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  1. Oh damn, really. If only we can get one of those. (all this time, I was hoping they are hosting it on a server, and we try to grab the network details or dump relevant data when at a local event. Except, all the events I get are serial codes, so me testing those details were close to none)
  2. At the very least, maybe u wanna upload your save and Pokemon. norton blocks screenshots? Using snipping tool or something and upload it here. Also, read this:
  3. Read: Also, excerpt I'm pointing you towards: and Since what you're asking for clearly infringes these points, I'm locking this thread. I'm letting you go with just a warning, in case you aren't aware of the rules.
  4. @woodang try this save. I defeated the first rival for you. If the game continues to freeze on Citra, I don't know how to help you. save file -> main
  5. That's an interesting theory. If so, there'll be more Pokemon distribution finally coming. To see Shiny Tapu Koko card being released, means most likely we'll get it as an event too (like Shiny Xerneas and Yveltal) By the way, does anyone have any idea if there was a 3D model of Zygarde in 10% and 50% forme used anywhere in Pokemon Sun and Moon (besides in battle/Pokedex)? Apparently, Zygarde 10% and 50% have NPC models programmed into the game. Do note, NPC models and Pokedex models are different formats, so it ain't the same thing. Perhaps Zygarde was originally planned to be final boss in Resolution Cave, but they scrapped the idea? (Resolution Cave does bear similar layout and naming to Terminal Cave)
  6. Except, it's on bulbapedia. Whatever name of whatever language, is all on bulbapedia. Just copy paste from there Alternatively: 1. set the language 2. change to different species, 3. change back to intended species. The refresh would set the correct language name.
  7. show screenshot. Also, its likely you didn't set yourself as latest (notOT) handler.
  8. If you're looking to modify your Pokemon, you could work with editing the existing action replay codes. For example:émon_Crystal_GameShark_codes The link above has a bunch of modifiers, meaning you just need to put in the wanted values, obtained from herE:
  9. I just uploaded Pikasav, but I don't think this is what you used.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Original Developr: Ritchie (not a user on our site?) Description: Enjoy throwbacks to Pokesav and Generation I and II, then this is the program for you! Box editing, Party Editing, basics.
  11. PKHeX is a multi-generation save editor, and is able to edit Gen I and Gen II saves files. As to Action Replay codes, I'll say they work on emulators, and should share functionality with Gameshark codes. These are the few places I know of that have old school codes, besides somewhere in our RAM forums:émon_Red,_Green,_Blue_and_Yellow_(JP)_GameShark_codes
  12. Nope, it'll lead to too many hits, hence why only before and after is strongly recommended. maybe it's tied to a conversation flag from right before you receive them. once again, before and after save
  13. you'll need before and after saves, and compare the event flags (there is a comparison worker there, I think)