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    I went to a Pokemon center this month. I got much data. 0201 - おたんじょうび おめでとう!(Comfey).wc7 0201 - おたんじょうび おめでとう!(Eevee).wc7 0201 - おたんじょうび おめでとう!(Pikachu).wc7 0211 - サッポロおひっこし つめたいどうぐ(Aspear Berry).wc7 0211 - サッポロおひっこし つめたいどうぐ(Casteliacone).wc7 0211 - サッポロおひっこし つめたいどうぐ(Ice Heal).wc7 0211 - サッポロおひっこし つめたいどうぐ(Ice stone).wc7 0211 - サッポロおひっこし つめたいどうぐ(Icy Rock).wc7 0211 - サッポロおひっこし つめたいどうぐ(Never-Melt Ice).wc7 0211 - サッポロおひっこし つめたいどうぐ(Snowball).wc7
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    PKHeX for Mac Made with Winebottler So I made this thread in order to help those of us that love PKHeX but are unable to use it in it's native form. In this thread, we will be using Winebottler. If you don't know what that is or how to use it, visit this page. If you are have issues making PKHeX with Wine, I will try to help you when I can. And I encourage anyone else that can help to contribute too. In addition to that, I will post the PKHeX.app that I have made using Winebottler. As bugs are fixed and newer versions of PKHeX become available, I may wrap those versions and post them as well. Here is the LINK to the 17.01.31 release of PKHeX made using Winebottler. Here is the LINK to the 17.02.07 release of PKHeX made using Winebottler. After it is downloaded, extract the .zip and run PKHeX. It will probably bounce on your dock, but be patient and let it do it's thing. Some links that may be helpful to you: Previous Wine/PKHex help thread Main PKHeX forum - You can get the PKHeX.exe as well as view the latest release notes from there. (maybe to use Winebottler yourself)
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    Version 17.02.07


    Pokémon core series save editor, programmed in C#. Supports the following files: Save files ("main", .sav) Individual Pokémon entity files (.pk*) Mystery Gift files (.pgt, .pcd, .pgf, .wc*) including conversion to .pk* Importing teams from Decrypted Battle Videos (3DS games only) Transferring from one generation to another, converting formats along the way. Data is displayed in a view which can be edited and saved. The interface can be translated with resource/external text files so that different languages can be supported. Pokémon Showdown sets and QR codes can be imported/exported to assist in sharing. Nintendo 3DS savedata containers use an AES MAC that cannot be emulated without the 3DS's keys, thus a resigning service is required (svdt, save_manager, or SaveDataFiler). FAQ Support Forum <-- Post here if you have questions or found bugs
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    I created an account just to answer how to fix this issue so pass it on. Since Mr. Mike and Farfetch'd caught with the Trainer-Fly glitch don't appear with correct names when transferred over, simply nickname them bad words, transfer them with Poke Transporter and then the filter will automatically revert them back to the corrected name. It's very simple.
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    Both Deoxyz and HaxAras provide valid points, so my contribution to this discussion is this: If you're playing solo, it doesn't matter what you do in-game, as long as you get maximum satisfaction. Legality issue comes up when you interact with other players. As long as we respect what their take on it is, then it's all good. If we don't know what their take is (such as online play), we should follow community standards, to only trade Legit/Legal Pokemon, which in this case, the Shiny Mew does not qualify, as it was distributed with 15 DVs, meaning not intended to be shiny. (It doesn't matter whether transporter blocks it or not. Arbitrary Code Execution is in the realm of cheating, as opposed to a single trade oversight [shiny Manaphy egg]) <Also I agree with HaxAras: I try to do everything in game without save editors, it's epic fun this way> edit: For any users that shadow this thread, I've uploaded pk1 and pk7 for Mews (Eng and Jpn): edit 2: Since International copies non-Japanese copies can trade with one another, and language of transported Pokemon follows game it was transported from: [I was able to trade on VC between ENG and SPA, and not ENG and JPN] (all the PK7 was transported by me.)
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    Hi, 2 incredible discoveries were made today thanks to SciresM and ReiKeima. First, the compatibilty Pokemon Go-Sun/Moon is confirmed by Game ID 34 which gives a mystery icon called "Icon_Sedai_Horohoro" (which can be translated by Walking around). Then Gen II VC are confirmed too by the fact Gameboy icon is valid for 7 games (Blue/Red/Green/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal) from games ID 35to 41 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Source: Here and Here
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    This attached zip contains 100% legitimate pk3s from all the 5 languages of the European 10th Anniversary carts and Aura Mew carts. No, I can't reveal how I got them. The English 10ANNIVs and Italian 10ANNIs in the zip are the same ones I uploaded previously, so they're nothing new. I just wanted a compilation zip. Note that the Aura Mews don't have unique OTs, just the origin language data differentiates them. 10Anniv + Aura Mew PK3s.zip
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    tl;dr - is it possible without shortcuts? no: illegal. There's a difference between abusing quirks (RNG) and causing normally unavailable quirks (glitch) and then abusing the glitch. Glitches are not part of the intended game design, thus never legal (in the eyes of the official legality checker). Corrupting memory to trigger an unavailable/custom encounter is not legal. Encounter must be available without glitches. Corrupting memory to replace data on an existing pkm is not legal. Data replacement must be available without glitches. Examples: Semi-legit: Tweaking (glitch) to encounter the ingame Darkrai; no shortcuts were used during the current play session (soft reset after arriving), and the encounter is normally obtainable without shortcuts (event distribution). Semi-legit: Hacking in the event item of a released event; again, no shortcuts were used during the current play session and the encounter is normally obtainable without shortcuts (event distribution). Illegal: For the flute Arceus, encounter is only available via setup shortcuts. Illegal: Encounter / setup is not available without glitches/cheats. Rage glitch, ACE, etc. In the diagram posted by theSlayer, naturally and shortcuts are key words when determining legal/legit/illegal. Causing the game to behave unnaturally is not legal
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    Don't know if it's the right thread for that but I thought it'll interest you Source: @Event_Fan
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    A new version will be posted once the transfer methods are documented fully and completely implemented. Gen 1 VC -> Gen 7 Gen 6 -> Gen 7 We advise using the official transfer methods; do not assume that using the latest commits is safe. Edge cases need to be accounted for, and different areas of the program need to be updated to correctly handle the new changes.
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    I went to WHF 2017. Big Nugget has been received. 207 - じせだいWHF'17 Winter でかいきんのたま.wc7
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    found another ones Japanese Mystic Ticket Distribution (See Flyer) and another unknown distribution cartridge like a Ruby game with anti-steal protector
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    No, IMO it's not legal. Because arbitrary code execution is hacking.
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    wc7full for the new saori machamp event, courtesy of nintendo's servers. 0219_saori_PC_MYS_JP_J_1484912559.wc7full
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    I managed to obtain a set of the Italian/10ANNI pokemon. For research purposes, this should hopefully be good enough. For collecting purposes, I don't think I'll be able to get a set of the other languages any time soon, but I can't say for certain yet. 10ANNI PK3s.zip
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    According to the Japanese Pokémon Global Link website[1] as reported by Serebii.net[2], thousands of people (5,954 to be precise) have been hit with bans from Online Play (Game Sync, Battle Competitions, Rating Battles, Global Missions). Banned users will see error code 090-0212.[1,2] The Pokémon Company has announced that they will continue their pursuit against people with edited save data.[1,2] We urgently recommend not going online until we have more information on how these bans were triggered. Sources: [1] https://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/information/b87bc53f-7144-44ba-9a29-59bd00330d84 [2] http://serebii.net/news/2017/26-January-2017.shtml
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    I went down to one of the shops to get the Magikarp. I didn't take a photo of the outlet, but I took one of the redeeming. Please let me know if you need any other confirmation. Curiously I think the code is not restricted to USA region games only. 218 - Shiny Magikarp New Year present!.wc7
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    Shiny Magikarp with Bounce to be distributed via serial code in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. Dates: 2017/1/28 - 2017/2/6 Level: 19 Held Item: Rare Candy Visit the website for participating retailers and shops: http://www.pokemon-sunmoon-cn.com/sc/update/170123_01.html @theSLAYER which of us will get it first?
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    SciresM cracked the code. GF switched the ATK and DEF requirement LOL
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    If you were to view a 'mon with Game ID 34 in Bank, Bank itself will say it's from GO.
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    With all these similar threads, I can't keep track of what was said where. But as I had said last week, I would try to obtain the Shelmet/Karrablast distro rom and then provide its hidden debug Litwick wondercard. It happened today. File attached. Debug Shiny Litwick.pgf
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    I have returned with a dumped save! Once again, no idea if it is legit or not. Attached is the untouched save file, just as I received it (attached as POKEMON_EMER_BPEE00.sav). I do not know if the events on it are legit, and would appreciate someone confirming or denying their legitimacy. I also jumped into PKhex and deleted a bunch of regular Pokemon so that HaxAras could fit more of the cloned events onto the save (attached as EDITED_POKEMON_EMER_BPEE00.sav). Note, the save file that says edited IS NOT UNTOUCHED!!! @HaxAras, I would greatly appreciate you adding a couple of each of the cloned event Pokemon that you have access to to the edited save file. As for the untouched save, there are 3 10th anniversary Pokemon in the party, 16 in the box called "LIVE EVT" and 3 in a box called "ARMY", as well as a Space C Deoxys in the box called "Army". Hope the save file is of some use! Please let me know whether or not the events are legit. POKEMON_EMER_BPEE00.sav EDITED_POKEMON_EMER_BPEE00.sav
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    This small program is used to extract .pkx files from pokémon save files. It will look for all valid save files in a specified folder and extract all stored pokémon in another location. The idea for this application started on this thread. Additionally you can specify if you want to search in all sub-folders, and create specific folders per save file and box. It should work with most main game save files, but only tested it win Gen 6, 7 and a Yellow VC games. Latest version: https://github.com/drgoku282/MassPKXextractor/releases/latest Source code: https://github.com/drgoku282/MassPKXextractor
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    Sounds like ACE is just a convoluted in-game way to replace a GameShark/Action Replay.
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    For those with Japanese 3DS (or maybe can do region spoofing), you can spoof your home wireless to connect and grab the dang event. Or if you want a program to do it for you: http://mrnbayoh.tumblr.com/tagged/nbahomepass
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    Since we already have the Mew, the next thing I'm looking forward to is VC release of Crystal. If they're nice enough to give us the GS ball, we may finally get our first Shiny Celebi!
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    Too much... I died. Source: Twitter Event_Fan
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    Here's a photo of the receipt with the code
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    Additional Errors: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/forums/topic/40006-issues-with-pkhex-read-this-first/?do=findComment&comment=209601 Starting from Version 170131 (31st January 2017), PKHeX has been updated to require the .NET Framework 4.6 (up from 4.0). Earlier, on January 8th, PKHeX also split its logic and UI projects. Why was this done? Updating to .NET Framework 4.6 allows for several new capabilities, including new Task APIs and better ways to handle parallel computing. Separating the WinForms from the application logic allows others to create their own fork of PKHeX, or Xamarin (cross-platform) and even ASP.NET Website ports. What does this mean? Your Windows PC comes bundled with a version of .NET Framework, which can be updated. Windows 7 users would have 3.5 pre-installed, Windows 8 users would have 4.5 pre-installed, and Windows 10 users would have 4.6 pre-installed. Windows Vista, 7, and 8 users would have to install .NET Framework 4.6 to use PKHeX moving forward. If you download PKHeX's WIP builds from GitHub, you will have two files that need to be in the same directory to run, "PKHeX.exe" and "PKHeX.Core.dll". Downloading Release builds from ProjectPokemon's Downloads section would already have a merged copy of the two files, so you're advised to get your copy from there unless you know what you're doing. How do I know I need .NET Framework 4.6? .NET Framework 3.5 "To run this application, you first must install one of the following versions of the .NET Framework: v4.0.30319. Contact your application publisher for instructions about obtaining the appropriate version of the .NET Framework." .NET Framework 4.0 "PKHeX has stopped working." .NET Framework 4.5 "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately. Method not found: '!!0[] System.Array.Empty()'." (or in later releases) ".NET Framework 4.6 needs to be installed for this version of PKHeX to run." How do I run PKHeX on my Mac? For those of you using the wrong OS, @jasenyoface has made a Winebottler package to help you run PKHeX on Mac. Check it out here:
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    Pokemon originating in gens III and IV, where those balls are usable, cannot have their hidden abilities, and, due to the breeding mechanics of gen VI (where the female will pass the ball, and the hidden ability if it has it), it was impossible to breed a HA Pokemon in balls other than those usable in gens V and VI, and of course PKHeX would mark them as illegal. However, due to the changes of ball inheritance in gen VII, where breeding Pokemon of the same species has a 50% chance of passing the male's ball, means that it is theorically possible to get HA Pokemon in those 2 kinds of balls: Say, breeding a Gen III male Pinsir caught in a Safari Ball with a female Moxie Pinsir would have a chance of producing a Moxie Pinsir in a Safari Ball. I have to test it out to see if it is anything more than a conjecture, but, if positive, HA Pokemon in pre-Gen V balls may be legal, as long as they originate in SM. Thanks for your time.
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    Sorry that you had your time wasted. Nothing pisses me off as much as having mine wasted. @ajxpk This is a perfect example of why I don't even try with this BS. I get so tired of wasting hours on POS programs that don't work when I could just copy the PID and paste it over an already generated Jirachi. I've already got a boatload of them thanks to InsaneNutters event project. The disk is such a hasstle to use, it just sits on my shelf and collects dust. It's nice to have if/when I need it like my thousands of un-played games. But it's just a trophy at this point.
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    If it means anything to anyone, PokeBank's Mewnium Z can be received by the same game more than once. I have PokeBank on both my CFW and non-CFW 3DS, and both gave a wondercard to the same Sun cartridge. Not that it's worth anything since Z crystals are infinite, but I thought it's maybe worth noting.
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    Just for lols, I previously switched out Pokemon Yellow's rom with Debug Yellow ASM rom, and I'm now documenting how A Certain Mythical Mew got across through the deep recesses of time and space.
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    Question came up, whether the terminators were checked as well.. I'm going to check soon. Edit: Right now, it appears the terminators aren't really checked. I've had a few different ones, unnicknamed, retyped the OT, and it passed. odd. Mew's nickname is completely not checked, OT without the terminators still pass.
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    Actually, loading 34 into the game doesn't say Met in Pokemon Go, not like how Pokemon will say from RBY. Horohoro means Walking around, alludes to Pokemon Go, but once again, not "confirmed". Here are some screenshots: ID 34 (alleged Pokemon GO) ID 35 (alleged Red) ID 39 (Alleged Gold) It's odd that it doesn't overwrite everything and says it came from Pokemon Go, But rather kept the description as From Kalos. ID 39 doesn't say from Johto, but rather from Distant Land.
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    Sorry, I do not know English But I know a little Japanese and Chinese これは Hong Kong Taiwan Singapore のイベントです   http://www.pokemon-sunmoon-cn.com/sc/update/170123_01.html
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    It's like five years or more since I looked into this, so I don't remember much off hand, but if they're not in distro roms, they might be inside the game itself (like R/S Unown) or maybe they were on the Wi-Fi server when it was still online.
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    They definitely look legit as far as I can tell, but I'm not a legitimacy expert. If someone can verify them via trashbytes, that should be enough to make a definite determination. Thanks for sharing, more American 10 ANIV events are really a great addition to HaxAras's event compilation. It's all we've got from this event to preserve, since the actual distribution cart hasn't ever been leaked... yet.
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    It was not being replaced. It was actually never saved to the cartridge! I know because I attended the event. You had to download the mission from within the C-Gear, but it was only held in RAM for as long as you played that mission. During that time you could catch special Pokémon, retrieve certain items and so on. What you could get exactly was set inside the distributed data. When the mission was over (there was always a time limit), it was gone from your game, but you could download it over and over for as long as your DS received the distribution.
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    Besides the lack of a thanks, that applies to me. I have other reasons but these people in a lot of cases are a plague. I don't 'expect' anything from them but they're also damn near impossible to work with. I've always been a fair and honest person. I go the extra mile for any project I can contribute to. I don't see the value in keeping rare things hidden out of greed to the point where nothing is known about them and most people don't even know they exist.
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    I extended the script to go up to 180 days just for shits n giggles. Could easily restrict it to 30 or 45 days.
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    I never realized that the rng was so severely broken. I suppose we could add IV legality checking into Gen 1, but not sure if anyone would care.
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    I think we just need the payloads to be updated.
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    Where to start. Invalid PID. Invalid Move set. You'll never get that nature with IV's and Shiny. Best off finding a PID with nature and use Hyper Training Also language is set to English that shouldn't be.
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    Or, we can get the wondercard straight from the horse's mouth (or the BOSS servers, as it were). present_n_0__1484650169.wc7full
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    As Pokemon Bank got an update to include a new feature to track your certain stats from all 6 current 3DS games I have found out some new values! Sun & Moon Pokemon caught fishing: 69C1C (tab 007 in PKHeX) Pokemon evolved: 69C24 (tab 009 in PKHeX) Fossils restored: 69DB4 (tab 118 in PKHeX) ORAS Wild Pokemon encountered: 1F414 Pokemon caught fishing: 1F420 Fossils restored: 1F5B4 Pokemon caught in one day: 1F5A8 Pokemon evolved in one day: 1F5B0 XY Pokemon caught: 1E41C Pokemon caught fishing: 1E420 Fossils restored: 1E5B4 Pokemon caught in one day: 1E5A8 Pokemon evolved in one day: 1E5B0 I've also been working on finding data in Poke Pelago for visiting wild Pokemon. One reason is so we can view the data in case there's a shiny Pokemon and it can be extracted without playing the waiting game of luck. The Pokemon are in the 260byte encrypted format (.bin) but only use the first 232 bytes from what i've seen. I managed to extract raw data from a Pokemon visitor by taking the first 232 bytes from the following offsets and putting it into another template Pokemon's .bin file. Visiting Pokemon 1: 3C4AE Visiting Pokemon 2: 3C59A Visiting Pokemon 3: 3C686 When looked at in PKHeX the differences of the raw data compared to when captured were a blank met location, date, OT and also under Extra Bytes 0x2A had a byte of 10 and when received had 11. Example of mine: Lapras RAW.bin Lapras claimed.bin Proof of editing encounters: http://imgur.com/ceWkzpZ http://imgur.com/W2HmtCB