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  1. I don't stand for everyone, but since we posted all this information in the open, heck, go ahead. Just don't get your channel taken down or something.
  2. sorry make a video about what?
  3. Since when did this become general request thread !? In any case, I'm fulfilling these requests because the Gender+Avatar combination have yet to be uploaded previously. Shina: main Adrian: main
  4. Which is one of the many reasons we exist. Collect and distribute events. Well, if one thing does annoy me, is how events don't always make it out of Japan, but it's getting better.
  5. haha indeed, indeed. Well, it'll make sense for it to be in place, since it'll make it extra special for those lucky guys who won the lucky draw. (The japanese one was easier, just buy a unit lol)
  6. Doesn't mean they'll allow Glitch Mew to transfer. Previous glitched Pokemon didn't transfer. They didn't even allow Shiny Jirachi, which can be obtained legit, to transfer. Now that's restrictive. They did totally erase Nickname, but they could easily check OT.. They could always check OT, then do the transfer, that ain't that tough. Well, I stand to be corrected..
  7. I intend to import a big bunch of Pokemon.. Also, the Gameboy mark is signified via Origin Game ID, not by any sort of trash/hidden bit. There are other differences, namely OT and Nickname trashbytes/terminators, that can't normally be obtained in game. Only way to get that correct mew is to import the exact ones we have contributed.
  8. no problem
  9. Lol, it's not even out yet. I'm going to Pokebank to see how the changes work.
  10. Granted, it does look like a G inside of an O. I blame Pokemon GO for not having a clearcut logo that could have been used to represent it in SM.
  11. I think SciresM figured out how the QR rental teams worked before it was released, but of course the issue could have been server side/PGL side.. Plus there has been a lot of time for them to work on VC. Heck, people hacked in RBY and GSC for VC already. I think they've even got trading working for GSC titles. Also it seems the Pokemon Bank update is ready, they're just holding it off. It'll probably be released slowly by regions, to prevent server overload. Still can't make out what icon for ID 34 looks like. Pokemon Duel may be possible too, since it's a round icon, and Pokemon Duel's logo is a spinning wheel.
  12. They were contributed to us. As in the Shiny Event. As it's distributed to Singapore, which uses US consoles, I'll say yup. I'll be uploading the ENG wondercard when it comes along. (this would have been a good chance to give HKTW CHS and CHT wondercards, tho)
  13. Erm, as in Pokemon Crystal's Mobile connection gets revived via Wi-Fi. While that feature will be cool, I don't think that's why it's delayed. Rather, making money is about spacing things out, about timing. Pretty sure RBYG would have been easy to release on VC, seeing how they use the same rom. (tho their VC machine itself is running patches alongside the game). Pretty sure VC RBYG was timed to be release for their 20th Anniversary, cause it'll definitely sell. (I bought the clear red and clear blue 2DS, cause why not lol) Also, I should have realized sooner that ID 34 Pokemon is treated as Gen 7 Pokemon, because it's reading and displaying the correct met location as per met offsets in a Pokemon file. And just to screw with People: Tho that would mean they'll have to set aside a list of locations to reference, then name them Kanto, which they were probably too lazy to do. I was sad when they didn't bring back Sevii Islands
  14. That's because the region identified is based on Game ID, so as annoying as it is, all HGSS Pokemon, including ones caught in Kanto side -> "Caught" in Johto. Which is also the method employed by SM, yet they couldn't bothered to define ID 39-41 as Johto, but could be bothered to put the Gameboy Icon. I'm presenting downloading 1.1, to see if the differences are there. Not that I'm capable of ripping into the Pokemon Bank's data, but someone will likely do it. Well, gotta wait for Pokemon Star's official name and release date first. also, a good time to release Gen 2 VC is on Gold&Silver 20th Anniversary, November 21, 2019. edit: Running the v1.1 game on citra, no difference. still Distant land.
  15. I think it was a joke. Plus XD/Colo were Gen III, so they should not activate the Gameboy Icon, but rather a GameCube (lol)