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  1. WC ID likely different too. The translation of the source says it can only be received once. PKHeX indicates that it does store received wonder card ID, and that value doesn't get deleted when WC is deleted, so you likely can't receive a WC again if the WC ID is already stored. (hence, if Repeated WC gets deleted, it may be possible you'll stop receiving them too)
  2. It seems like you misunderstand how the tag works. Sapporo Vulpix can have KOR tag when received on Korean languaged save file.
  3. I've recently received a save request for a XY save with the main story completed. As these are troublesome to get (or make), I'm uploading a stripped down version of a personal save: main Take this save, and modify it to get whatever details you want.
  4. Hello all, we'll be moving the discussion regarding this to the current thread!
  5. To commemorate the first showing of Pocket Monster Sun & Moon (Anime) on South Korea's Tooniverse! channel, An Alolan Vulpix will be given away during the first episode's broadcast, via common password on April 4th, 17:00 KST. These type of events are typically region locked, meaning the serial code will likely only be usable on a Korean 3DS. We will continue to update this page, as the story develops. Source: Thanks @Lady Ariel for the heads up! ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆ Personal view: As with many Korean events, I believe this is the rehash of the Sapporo's Alolan Vulpix we have gotten earlier.
  6. Or perhaps the item amount gained at too huge a jump. With all the lottery draws one could possibly win in a day, it's highly unlikely that one can go from 1 -> 95 Master Balls in a Day, without trading right. I can say with almost utmost certainty that any change that is related to the "Character's Identity" is definitely a cause of banning. OT Name, Trainer ID, Secret ID and game play Language are things that will be registered on your PGL account (and displayed), and these are values that shouldn't change in game-play. By extension, it's certainly possible that they track other values that are not meant to decrease, including but not limited to: 1. Steps Taken 2. Times Saved 3. Gameplay hours 4. Premier Balls received (this is an actual stat, apparently) 5. Shiny Pokemon Encountered (this is a thing!?) There are many other stats in trainer info that only should increase, and can never decrease. It's possible all of these are being tracked. (furthermore, not all stats seems to be understood) Edit: Checking a private save of mine to see the living dex transferred from bank into the save, there seems to be no statistic in the save itself that tracks how many Pokemon has been transferred using Pokebank. (though possible offset is not known)
  7. That's interesting information.
  8. They potentially could track the amount of Pokemon you hatched and caught. If you hack in a Pokemon, but no trades were made, no eggs were hatched and no more Pokemon was caught, and no transfer count from Bank (if tracked), this might raise a discrepancy. Don't think that's it. Seems like if you have unreleased stuff, you can get banned, as it's the biggest red flag that shows you are editing your save. Perhaps the team handling this doesn't have the rights/permissions to ban consoles, so they can only ban via an ID they can track, and Game Sync ID would be the easiest to track. And game sync connection only runs during certain functions <-- I'm not too sure about this. Because truth to be told, you have to understand that that is cheating. That is why people frown upon it. It's a large time saver via usage external programs. That is an unfair advantage, no matter how you frame it. <partly justified, partly salt, likely> (heck, some extreme purists will go as far as to say using in-game glitches, or unintended programming, or RNG is considered cheating too) It may be contradictory (or ironic, depending on your view) that I'm a mod on a forum that creates such tools, but once again, it depends on how the tool is used. GameFreak wants it banned because it's cheating to them and they take it seriously, that is the fact of the matter. (Plus, wanna point out that our rules are against cheating against unsuspecting players.) Yeah, that does seem to be the case. They only thing I've ever done after game syncing (I wasn't using game sync before the first ban in Jan'17) was to add in Mewnium Wonder card. (I reverted to the wrong save when doing my first sync) Every other legal edit I did, was before the first game sync.
  9. erm. TID and SID of the Pokemon, easy to find. TID and SID of trainer, is in aptly named trainer info, also easy to find. G7TID, just hover over it. There's documentation on the G7TID calculation, example here: Or if you googled it: The very first link from us explains it: It's not that hard. don't expect people to spoon feed you. It's a calculation, so we still display and use TID SID, as it's used for other calculations as well, as as shininess.
  10. Open the save in emulator, and save in game. Make sure emulator setting saves it as 128.
  11. Btw, Hyper training doesn't actually change the IV to 31. To "hyper train" the stat, hold down control and click the stat. It'll turn green. 31 IV stat cannot be hyper trained. Example:
  12. Maybe you'll like to upload your save for us to see?
  13. Yeah, it seems like they may be tracking the things you've earned by comparing before and after saves. after all, the game does track some statistics and possibly not all is documented. (after all, the statistics are used for global missions)
  14. What is Waterfox.exe? edit: Nvm, quick google search shows its a modified Firefox browser. Lol at its name. Avast is blocking Github? that's weird
  15. So far, I would think that the issue is, have they banned anyone who received illegal Pokemon over GTS or Wonder trade. I mean, come on, there are Dragon Type Arceus holding Meadow Plate on GTS, Shiny Tapu Koko on GTS, and all kinds of nonsense that shouldn't be allowed on GTS.