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    WORLD17 Alolan Exeggutor! 0617 SM - Worlds17 Alolan Exeggutor (ENG).wc7full
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    This page is an ongoing progress. It's aim is to list: 1. All the Fly-to points 2. Maps not revisited/cannot be re-accessed after certain points in the story 3. Any Discovered unused maps Fly-To List MELEMELE Image Map Coordinates Comments Credits Route 1 Player's House Map: 0 X: 28213.00000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 18490.00000 @Ruby Genseki Route 1 Ten Carat Hill Map: 0 X: 27578.70000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 23023.70000 @Ruby Genseki Route 1 Pokémon Center Map: 0 X: 25831.30000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 19451.80000 @Ruby Genseki Hau'oli City Shopping District Map: 0 X: 8531.50500 Y: 0.00000 Z: 18201.19000 @Ruby Genseki Route 2 Hau'oli Cementery Map: 0 X: 9249.00000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 14015.00000 Ruby Genseki Route 2 Verdant Cave Map: 0 X: 13879.70000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 7593.20000 Ruby Genseki Route 2 Pokémon Center Map: 0 X: 12629.74000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 6490.64200 Ruby Genseki Melemele Meadow Map: 0 X: 19037.60000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 6979.00000 Ruby Genseki Iki Town Map: 0 X: 18122.30000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 13724.60000 Ruby Genseki Ruins of Conflict Map: 5 X: 1394.34100 Y: 0.00000 Z: 794.84900 Ruby Genseki AKALA Image Map Coordinates Comments Credits Heahea City Map: 49 X: 15253.00000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 30524.60000 @Ruby Genseki Paniola Town Map: 49 X: 19373.00000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 22274.00000 Ruby Genseki Paniola Ranch Map: 88 X: 5839.31800 Y: 0.00000 Z: 3327.02000 Ruby Genseki Route 5 Pokémon Center Map: 49 X: 18523.30000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 16331.50000 Ruby Genseki Route 5 Lush Jungle Map: 49 X: 21419.00000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 12238.00000 Ruby Genseki Royal Avenue Pokémon Center Map: 49 X: 23657.00000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 24250.00000 Ruby Genseki Royal Avenue Battle Royal Dome Map: 49 X: 25242.90000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 21598.06000 Ruby Genseki Route 7 Map: 49 X: 28202.00000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 17408.00000 Ruby Genseki Route 8 Map: 49 X: 18486.57000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 10386.39000 Ruby Genseki Route 9 Map: 49 X: 11662.10000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 39963.90000 Ruby Genseki Konikoni City Map: 49 X: 9274.00000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 36830.00000 Ruby Genseki Ruins of Life Map: 50 X: 1911.44400 Y: 0.00000 Z: 1348.00000 Ruby Genseki Hano Grand Resort Map: 49 X: 25156.00000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 30505.00000 Ruby Genseki ULA'ULA Image Map Coordinates Comments Credits Malie City Map: 97 X: 25782.30000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 18065.57000 @Ruby Genseki Mount Hokulani Map: 103 X: 4472.10000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 3077.18800 Ruby Genseki Route 12 Map: 97 X: 31306.50000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 28674.95000 Ruby Genseki Tapu Village Map: 97 X: 12974.91000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 35026.52000 Ruby Genseki Ruins of Abundance Map: 105 X: 1898.42400 Y: 0.00000 Z: 1342.61300 Ruby Genseki Route 16 Map: 97 X: 5835.00000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 24174.50000 Ruby Genseki Lake of the Sunne/Moone Map: 101 X: 6157.06900 Y: 0.00000 Z: 1612.61100 Technically the entrance, outside of the lake. Whichever one you access, depends on: 1. What game you're playing 2. whether you "crossed the portal" Ruby Genseki Po Town Map: 97 X: 9799.90000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 9905.20000 Ruby Genseki Mount Lanakila Map: 119 X: 6702.00000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 10079.00000 Elite Four gate doesn't check your Trial progress, if warped to here. Ruby Genseki PONI Image Map Coordinates Comments Credits Seafolk Village Map: 168 X: 16024.92000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 17538.70000 @Ruby Genseki Exeggutor Island Map: 185 X: 3764.69100 Y: 0.00000 Z: 7424.45200 Ruby Genseki Ruins of Hope Map: 180 X: 2423.43100 Y: 0.00000 Z: 1251.30000 Ruby Genseki Vast Poni Canyon Map: 168 X: 24716.60000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 14276.30000 Ruby Genseki Altar of the Sunne/Moone Map: 175 X: 2302.09400 Y: 0.00000 Z: 4296.94400 Once again, technically an entrance, so access to whichever, is based on criteria mentioned above at the Lake. Ruby Genseki Poni Meadow Map: 168 X: 31680.90000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 11500.87000 Ruby Genseki Battle Tree Map: 168 X: 25549.25000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 3737.76900 Ruby Genseki AETHER PARADISE Image Map Coordinates Comments Credits Aether Paradise Map: 196 X: 6596.75700 Y: 0.00000 Z: 11714.80000 @Ruby Genseki Limited Access Image Map Coordinates Comments Credits Lusamine's Cryo Chamber Map: 208 X: 2188.56000 Y: 1.00000 Z: 1915.76800 @Ruby Genseki Abandoned Thrifty Megamart (Acerola's Trial) Map: 132 X: 1720.41700 Y: 1.00000 Z: 1472.11200 This version has access to Mimikyu's room @Ruby Genseki Mimikyu's Room Map: 133 X: 925.01460 Y: 0.00000 Z: 825.41140 @Ruby Genseki Ultra Space Map: 211 X: 2050.87400 Y: 0.00000 Z: 6355.98400 @theSLAYER Iki Town (Hau's Ceremonial Battle) Map: 1 X: 16910.58000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 11564.29000 Ruby Genseki Iki Town (Champion Party) Map: 2 X: 16974.28000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 11512.06000 Ruby Genseki Unused Maps Image Map Coordinates Comments Credits Unused Garage Map: 16 X: 18953.10000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 10722.50000 Same Map ID as Mother's Room Also holds a second surfboard. @Ruby Genseki Unused Bathroom Map: 16 X: 10538.05000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 10429.66000 @Lady Ariel @Ruby Genseki Unused Toilet Unused Toilet Map: 16 X: 27427.50000 Y: 0.00000 Z: 2074.60300 Lady Ariel Ruby Genseki
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    Weakness Cup Mega Stone Gift:
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    I think he's a businessman, not a politician, but that's what his cabinet is for. Despite his...impulsiveness, he didn't get where he is by being stupid. I agree with Ruby that he's getting more hate than he deserves. It's good to be critical of a president, but it seems like a lot of people have such a hatred for him that they won't even give him a chance. He certainly wasn't my first choice for President, but he's better than the alternative ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I've landed safely~
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    Hello everyone at Project Pokemon! Those who know me, will recognize me because of my IRC nicknames: Sans or Jellal. I promised a good friend of mine, Sabresite, that I will post my research on Ageto Celebi RNG as well. For those who don't know me, I am the one who posted on /r/pokemonrng a guide on how to RNG abuse Ageto Celebi on emulator by re-using save states to advance multiple frames and get to an ideal PRNG state (23 frames from target) to RNG abuse Celebi, something that was thought to be very hard or almost impossible to do before. I will post the guide on reddit so you can take a look on it. This is something I worked for 3-5 weeks and it's a product of my extensive research as well as from my own experience doing this. The guide is here: I would like to give a special thanks to Kaphotics, Bond697, xfr and anyone else at Project Pokemon who previously worked on researching Ageto Celebi RNG in the past: Your inputs were very valuable for me. Without the information you were able to dig in, this guide wouldn't had been possible. I sincerely thank you for that! Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any. It's my first time at Project Pokemon, so keep up with me in case I don't reply.
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    Hello all! I'm here to introduce our new Map Dex page, and also to give big thanks to @Ruby Genseki for helping with this! Now that all of the Fly to points have been added, my main focus is the gather any limited access or unused map coordinates, and I'll add it to the wiki. This thread will be both the contribution & support thread. Cheers!
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    Version .


    This Pokemon was distributed to players at the 2017 World Championships held at Anaheim, California, via Local Wireless. This Pokemon being chosen for distribution, is due to it's form being reminiscent of a palm tree: "Anaheim, California is covered with palm trees, but there is one Pokémon that rises above them all—Alolan Exeggutor" Species Exeggutor (Alola) Nickname (default, save lang) OT Worlds17 TID 081817 Distribution Local Wireless Location WCS 2017 Dates Aug 18 to Aug 20, 2017 PID Cannot Be Shiny Games All Regions 3DS: SM Lv. 50 Nature Modest Ability Harvest (HA) Item Sitrus Berry Bundled Item None Event Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Power Swap Celebrate Leaf Storm Draco Meteor WC ID 617: 「That's no palm tree—it's a Pokémon!」's receiving text 0x18 Thank you for coming to the 2017 Pokémon World Championships! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. That's no palm tree—it's a Pokémon! Rise to new heights with your very own Alolan Exeggutor! Its Harvest Hidden Ability allows it to reuse its held Sitrus Berry over and over again during the sunny weather condition!
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    I totally got mislead by this statement. I thought it meant normal gameplay, but if I understand this correctly, it's related to debugging features in relation to the mobile com device
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    Version .


    Between the period of August 6th to August 13th, 2017, players are able to receive this event via Local Wireless, at Pokemon Center Tohoku. This Pokemon was distributed to celebrate the Tanabata Festival, and also to commemorate the reopening of the Pokemon Center. Species Jirachi Nickname (default, save lang) OT たなばた TID 170806 Distribution Local Wireless Location Pokémon Center Tohoku Dates Aug 06 to Aug 13, 2017 PID Cannot Be Shiny Games All Regions 3DS: SM Lv. 15 Nature Random Ability Serene Grace (1) Item Star Piece Bundled Item None Classic Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Swift Wish Healing Wish Rest WC ID 232: 「たなばたジラーチ」's receiving text 0x52 Thank you for coming to the Pokémon Center Tohoku! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in the game. たなばたジラーチ とうほくに きてくれて ありがとう! ねがいを かなえると いわれる ポケモン ジラーチを プレゼント! みんなの ねがいが かないますように
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    Slayer is right. The push back list is written to at the time of receiving the distribution. It also only pertains to random events with multiple entries. Other repeatables also write but at the same time 00 00 it out because the "max" of 0 is hit. It is not terribly important because the entries get deleted once you receive them all so there is no legality concern.
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    Okay, we have all Pikachu, Ditto and Mimikyu. Will release the wonder cards when we're done harvesting the information. All that's missing is Jirachi, as of now.
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    It is level 40, has Static, and knows Hold Hands, Play Nice, Teeter Dance and Happy Hour. It's in a Cherish Ball, its OT is カーニバル (Carnival) and its Trainer ID is 170809. This one is female Hasty, but those aren't necessarily locked (gender is already known not to be).
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    That Jirachi is a terrible hack. It's just a 7/11 Charizard edited to be a Jirachi.
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    Hey guys, zapdos is due to be out today, good luck with it!
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    Don't use any of the Salazzle cards yet, as at least one of those cards are not the finalised version. ill upload official release when it's out
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    A lot of Japanese/Korean event collectors (including Rochi) are very against anything remotely "hacky". So getting wc7fulls for some events will be difficult.
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    Ball: Precious Ball OT: Kiawe Level: 30 Ability: Shell Armour Skills: Flamethrower Trap Shell Dragon Tail Held Item: Moomoo Milk Ribbon: Classic Ribbon I do not know what Trap Shell is in English, because I play this game in Korean.
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    You actually reminded me of something! One of my favorite games of all time is Serious Sam. And some of the monsters in that game are fleshy-red things who sun-bathed so long, their skin came off. I'm gonna figure out what they're called and name this thing after them. They're called Zorg Mercenaries. The hunt continues.
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    The save language can be changed via PKHeX -- here, have it: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/files/file/1-pkhex/ But I must have you know, unlike ORAS, setting the language to KOR is not gonna prevent the imminent crashes in XY.
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    Hey guys, I found some time and managed to charge up my laptop. I've uploaded the 3 wonder cards to our on-site event gallery. Thanks contributors, as always!
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    Someone from the Facebook group for Pokemon Go in my town went halfway around the world to attend this event. I've attached any non identifiable screenshots and photos that were shared, I imagine in years to come such images might be difficult to find info from this event. Apparently Unown spawned quite frequently and you could spell Chicago with the ones which spawned.
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    Yes, that's something I'm aware of, I thought frame-by-frame editing would be a possibility, but... I don't have Photoshop, nor can I purchase it, so I didn't know wether it could actually display gifs that way.
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    Hm... so this Cobalion of mine missed 4 Stone Edges in a row and I was flat out pissed off. Then, next day, he saved my Battle Tree streak with a crit Sacred Sword, being my last standing Pokémon and just about dead. RNGesus surely moves in a mysterious way.
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    Thanks to @BLACKBIRD, in regards to the one distributed on Aug 19 and 20, we've confirmed that the wonder card received is the exact same one as the previous one. I'm uploading the new photos to the gallery. Also, an interesting screen, telling you that you already redeemed it:
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    Urgh, I totally forgot about spiky Chu. It was given because there's linkage to the movie. Whatever, I still want it tho. ah, that'll be interesting. Hopefully it's not reiteration of the Lycanroc dusk forme. need something.. Newer...
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    People unbanned themselves using a public friend seed. Nintendo saw that lots of people were using this seed and banned it And this is completely off-topic. If you want to talk further on this, find a thread that regards this topic but don't do it here.
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    Version .


    This page rounds up all the Pokemon released in 2017's Pikachu Outbreak! It'll also host the photos taken at the event! If you want individual details of the Pokemon, go to their individiual pages: All Pikachu Walk Pikachu Parade Pikachu Parade Mimikyu Parade Ditto Thanks @argus1963 for grabbing these!
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    Regardless, nobody has the pokemon data. And nobody knows if DVs were random or otherwise.
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    According to Serebii, Pikachu is going to be distributed during the Pikachu Outbreak event in Yokohama from August 9th to 14th. Local distribution surely. More details to come.
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    Yup Dittochu! couldn't find official art for it, had to modify Ken Sugimori's art myself ><
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    A-Z's Floette 100%. That thing looks so cool.
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    I've got a Jirachi wonder card, but we're in the process of verifying it's legitimacy. Another member will be getting one via trade, so we'll be checking against that one. (it's a bargain scenario type of thing, so I don't want to bring details up just yet) [as of now, the Jirachi is likely the event copy, but playing it safe] Regarding Korean Mew, it's said to be the exact same one. Asking @katsuya on whether he'll be able to get wc7full dump for us. @BLACKBIRD also will be going
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    I originally wrote that on Bulbapedia, so yes it is true.
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    (I hope I posted this in the correct forum) PMDe is an editor for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team, that allows you to edit most aspects of the game; a full list of features can be found below. It is programmed in Java and developed using the Netbeans IDE. PMDe uses ini4j to store important offsets in the ROM. Additional icons were taken from various Pretty Office Icons sets. Tileset previews were created by SilverDeoxys563. Also, huge thanks to BRNMan and Crocodile91! They have already documented a lot about the game's data and ROM structure. More information, screenshots and download links can be found on the Github repo: https://github.com/SunakazeKun/PMDe Current features edit dungeon data (map positions, floors, layouts, Pokémon, traps, ...) edit general Pokémon data (types, stats, evolutions, ...) edit general item data view moves data edit available starter and partner Pokémon edit POKé money factors
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    Full details of all: http://imgur.com/a/7RThU
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    Okay, we have all Pikachu, Ditto and Mimikyu. Will release the wonder cards (probably in a few days) when we're done harvesting the information. All that's missing is Jirachi, as of now.
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    According to Bulbapedia, codes will be distributed at Homeplus stores from August 12 - September 30 through the "Battle of Alola" program's booklet. https://bulbanews.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Kiawe's_Turtonator_codes_to_be_available_at_Homeplus_in_South_Korea
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    Project Pokémon rules are enforced in this club, and all clubs for that matter. It is encouraged that you are a member of Team Valor in Pokémon GO. Discussions about Spoofing and Bots are welcomed. Do not provide or link to any "cracked apps" or bot software. Just have fun!
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    we need this people here like oRochi or co_mine_pkm in our forum to contribute the local events with WCFull....
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    then you'll have to do it at a different thread, cause that'll be off-topic. That wouldn't be too hard, right? XD
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    There is no doubt that wrathsoffire76 was helpful; he’s a resourceful user. Swerving off topic happens, usually in longer threads. Sometimes, a polite reminder to stay on topic is needed out of respect for the other users that are using this thread for its intended purpose. Let’s just move on, with relevant content.
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    Swerve back to the topic, please.
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    Don't worry guys. The files are ok, they are on the servers like this. Sabresite added them to the Github repo a few hours ago.
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    Event_Fan is not exactly known for credibility. Anyway, it's not a shiny Mew. Source: https://twitter.com/cola_lemon/status/891269606756700160 (also see first comment)
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    I think the translation is Splendid, you've found the words of love (?)! Have a wonderful anniversary with the Lunatone Present! Bring it to the old man at the Haina Desert at once!
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    Added! TBH, I haven't seen many Switch friend codes, so the validation regular expression could be off. Let me know if there's any trouble.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Original Author: RubenPikachu Source retrieved from https://pikaedit.wordpress.com/
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    Download Location Here PKMs and SAVs can be injected to X/Y/OR/AS if you have any of the following: Homebrew Menu & Save Manager App Custom Firmware Console using SaveDataFiler (on applicable system firmware) JP Cart+JP System using Cyber Save Editor & Dongle NO POWERSAVES. Datel does not allow edited save resigning. NO SKY3DS EITHER. Save files must be decrypted in order to load & save. Methods how to view (not inject) your Powersaves are in the X/Y Save File Research Thread. Complete list of shortcuts and update history is available within program via Options->About. Source code is available on my GitHub. Tutorial Video