. The bans should be permanent, as per last time. When will they decide to stop attacking in waves? No idea, we don't work for Nintendo
  3. Nope. They've already researched this long before. The seed isn't miraculously regenerated. It appears that system transfer *may* swap seed once, but that's about it. Removing and faking the RSA is the tedious part, so that shouldn't be thrown around that easily. Until we get word from any of the devs, treat that portion as impossible. As said, seed swapping methods existed, but right now if they upped their game with detection, you might end up getting your swapped seed banned too.
  4. Nope. Think of it like this. Your seed file (LocalFriendCodeSeed) remains unaltered, between the present nand and backed-up nand. Nintendo server side blacklisted your seed, so you won't be able to use their online services. Hence, the Nand backup makes no difference, as said above, the seed file is the same, and you're banned server side. The only way is to import a seed from another device thats not banned, but they could very well ban that second seed. To add on, IIRC the Seed has a RSA signature, and the signature method wasn't dumped (I think sighax has no hold over it), meaning that seeds cannot be generated. The research into the Seed file and unbanning of 002-0102 has been around since the first Pokemon Sun & Moon Pirates ban. This situation is more severe than the original, because at the beginning only those that pirate SM early played games before official release got banned, but it seems they have a newer detection method to catch anyone using CFW, even if they aren't pirating games early, so unbanning by doing a seed swap might be pointless, cause if they could detect it easily, they could just ban the 3DS again. (or make things worse, even do a NNID & Device ID ban)
  5. Nintendo has been known to collect information, to initiate a second wave. So turning on your switch to check if you were ban, could send over information that will hit you when the second wave comes.
  6. CFW cannot create the seed file.
  7. who knows, maybe it's activity log somehow being sent. pretty sure we all ignored it for far too long
  8. was the newly purchased one already hacked? What games have you played so far? Whats in your activity log?
  9. save game file isn't the problem. It's a blacklist held on Nintendo Server side. Every console has a unique "seed file", once they log that and ban that seed file, you won't be able to connect.
  10. we can't trust hearsay. Let's just wait for analysis and findings.
  11. depends on what model you have. O3DS/O3DS XL will be the physical switch on the side 2DS/N3DS/N3DSXL will be done via Home Menu
  12. Look at all the stability this is bringing. Presently, it's been reported that users that mod their 3DSs (regardless Arm9LoaderHax or Boot9Strap) have been affected by a 002-0102 ban. A ban of this error code is not new, with the most notable instance being when users went online with Pokemon Sun and Moon pre-launch. Users with this ban are able to access e-Shop, but won't be able to access their Friends list, and also not able to connect online with games. This ban is different from a simple Game-Sync/PGL ban; this ban affects and limits all games' online-play connectivity. It is not known if this is an indiscriminate blanketed banwave against all Custom Firmware (CFW) users, or whether there is a underlying mechanic responsible for this. While we are unaware whether users with CFW already have their information captured by Nintendo's servers, recommended actions are: Don't attempt any online play. Keep your 3DS Network Switch "OFF" Do not attempt to bypass the Ban (we don't know if it'll lead to more severe action) Wait patiently for any findings (may take weeks) External Source:
  13. I could not muster the courage to test if any of mine is banned. (could be related to going online, and they captured the information)
  14. 11: Lickitung
  15. @coltonsmogon Lookie here. and here too. (I saw the system hidden event news posts.. it's not really news, since we've had these for years)