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    Version 17.05.30


    Pokémon core series save editor, programmed in C#. Supports the following files: Save files ("main", *.sav, *.dsv, *.dat, *.gci) GameCube Memory Card files (.raw, .bin) containing GC Pokémon savegames. Individual Pokémon entity files (.pk*) Mystery Gift files (.pgt, .pcd, .pgf, .wc*) including conversion to .pk* Importing teams from Decrypted 3DS Battle Videos Transferring from one generation to another, converting formats along the way. Data is displayed in a view which can be edited and saved. The interface can be translated with resource/external text files so that different languages can be supported. Pokémon Showdown sets and QR codes can be imported/exported to assist in sharing. Nintendo 3DS savedata containers use an AES MAC that cannot be emulated without the 3DS's keys, thus a resigning service is required (svdt, save_manager, JKSM, or SaveDataFiler). We do not support or condone cheating at the expense of others. Do not use significantly hacked Pokémon in battle or in trades with those who are unaware hacked Pokémon are in use. FAQ Support Forum <-- Post here if you have questions or found bugs
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    Hello everyone, I'm theSLAYER, your events moderator here! First of all, I'll like to thank everyone for their contributions and co-operation thus far! How To Contribute: Wondercard file (WC7/WC7FULL) Extraction can be via Pkhex or using NTR method (recommended, especially for local events) Requirements for such contribution: 1. DO NOT SUBMIT EDITED <or faked> WONDERCARDS 2. Upload your zipped event, together with photos of the event location + receiving of the Pokemon How To Import to Save: Steps here: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/forums/topic/39583-how-to-use-pkhex-to-import-a-wonder-card/ Upcoming and Missing Events: Please do not submit Powersaves extracted entries. Event Compilation Latest Version Updated: Jun 23, 2017 - 1651hrs - UTC0 PPorg_GenVII_WC7s.rar Local Wireless events that can be collected by any region 3DS will be in the 1. Common for All Regions Folder. I regularly move old posts to another thread, to prevent cluttering of this thread.
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    PKHeX for Mac Made with Wineskin Download the .7z - extract - drag PKHeX into the Applications folder PKHeX.app 17.05.30 is HERE PKHaX.app 17.05.30 is HERE (Illegal Mode)
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    Hello everyone, Today I bring you a legit Celebi tour Celebi! This Celebi belongs to @Dr.Matt and he retrieved it back in 2001 in the spanish stop of the Celebi Tour; in fact he provided most of the data for it a year ago, data I posted here: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/forums/topic/13226-pokemon-crystal-version-with-pcny-event-pokemon/?do=findComment&comment=196197 This week I was able to finally meet in person with Dr.Matt. He was able to keep his Celebi from battery dying by storing it in his Stadium 2 cartridge and because he owned a Mega Memory Card which allowed him to backup and dump savegames (but not to transfer over to computer), and with that he also was able to keep multiple copies of the Celebi, including an untouched one just as he received from the Celebi Tour Truck. Unfortunately his Mega Memory card glitched long ago and he lost most of his untouched saves, so after changing the battery to his cartridge he had to restore a save that had AR codes used on it to retrieve the celebi from Stadium 2 (he didn't have the time to play trough the game to reach the point in which Stadium 2 allowed him to retrieve the pokémon), which is why instead of dumping his savegame he traded it over to mine (which is completely clean). Data-wise this should have no effect at all, since the AR codes were used BEFORE any transfer or trade took place, and the AR codes were never used in the process of getting the Celebi out of stadium and trading, but that is the reason why it is my savegame which being uploaded and not his. Only real hardware has been used for all the Stadium 2 transfer and trade process, here are some pictures (sorry for the blurry ones, we were in kind of a hurry): The Celebi as Dr.Matt had in his Stadium 2 (this picture is from a clone he fully trained). Dr.Matt's authenticity certificate, my laptop and my GBC Cart reader/flasher: Dr.Matt's certificate, his Mega Memory and his Gameboy (sorry for blurryness) A close up of the ID number on the certificate. As you can see it's 2234 and the Celebi actually has 02233. Dr.Matt thinks distribution started at ID 00000 but they wrote 1 in the first certificate they gave and they just keept adding numbers. Some pictures of the actual trade (I brought two gameboys just in case and we used mine which had full batteries): The savefile contains both an untouched Celebi as Dr.Matt received in 2001 and the same Celebi at level 100 and EV maxed. As a bonus, I also included the legit EUROPE Mew that can be found here: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/forums/topic/40508-gen-1-europe-mew-denmark-event-mew/ The savegame also contains a full legit gen 2 living dex and unowndex in the boxes if anyone is interested. Download: Gold_europe_mew_celebi.sav Note: this is a Spanish Gold savefile, but it will load in any non japanese rom. All trades have been done using real hardware, no emulators or other means where involved in the process of getting the Celebi out of Stadium 2 until I dumped my savegame. Thanks to @theSLAYER for making it possible for me to get in contact with Dr.Matt, and lots of thanks to Dr.Matt himself for keeping the Celebi so many years and being so kind to meet with me so we all can enjoy an European Celebi. This had a special personal meaning to me, since I became aware my savegames banished in 2011 and finally re-completing the 251 original pokédex by getting the two exclusive legendaries in person is like reliving that moment in my childhood when I first completed my dexes.
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    Hello. Great job, Suloku. Thanks. I'm glad to have given you the Celebi.
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    Hello everyone, I'm theSLAYER, your (hopefully) friendly moderator here! First of all, I'll like to thank everyone for their contributions and co-operation thus far! I've decided to have a fresh start for the contribution thread; hopefully more people will read this post, before they post Golden Rules on what is allowed on this thread: Contribution of events from users Pointing out whether said posted event(s) is legal or faked <The only discussion allowed here> Contribution of information regarding other events already posted or event missing from database Strictly no begging and no requests. Want to hype? Go to our Discussions and FAQ thread! HOW TO CONTRIBUTE! 1. Pokemon Link Extractions Dumping and injecting can be done via PKhex 2. Wondercard file (WC6) Extraction can be via Pkhex or using NTR method (recommended, especially for local events) Requirements for such contributions: 1. DO NOT SUBMIT EDITED <or faked> WONDERCARDS, or Wondercards from Private Servers <if you do not know what this is, don't ask> 2. Attach your wondercard in a .zip or .rar file, and upload onto our system while posting. 3. Submit a full video starting from the booting up of your device, and show the event location + receiving of the Pokemon MISSING WONDERCARDS! Please do not submit Powersaves extracted entries. Event Compilation Latest Version Updated UTC 0:00 Mar 15, 2017, 1951hrs PPorg_GenVI_WC6s.rar Local Wireless events that can be collected by any region 3DS will be in the 1. Common for All Regions Folder. I regularly move old posts to another thread, to prevent cluttering of this thread.
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    Introduction Howdy all. After the nightmare that is the question-fest in the comment section of the Japanese Shiny Tapu Koko, I decided to take my time to write this, in hopes that it will shed light on some questions surrounding this, and also future events. Groundwork in terminology To ensure we are all on the same page, some refresher on the terms that will be used. 3DS region refers to the region that your 3DS belongs to, named as per seen in your system settings page. Examples inside: Game Save Language refers to the language you selected at the start of the game. If you have PKhex, it's this: Wonder Card Language refers to the language of the wonder card, identified by the distribution text and distribution title. That is how our wonder cards are categorized in our Event Gallery. Pokemon Language refers to the language of origin of the Pokemon itself. Most wonder cards are programmed to have the generated Pokemon follow the Game Save Language, as opposed to the Wonder Card Language. Region locked: Event redemption (usually code) only redeemable on that one region. Region Free: Event redemption not restricted by regions. Region Expanded: Event may allow multiple regions, but not all. Now that we are all caught up, more reading! Types of distributions in Generation 7 Right now, these are the primary types of distributions, and how they are categorized: QR code events are not included, as Magearna's event was hard coded into the game, and it's the only event coded, meaning, there's no other QR code event. (unless they release a patch or something) Wonder cards from Pokemon Bank comes only in English, for some odd reason. Examples of Region Free Serial Code Events are usually anything that is tied to PGL competition gifts, Global Missions Gifts, or the ongoing monthly Mega Stone Gifts. [This means your PGL serial code can be given to someone of a different 3DS region] It's possible for similar or identical events to run across regions, however the serial code itself can be Region Locked. Importance of understanding Wonder Card Language The reason this is important, is because: To maintain save legality, it's important to know what wonder card language your save is allowed to have. The table below illustrates how wonder card language is determined, by 3DS region and game save language. ^ this table isn't valid for local wireless/infrared Region Free events. You'll find out below. So example, using a Serial Code on a US 3DS, and your Game Save Language is JPN, you'll end up with a ENG wonder card language. The one thing you must know, is that if a gift is Region Locked to JP, for example, you cannot have the wonder card on your save if your 3DS region isn't JP. I mean, isn't it obvious? It's called "Region Locked" for a reason. Note, that are exceptions to the table above, that is due to the nature of Region Expanded events. An example of such a scenario is the Lunar Shiny Magikarp. Also, it appears that for HKTW unique distributions, you can only receive the distribution on EU 3DS, If your game save language is ENG, JPN, KOR, CHS or CHT. (thanks @Kirzi ) [meaning otherwise, you won't be able to receive the wonder card] The simplicity of Local Distribution events Most, if not all, of Local Wireless and Infrared Region Free events only broadcast the wonder card in one language, which is normally the native language spoken in that country. Example, events held at Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center in Tokyo, Japan usually have Wonder Card Language as JPN. Events held in some mall in South Korea usually has Wonder Card Language as KOR. And since these events are Region Free, you can go and receive them on any 3DS region. Don't get duped by the Language Tab in a summary screen Ah, that black box that is the stuff of nightmares. During the release of the JPN Tapu Koko, people thought that only one that bears the "JPN" can be legit. WRONG. The language of the Pokemon (that we know is generated by Game Save Language) isn't the same as 3DS Region. It'll show up as long as language of Pokemon is different from game save language. Here's an example of the Legal Tapu Koko. As you can see, name and language is ENG, language tag doesn't appear (because game save language is same as PKM language), and 3DS Region is JP, meaning it's completely legal. It is possible for an event to force the pkm language to match the wonder card language, but so far it's only done on Ash-Greninja. Always be aware if the event is Region Locked, and whether it forces the Language of the Pokemon to follow Wonder Card Language. PS: PKHeX isn't programmed to deal with region locked events, as the wonder card themselves doesn't show whether it is region locked. So you may have a Pokemon with the wrong region, and PKHeX wouldn't correct you on it. Conclusion And there you have it. I've imparted all the knowledge I know regarding this. Make good use of this information. I'll give you a potato for surviving this long post, but I can't. Feel free to ask questions, However, anyone who posts questions that have the answers in this, (basically giving me the impression that you didn't read this) shall be royally punished. Haven't thought of how. Do we have any form of community service here, I wonder?
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    Look at all the stability this is bringing. Presently, it's been reported that users that mod their 3DSs (regardless Arm9LoaderHax or Boot9Strap) have been affected by a 002-0102 ban. A ban of this error code is not new, with the most notable instance being when users went online with Pokemon Sun and Moon pre-launch. Users with this ban are able to access e-Shop, but won't be able to access their Friends list, and also not able to connect online with games. This ban is different from a simple Game-Sync/PGL ban; this ban affects and limits all games' online-play connectivity. It is not known if this is an indiscriminate blanketed banwave against all Custom Firmware (CFW) users, or whether there is a underlying mechanic responsible for this. While we are unaware whether users with CFW already have their information captured by Nintendo's servers, recommended actions are: Don't attempt any online play. Keep your 3DS Network Switch "OFF" Do not attempt to bypass the Ban (we don't know if it'll lead to more severe action) Wait patiently for any findings (may take weeks) External Source: http://gbatemp.net/threads/regarding-the-recent-3ds-banwave.471781/ Updated: For those that want to risk the pesky ban, these safeguards below could work. [we are not responsible if it doesn't; this only applies to people who aren't banned.] Streetpass MiiPlaza > Settings > Share Info => NO Streetpass MiiPlaza > Settings > SpotPass => NO Friend List > Settings > "Show friends what you're playing? => OFF Friend List > [you] > Favorite > "Choose your favorite title" => "Don't have one" System Settings > Internet Settings > SpotPass > Sending of System Information > NO Uninstall Homebrew CIA and remove their tickets, including but not limited to, FBI, JKSM, Savedatafiler, any out of region games, etc. To run other homebrew in a way that avoids illegal tickets, run them by injecting it into your Health&Safety. (that's how my HBL is running now) Use Tiksweep to remove remaining unused tickets Use GodMode9 to clear your Activity Log Use Cthulu - Cache Tool to clear your shared icon cache and home menu icon cache Launch and play every app (it'll be weird to have no activity in any of them) Using your Router's URL filter to prevent 3DS from communicating with other servers unnecessarily Various developers are still monitoring the situation, to identify the detection methods. update2: If you got time, take part in this survey: https://goo.gl/forms/u1rTU5Txywg6N0V72
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    Since they;re Serial code, I'll be able to provide em!
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    PCalcG6 - v0.1.0 What was thought to be impossible for nearly 4 years is now the reality - Gen 6 RNG is here Keep in touch with us at The Official pokeCalcNTR Discord! If you need help, please check out our Troubleshooting section! Please download wwwwwwzx's 3DSRNGTool in order to use PCalcG6! Current Key Combos X+Up: Key Combo Menu Start+Down: Egg Seed View Start+Up: RNG Tools Start+Left: Wild Pokemon View Start+Right: Party Pokemon View Select+Left: Party Pokemon View -1 Slot (ORAS Plugin switches Daycare View to the other daycare) Select+Right: Party Pokemon View +1 Slot (ORAS Plugin switches Daycare View to the other daycare) Start+Select: Pause Game Pause+A: Unpause Game Additionally, the XY plugin can press any D-Pad and the "Y" button as well Pause+Start: Unpause Game Pause+Select: Advance One Frame Troubleshooting Update your console to 11.4 Update NTR to 3.5 Update ORAS to 1.4 Update XY to 1.5 ORAS and XY have two different plugins - make sure you have the correct one Do not use Mode 3 NTR for Gen 6 If the plugin doesn't load, reboot - this is common for non-extended memory plugins (like PCalcG6) pokeCalcNTR displays Init Seed as 00000000! This is expected until you use wwwwwwzx's 3DSRNGTool Features Multiple Menus and Views X+Up for Menu, help, and features Wild Pokemon View Party Pokemon View, including all members of the party Egg View And RNG View! RNG Tools! View Initial Seeds View Current Seeds View Frames Pause and Unpause the game Live Frame Advance while paused Multiple Breeding Tools Egg Species Line Checking Remaining Egg Cycle Counter Notification for Egg at Nursery TSV/PSV Checking Check Your own TSV and Pokemon's PSVs Check a trading partner's Pokemon's TSVs and PSVs Stats Affected by Nature IVs highlighted green or red depending on really high or really low stats Additionally, the attached file - AABBCCDD_codeips.zip - has a code.ips for Omega Ruby's 1.4 Update that will always force the seed AABBCCDD for people who do not have access to a computer and cannot find their init seed. Your console will still show 00000000 for the init seed, but the seed really is AABBCCDD. Please post screenshots In #bragging on The Official pokeCalcNTR Discord! Notes You will need wwwwwwzx's 3DSRNGTool for this to work! It's the only way to get your initial seed! The downloads will be hosted elsewhere soon. To keep everything easy to manage, you can click this link for pcalcg6 and this link for the AABBCCDD code.ips Installation To install, download the zip below, and extract the "plugin" folder to the root of your sd card. Merge any folders it asks for. Guides The 3DSRNGTool has a guide in the "Gen6 Toolkit" tab to get your initial seed! Real96's Event Pokemon Guide - http://pokerng.forumcommunity.net/?t=60051906 Real96's Initial Seed Guide - http://pokerng.forumcommunity.net/?t=60051905 Shiny_Sylveon's Egg RNG Guide with Masuda Method and/or Shiny Charm Credits Thank you so much to our patrons who help fund us for faster development!!! Shiny_Sylveon for being there for me and being amazing at doing so (among many other things like testing, giving ideas, helping creatively) Admiral_Fish for helping code pokeCalcNTR-Gen6 Zep715 and wwwwwwzx for helping reverse engineer Gen 6 wwwwwwzx for his 3DSRNGTool - which enables us all to use PCalcG6 Real96 for getting us in contact with Zep715 and wwwwwwzx as well as all the testing
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    Unova Cap Pikachu uploaded!
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    Edited ROMs can only be played on exploited consoles. Please do not ask (nor private message me) how to obtain/dump/decrypt/unpack/repack ROMs as that is unrelated to the functionality of this program. Download Link At Bottom of Post pk3DS is a ROM editor for X/Y & OR/AS games with tools from various contributors. All editors displayed are fully functional. Simply feed it a folder (drag/drop or by File->Open) which contains the game romfs & exefs extracted content folders. Randomizers available: Trainer Battles (Pokemon / Items / Moves / Abilities / Difficulty / Classes) Wild Encounters (Species, Level, Gen/Legend Specific, ORAS DexNav won't crash!) Personal Data (Pokemon Types / Stats / Abilities / TM Learnset) Move Randomizer (Type / Damage Category) Move Learnset (Level Up / Egg Move) Evolutions TM Moves Special Mart Inventory Download the latest version here (log in as guest, zip is under Artifacts tab) Source code is available on my GitHub.
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    Version 1.0.1


    Based on our discovery regarding Local Events being held in RAM, I've made a mini program that'll dump WC7FULL files that are held in RAM. (and of course, you must have a copy of said RAM dump to use this program) While the program can show up to 10 entries, I've programmed it to dump up to 25 entries. [Hypothetically speaking, there are unused spaces that can fit up to 25; in reality it may not be the case] This program has drag&drop support!
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    Project Pokémon has recently received some new additions. First, we have the new Guides section. This is where you can find or post guides on how to do various Pokémon hacking things, such as getting access to your save file for use with PKHeX. Next, we have the new Pokédex section. @Project Pokémon Bot has been working tirelessly to bring you Pokémon reference data for your enjoyment, spending more than 30 hours over the course of 2 weeks doing nothing but posting thousands of entries to this section, and at the moment, it shows data for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky and Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. Work is already under way to bring data from more games to it, such as Pokémon Sun and Moon. We cannot commit to any particular release date at this time, but rest assured that we are working to ensure it's good and ready. Finally, @jasenyoface, member of our news team, has been promoted to moderator of all the Pokémon Discussion forums. There are more surprise additions planned for the near to mid future, but in the mean time, if anyone has any suggestions or is willing to help write articles for our website, please send me a PM or reply to this thread.
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    I haven't mentioned much here in a while but the tool is slowly starting to take shape! I fixed a lot of problems with displaying frames and animations. And I made a small video to show: Its still a work in progress tho!
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    I am a native English speaker, but I study French on the side. One day, I thought to myself, "Why not try playing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon in French?" So I did. I started with Explorers of Sky, and there's not really much to say about it besides practicing reading a foreign language while learning one really helps. When Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon came out, I lost interest in that playthrough and moved on. While the French Explorers of Sky (Explorateurs du Ciel) was pretty straightforward translation that said more-or-less the same thing as its English counterpart, in Super Mystery Dungeon (Pokémon Méga Donjon Mystère) it's clear that the team took a few liberties... and it worked out great, especially in comparison to the English translation, where at some points there's obvious errors in translation. I'm going to point out a few of my favorite differences, including the English text, the French text, and my best loose translation of the French text back into English (literal translations are hard to read, so oftentimes loose translations are better). This post contains unmarked spoilers. Stop reading now if you have not played the game and want to avoid spoilers. 1. Realizing you're a child English Nuzleaf: Why, your childish pranks even got me caught up in your mess, I reckon! Hero: (Childish pranks? Do I look like a child or something to the Pokémon in this world...?) French Pifeuil: Heu là ! Avec tes bêtises, me v'là embringué dans des histoires de gamin ! Héro: (De... de gamin ? Est-ce que je suis un Pokémon enfant, dans ce monde ?) French -> English Nuzleaf: Why, your nonsense got me caught up in the business of a child! Hero: (Of... of a child? Am I a Pokémon child in this world?) This difference is a minor one, but shows that instead of simply looking like a child, you've become one. Gates to Infinity's English translation did the same thing: you think to yourself about how you look like a Pokemon, rather than thinking how you've become one; however, I don't know off-hand what the French version says. 2. Entering Foreboding Forest English Pancham: [To hero] Where'd you come from? You're not from the village. Pancham: What's the matter? Skitty got your tongue? Shelmet: Well, no one's gonna understand you if you don't ever speak up. French Pandespiègle: D'où tu sors ? T'es pas un gamin du village, ça c'est sûr. Pandespiègle: ... Bah alors ? T'as perdu ta langue ? Escargaume: Tu sais, y'a un truc qu s'appelle « communiquer ». C'est pratique. French -> English Pancham: Where did you come from? You're not a child from the village, that's for sure. Pancham: ... So? Have you lost your tongue? Shelmet: You know, there's this thing called "communication". It's useful. It took an extra few months for the European version to be released, presumably to perfect the non-English translations. I say it certainly shows with things like this. 3. School Life: Evolution English Audino: All right, children! It's time for health class. Audino: Today we will be learning about evolving. Shelmet: What? Evolution?! Partner: Isn't that, like, maturing quickly? Pancham: What are you talking about? Don't you know what Evolution is? Pancham: Evolving just means that you get bigger. I for one want to get bigger. Audino: Well... That's one way to sum it up, yes. Goomy: What? We'll get bigger?! Audino: It's not only your bodies growing larger, though. It causes many other changes. Audino: Evolving does bring you closer to being an adult... so in that sense... Audino: [Partner]'s assumptions are not entirely off base. Deerling: (What's that supposed to mean?) French Nanméouïe : C'est l'heure du cours de sciences ! Nanméouïe : Aujourd'hui, les enfants, je vais vous parler de l'évolution. Escargaume: Lévo... l'évolu-quoi ? La Partenaire: L'ébullition ? Genre quand ça bout et qu'il y a des bulles ? Pandespiégle: Pfff, n'importe quoi ! T'es complètement à l'ouest ! Pandespiègle: L'évolution, c'est quand tu deviens un grand Pokémon balèze ! Ça me fait trop envie ! Nanméouïe: Hé bien... oui, on peut voir ça comme ça. Mucuscule: C'est vrai, on peut devenir plus grand ? Nanméouïe: Oui, sauf que l'évolution ne concerne pas que la taille, mais aussi bien d'autres aspects. Nanméouïe: Elle permet en quelque sorte de devenir adulte... Votre corps bouillonne... Nanméouïe: [La Partenaire] n'avait pas tout à fait tort en parlant d'ébullition, en fait ! Vivaldaim: (Je ne vois pas trop le rapport, mais si Madame Nanméouïe le dit...) French -> English Audino: It's time for science class! Audino: Today, children, we're going to talk about evolution. Shelmet: Evo... evolu-what? The Partner: Boiling? Like when it boils and there's bubbles? [Note: the difference between the words for "boiling" and "evolution" is the same as the difference between "b" and "v"] Pancham: Pfff, whatever! That's completely wrong! Pancham: Evolution, that's when you become a big strong Pokémon. That makes me want to evolve too! Audino: Well, yes. One could see it like that. Goomy: That's true, you can become bigger? Audino: Yes, except evolution is not just about size, but also a bunch of other aspects. Audino: It allows you in some way to become an adult... your body boiling/seething... Audino: [The Partner] is not entirely mistaken when talking about boiling, in fact! Deerling: (I don't see how that relates, but if Mrs. Audino says so...) This is probably my favorite. Too bad this joke just doesn't work in English (and that the English translation team missed out on opportunities like this). 4. School Life: The Temperature English [The bell sounds] Goomy: Phew! I thought today would never end! Pancham: It's a real drag lately, huh? And it's been so crazy hot all the time. The Partner: Yeah. When it gets this hot, I feel feverish and my brain gets flunky! Shelmet: Your brain gets "flunky," huh? More like you're kind of flaky, [Partner]! Espur: [Partner], I don't think that's the word choice you were going for. French Mucuscule: Pfiouuu, c'est enfin fini ! Pandespiègle: J'suis trop crevé... Vous trouvez pas qu'y fait super chaud ? La Partenaire: Ouais... Il fait vraiment chaud, c'est la faute du « réchauffage climatique » ! Escargaume: Bouahaha ! Mais quelle gourde ! Elle sait même pas parler correctement ! Espur: Mais non, [Partner], on dit le « réchauffement climatique ». French -> English Goomy: Phew, it's finally here! [Summer vacation] Pancham: I'm so exausted... Do you not find that it's super hot? The Partner: Yeah, it's really hot; it's the fault of "global reheating"! Shelmet: Hahaha! What a blockhead! She doesn't even know how to speak correctly! Espur: No, [Partner], it's called "global warming". As an inexperienced French reader, this is the same kind of mistake I'd probably make. Note the difference in the suffix of "réchauffage" and "réchauffement". "-age" is more in the context of cooking, while "-ment" is what she meant. Also, in case you didn't know, the French translation assumes the player to be male and the partner to be female (hence Shelmet referring to the partner as "she"). This is because there's not that much wiggle room to control what the characters say in response to the gender of the player and partner. Items Most of the item names are more-or-less the same in both languages. A few of the emera's stand out. The Type Bulldozer is an "Ignore-Type", which doesn't sound as cool in my opinion. They make up for it by making the Toughness Emera the "Esprit Tenace", or Tenacious Spirit, which is way cooler. There's various other differences, but these stood out to me. Overall, both translations do the game justice, and the partner is just as adorable in both. ("[Hero]! Good mor-ning!" and "Ohé, [Héro] ! Coucooou !"). Hopefully this was an interesting read. If anyone who's more experienced in French found I made any mistakes in the translations, feel free to let me know. [Upon learning the Nexus is destroyed regularly] English: "(From what I saw yesterday, I can imagine...)", French: "(Eh ben, la vie n'est pas facile pour ce pauvre Pilier Atlas...)", French->English: "(Oh, well, life is not easy for the poor Pokémon Nexus)".
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    Connection Details: Channel: #ProjectPokemon Hostname/Network: irc.projectpokemon.org Port: 6667
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    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The world's first ever Pokemon XD:GoD hack! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Main Features: - Physical/Special Split - Gen VI type matchup chart including fairy type - New set of shadow pokemon and other obtainable pokemon - Over 100 Shadow Pokemon - Over 50 Shadow Moves - 75 Wild Pokemon - Moves and abilities from later generations - Gen 7 Game Mechanics - More challenging opponents Corrupted Save files A lot of people have been getting their save files corrupted. This is due to anti cheat measures in XD. It's most commonly caused by abusing save states in Dolphin. In XD, your previous save files are kept and referred to when you save. If, for example, you have a new save file with less play time than the previous save file then it is considered corrupted. This happens if you load a save file from before your most recent manual save. Use your save states wisely! Download Other features Change Log: Known Bugs: Notes: How to patch: The UPS program Tsukuyomi is unable to patch the ISO. NUPS is apparently working though. Apply the patch file to a clean Pokemon XD: Gale of darkness ISO using any UPS patcher. This patch was made for the NTSC (US) version so it will not work on other versions. The iso is quite large so it may take a few minutes. Always patch onto a clean ISO, even if you are applying an update. FAQs: Special Thanks @Tux @psy_commando @Tiddlywinks @Made_s
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    Version .


    This event was distributed to commemorate the Japanese Cinematic release of Pokemon the Movie 20: I Choose You! Serial codes for this event were being given away for pre-ordering the movie tickets, and another Pikachu can be redeemed if you have another code. These serial codes are region locked to Japan 3DSes only. As US/EU/KO have yet to receive this event, Game-sync using saves of those regions with this Z-crystal/wonder card in your save will LIKELY GET YOU BANNED. (remember, Z-crystals aren't tradable) This page hosts all of the Ash Cap Pikachu that is programmed into Pokemon Sun & Moon, in one .rar! Click on the images below, for the desired page:
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    That would require some serious edits to the game's binary. It's not possible with current research AFAIK (but then again, psy_commando has already done things that I once thought impossible).
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    Thanks! ^^ I got character sprite export to work! But I just gotta work out importing images, and editing animations! Soo, it shouldn't be too long until the first release, hopefully! If everything goes well..
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    Based on existing RAM Dumps, I've made a mini program to easily dump the WC7FULL out of the ram dumps! So far it only reads from the same addresses, and works with the RAM we got from ROC previously! edit: it's been updated for more dynamic searching.
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    Version .


    Between 17th June to 14th July 2017, AEON Malls in Japan will be giving away Serial Code, for various partner Pokemon of Ash's classmates (in the anime). The 3 Pokemon, and physical serial code dates are: 6/17/17 - 6/25/17 Receive Mallow's Steenee 6/26/17 - 7/04/17 Receive Kiawe's Turtonator 7/05/17 - 7/14/17 Receive Lillie's Alolan Vulpix "Shiron" This Pokemon's met level (18) is different from current level (20). Species Steenee Nickname (default, save lang) OT マオ TID 170617 Distribution Serial Code Location the Pokémon animated show Dates Jun 17 - Jul 04, 2017 PID Cannot Be Shiny Games JP: SM Lv. 20 Nature Naive Ability Leaf Guard (1) Item Yellow Nectar Bundled Item None Classic Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Magical Leaf Double Slap Sweet Scent (None) WC ID 234: 「マオのアママイコ プレゼント」's receiving text 0x2D Thank you for coming to the store! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. マオのアママイコ プレゼント アイナしょくどうの おちゃめな かんばんポケモン マオの アママイコを プレゼント! これからも アニメでの かつやくを たのしみにしていてね!
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    There is a Clovis Salazzle that was uploaded for testing. We have no information about this except that the date is August 8th 2017. It does look like it is a US/EU serial code event. Here is a screenshot of the wondercard info for English-US.
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    When: 6/17/17 - 6/25/17 Receive Mallow's Steenee 6/26/17 - 7/04/17 Receive Kiawe's Turtonator 7/05/17 - 7/14/17 Receive Lillie's Alolan Vulpix "Shiron" Where: Several Aeon Malls in Japan: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/images/info/2017/06/170609_gm01.pdf How: Bring your gaming device along with a copy of Pokémon Sun or Moon. Your copy of the game must be updated to the latest version to receive this gift. Connection to the internet is required to obtain this serial code event. Source: pokemon.co.jp
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    I thought i'd share a story of some really old Pokemon I found this weekend. These we're on a 17 year old floppy disk, dating back to 07/05/2000 by the looks of it. Back then Pokemon Gold / Silver had only been released in Japan and would not be released in Europe until almost a year later, however i didn't know any of that back then. I remember one weekend my friend who's Granddad lived a few houses down the street came around to visit. He said someone at his school said he had a new Pokemon game called Gold and Silver which was only out in Japan and could play it on his PC with something called an Emulator. To us this seemed amazing as we had no idea more Pokemon games than Red and Blue even existed, keep in mind at this point Pokemon Yellow hadn't even been released in Europe yet. Emulators and roms didn't really mean anything to either of us, however I did have limited access to the internet. For some context back then the internet was just becoming affordable, 1p a minute dial-up internet was something Freeserve started to offer here in the UK, which finally persuaded my parents to let us get the internet. I was however limited to 1 hour a week on the internet so we didn't get a really expensive phone bill. As it happened I'd not used my internet allowance for the weekend yet, so I remember we connected to the internet and searched on Yahoo. We found a Geocities site which had the NO$GMB emulator and a vary basic translation of Pokemon Gold, i seem to remember this had the menu's, items and Pokemon names along with the story to around the 3rd gym translated to English. Needless to say we were amazed and slowly downloaded it. What was even more cool at the time was the NO$GMB emulator could emulate the game twice, meaning we could both play using different keys on the keyboard and trade Pokemon with each other. I remember my friend took a copy on a floppy disk home with him so he could play on his PC too. We would then go to eachothers house with our save games on a floppy disk to play Pokemon together and trade. With Windows 98 been as stable as it was back then the younger me was smart enough to backup my save games on floppy disks, as i'd already lost everything more than once due to multiple PC crashes. This floppy with all my save games is something i recently came across, despite not been touched for 17+ years going by the dates of the files on it I was able to copy everything off it. On this disk was a zip with various saves from the NO$GMB emulator, including the save from the somewhat translated Pokemon Gold we used to play. So I now have my very first: Typhlosion at level 58 Feraligatr at level 56 Meganium at 54 I also appear to have in my party: Togepi at level 5, i believe I had the egg in my party for almost the entire game for it to eventually hatch Marill at level 15 Pidgey at level 5 The zip file with my emulator saves: Save game data in PKHex: It appears i'd played for 20 and a half hours back then and managed to get the first 10 gym badges. With the recent announcement of Pokemon Gold and Silver for the 3DS VC I will certainly have to transfer my first GEN 2 Pokemon up to GEN 7! I'd totally forgotten about this until I found the old floppy.
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    @Tian, you can also download the definitive compilation from here, which has been updated.
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    Even though it's legit on the GB games Pokebank would likely not see it as legit, similar to the GEN 1 Event Mew's we have managed to preserve. I imagine their will be a Celebi direct trade event similar to the VC Mew at some point. Nintendo might possibly release Crystal in the future and have a WiFi event to obtain the GS Ball, or maybe even emulate the Mobile Center over WiFi, that would be pretty cool actually.
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    Hey! I founded pokeCalcNTR for Gen 7 RNG. Tomorrow my team is releasing the tools needed for Gen 6 RNG along with guides! Get your games ready - it's finally here!
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    Oh, okay then. Here's the .pk1 for CHIKUCHIKU. Maybe you can add it to the unused Gen 1 trades section? In terms of the Stadium 1 rentals I've been trying on getting (the International one, not Japanese) I found an editor for it. You can edit basically everything related to the trainers and rental Pokemon, but you can't extract them as files. 015 - CHIKUCHIKU - 7359.pk1
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    I found that today which is quite interesting.
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    Hi, sorry for the late, but here is my pokemon Green Leaf sav. file, i extract first all my pokemon, to Pokémon Box game; because i don't want my pokemon realease all on the internet. By the way, this distribution Aurora ticket rom, its all compatible with the Spanish version https://digiex.net/threads/pokemon-aurora-ticket-distribution-usa-gba-cartridge-rom-download-usa.14901/ the card sent it's all on english, although the language game. And last, my first handle console was Gameboy advance SP, although I already have the games of first and second generation, I never got those events. I knew they were made by club nintnedo; But I do not know who can own one of them. I hope this helps you, greetings! file Mystyc Ticket.sav
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    RELEASE: VBA LINK + E-READER There is a VBA version with link cable emulation There is a VBA version with e-reader emulation compatible with raw files But there isnt a version with both emulations at the same time, thats why, using the source code of both versions, thats why i've done a merged version of both VBA in the same emulator. Here it is: https://mega.co.nz/#!fMlDAS7Y!4ilfq6rfHDUEBu-XdFclVDVvT1Tr4AR2sIphMlVNtPg http://www.4shared.com/rar/gQS4wRiSba/vba_linkereader.html I'm not the autor of the link emulation nor ereader emulation, I only mixed both versions in one. This is a merged of VBA-Link 1.73 (http://www.vbalink.wz.cz) created by denopqrihg and VBA-Reader created by caitsith (http://www.caitsith2.com/), they are the real authors of these emulations HOW TO EMULATE E-READER WITH POKEMON GAMES Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire JP The American version works exactly like the Japanese, but I'll post pictures of the Japanese version anyway, because the American version is already possible to emulate the ereader with VBA Link and .sav files 0 - If you want to use an English save, rename the save to have the same name as the Japanese rom, and the extension must be changed to sa1. For example if we have the ROM Ruby.GBA and Japanese Pokemon "Pokemon Ruby JP.gba" the save "Pokemon Ruby.sav" should be renamed to "Pokemon Ruby JP.sa1" 1 - Open the emulator twice 2 - Load the rom of pokemon ruby or sapphire in the first emulator and the rom e-reader + JP in the second emulator 3 - Press start on both emulators 4 - Select the third option of the emulator with Pokemon Sapphire (Mystery Event) 5 - Select the first option in the second emulator . A popup will open , select a raw file corresponding to the version you are using, in my case Pokemon Sapphire JP 6 - Press A on the first emulator and thats it, you have loaded a Japanese trainer or berry 7 - Change back the name of the save as it was originally and you have a japanesse ereader berry or trainer loaded in an american save Pokémon Emerald / FireRed / LeafGreen Japanese 0 - We can do the same with the saves but this time only with Pokemon Emerald. Japanese and non-Japanese saves for FireRed and LeafGreen are not compatible 1 - Download the following saves already prepared for Ereader http://www.4shared.com/rar/EPz1iQTyba/Pokemon_E-reader_SAV.html 2 - Open the emulator twice 3 - Load in the first emulator an Emerald/FR/GL rom and an e-reader + JP rom in the second emulator 4 - On the emulator with the ereader ROM select File -> Import -> Battery File and select one of the downloaded saves,corresponding to the game that we are using and click OK. A third option will appear 5 - Pikachu appears. Press A and select a raw file for the ereader, in this case Pokemon Emerald 6 - A sandsdrew and 7 holes more will appear and the raw file selection will be open again. At this point you can select up to 8 different cards. If you want to load less than 8 just press cancel on the file selection, then press B and select the first option 7 - Select the third option of the first emulator and press A twice in the first emulator 8-Then press A on the second emulator. The Sandshrew will the start to move up and down. If all went well the first emulator will restart, indicating that the data loaded properly 9 - Now the trainers will be available on the Trainer Hill. In this case you cant put back in the save in the English versions beacuse the Trainer Hill is incompatible with ereader and have fixed trainers Source Code All versions of VBA publish the source code and I will not be less http://www.4shared.com/rar/JA2I0nJtba/vba_linkereader_src.html https://mega.co.nz/#!zZkyXCIL!LyiaKE6ilbO43iVsPurJzjnD4D1Q06sUc_pFTccA2vY Thanks VBA-Team for creating the emulator denopqrihg for the link emulation caitsith for ereader emulation ad2099 to testing this emulator and the save for FireRed / LeafGreen
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    Actually that's a genius idea. IIRC, all that's left is to save the battle video, right? I'll give it a shot right away //---edit1---// managed to do both battles, will upload both sets soon. //---edit2---// Done! PGL QR sets.rar I'll create a download page for them later, after I wake up
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    At a technical level, playing on emulators, and using external modification devices and software, regardless if it is PKHeX or GameShark/Action Replay, removes legitimacy and authenticity of the game save and data within it. (Which is one reason why many people rather use glitches as opposed to save editing) You Pokemon will be at best legal. (not legitimate. though people like Verlis will out right say you're hacking, which he isn't wrong) Anyhow, for Gen III and Gen IV Pokemon, it's no biggie, if you're using PKHeX to give items, increase EVs, change moves, (not touch stats basically) however the big problem arises, if you want to meddle with anything PID related, such as, and not limited to: PID Shininess Gender IVs Ability Nature That's right, in Gen III and IV, Pokemon have "PID-IV" correlation, and anything above can be traced to PID and RNG calls. While PKHeX doesn't check PID-IV correlation, there are other tools out there that can, such as Pokegen and RNG Reporter. I think Gen V doesn't have PID correlation (?), and I stand to be corrected. EVEN WITH ALL ABOVE SAID, PKHeX is still the preferred method of editing, since everything else is simplified, and has built in hack checker, for other things such as locations, moves, etc. I'll rather you catch a Pokemon and do minor edits, rather than make one from scratch.
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    Visit this thread to conveniently get a copy of PKHeX that will work on OS X and macOS: Be advised that PKHeX Is a Windows application and any version of PKHeX that is available for OS X and macOS may not function as intended: What's next? Open PKHeX and explore the program; familiarize yourself with its UI, features and settings. It is a very straight forward and an easy-to-use save editor. If needed, there are a ton of tutorials about using PKHeX on Youtube. I would suggest watching a few of those. However there are times when we get stumped and can't quite figure out how to tweak that certain something or perhaps you discovered a bug. Thankfully, there are help forums and FAQs to refer to. (As always, Please search the forums before posting about any obstacles you may encounter. It's likely that others may have already posted about <insert question/issue> and said question/issue has already been addressed.) PKHeX Support Forum is located here: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/forums/forum/83-pkhex/ PKHeX FAQ is located here: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/forums/topic/38168-frequently-asked-questions/ Emulators and Save files: EDIT: I agree with theSLAYER about using no$gba emulator because of the trading feature. It a upports GBA and NDS ROMS. It is a Windows program, however, one can use a Mac program called Winebottler to “force” no$gba to run on OS X and macOS. (I have tested the stability of this method and can say with confidence that it functions well when using no$gba 2.8e) Alternatively, there are a handful of decent emulators that are compatible with Mac. I am not certain if any of them support local trading.
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    Well, its "possible", but like evan said, you'd have to do some pretty extensive asm edits to the game. And right now, the dungeon mode code is not very documented at all. But since exclusive items grant bonuses similarly, and IQ skills do the same as emeras, the basics you could re-use are there I guess. It would be nice if some volunteers would like to map out the game's binaries though! That would speed things up a lot!
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    You can also use Trigger's PC (Pokebank for Gen 3), which has an option to reenable the Steven battle
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    Yep, you're correct @Sabresite. The interesting thing is that the American Aurora Ticket ROM is compatible with all FRLG language versions, except the Japanese. Of course the Wonder Card and Script is always the same English Mystery Gift. But it works in all versions. And yes the Rom is incompatible with the Japanese versions unlike it was claimed before... there was a Japanese save file circulating with a corrupted American Aurora Mystery Gift in it and it was claimed that it was received using real hardware but I have doubts. I rather think it was a hack of some kind. Dunno if either the Aurora Ticket Rom was hacked or if it was a Japanese save file forced into an English game... (Last option is more likely.) The European Aurora Ticket Rom BTW... is an enhanced Version which is compatible with FRLG and E. I really wished we could get this one in our hands for many reasons... It's interesting to note that it automatically recognizes which game you inserted, game version and language. All Mystery Gift Scripts are stored back to back on it. Like this: English E - French E - German E - Italian E - Spanish E - Unknown Data - English FRLG - French FRLG - German FRLG - Italian FRLG - Spanish FRLG - Unknown Data Since the routine (as in all 3rd Gen Mystery Gift Roms) grabs always 995 Bytes, it takes Bytes from the data after the actual Script as well and then a checksum gets computed for the whole package. It's kinda funny that almost half of the data it takes are nothing but Trash Bytes...
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    I wouldn't really recommend using an Action Replay by the way... During my Research I found clearly hacked save files with leftover of Code in places were they don't belong to. Reason for this is most people mess up the use of Anti DMA Codes ect. And since the size of data for these Mystery Gifts is really big, you are required to split it and add it to your save file using the Action Replay little by little... Saving your save file ingame with Code set on... reset... select the next one... repeat the procedure until you have the full code... That's a pain and like I said, if you mess it up your Mystery Gift is corrupted and doesn't work or at least you have Trash data on your save that should not be there... I would advise against the use of Pro Action Replay Codes. If there is anyone here with good dissassembly skills it would be cool if we could analyze the whole Mystery Gift System. The Aurora Ticket Rom could be useful to achieve this. The reason why this Thread is still open is because I hope over the time someone shows up who would do this. If we have a full dissassembly, another Tool or program could be made that communicates with the GBA Wireless Adapter and sends Mystery Gifts wirelessly. How cool would this be to have for all the Mystery Gifts by the way? This way we could get Mystery Gifts into our physical games without having to hack the Game in the first place. We would even be able to make public distributions using a Laptop or whatever...
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    You are correct, it leaked on the 19th or 20th depending where in the world you were. Only a couple of days before the release in most places around the world, however we didn't get the game in Europe until the 28th, so it was quite early for us! I remember not having a hacked 3DS back then and wanting a hackable one lol, the GBATemp thread is here.
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    Even though I played Sun first I think Lunalacrozma is more nicer, so I might just go with UM this time until further exclusives are announced. I honestly hope there are new Pokemon/formes or let alone new features, Sun/Moon were stale tbh, but that's the first paired games of a gen for ya. Also, doesn't Ash have a Rockruff in the anime that people speculated to evolve into said forme?
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    I know @InsaneNutter already gave a great answer, but something in me still wants to break it down Physical Retail Gen 1 & 2 events can easily be not legal nor legit in any capacity in regards to VC and Gen 7, when it has: 1. event moves 2. event location (gen 2 has this) 3. impossible shininess [anyway, we got a page on PCNY Celebi] That's a form of Arbitrary Code Execution (fancy pants name that means you're effectively hacking the game methodically without extracting the save or ram, with the coding knowledge). General consensus is that it isn't legal. (I mean, we could use Glitzer Popping to get Shiny Celebi in Gen 3. Still isn't legal) At this stage, the only legal/legit Shiny Celebi would be: a. they release Pokemon Crystal + an official way to activate the event + Poketransporter sends it b. they give away a Shiny Celebi via some real life event (wonder cards or trade-for events, basically) It was discovered early on that Pokemon Sun and Moon had programmed 7 titles to use the same Gameboy Icon. 4 Existing titles is Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. Logically, the remaining 3 tiles are Gold, Silver and Crystal. I'm waiting for this. I need this. //---edit---// Also, a good reason for some, to be not too surprised with the 2 new Alola Games, because it was also discovered that there were 2 other games reserved for the Alolan symbol (or at least gen 7 symbol) <ID 32 & 33> [do note that there were 2 unused slots that had the Gen 6 pentagon, so the above news at that time didn't have completely solid standing] <ID 28 & 29>
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    Maybe a Gold and Silver exclusive Nintendo 2DS XL?
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    Thanks to the help of @jasenyoface, we now have a new dark site theme, called "Site Theme Dark", named since it's a dark version of "Site Theme" (I didn't come up with the name, it's an artifact from 2009). I've been using it for a few days, and it's my new favorite.
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    The files are in the Pokemon World Tournaments Gallery. Italy got the 2012 Junior, Senior and Master Division Challenges. All language versions are available on their respective download page. And here's how to use them:
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    I added a poll to this thread. Although I'm not sure if it works well with the existing question. I propose we remove it and say that the winner gets to decide which badge is used.