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    Version 17.04.24


    Pokémon core series save editor, programmed in C#. Supports the following files: Save files ("main", .sav) Individual Pokémon entity files (.pk*) Mystery Gift files (.pgt, .pcd, .pgf, .wc*) including conversion to .pk* Importing teams from Decrypted Battle Videos (3DS games only) Transferring from one generation to another, converting formats along the way. Data is displayed in a view which can be edited and saved. The interface can be translated with resource/external text files so that different languages can be supported. Pokémon Showdown sets and QR codes can be imported/exported to assist in sharing. Nintendo 3DS savedata containers use an AES MAC that cannot be emulated without the 3DS's keys, thus a resigning service is required (svdt, save_manager, or SaveDataFiler). FAQ Support Forum <-- Post here if you have questions or found bugs
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    Hello everyone, Today I bring you a legit Celebi tour Celebi! This Celebi belongs to @Dr.Matt and he retrieved it back in 2001 in the spanish stop of the Celebi Tour; in fact he provided most of the data for it a year ago, data I posted here: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/forums/topic/13226-pokemon-crystal-version-with-pcny-event-pokemon/?do=findComment&comment=196197 This week I was able to finally meet in person with Dr.Matt. He was able to keep his Celebi from battery dying by storing it in his Stadium 2 cartridge and because he owned a Mega Memory Card which allowed him to backup and dump savegames (but not to transfer over to computer), and with that he also was able to keep multiple copies of the Celebi, including an untouched one just as he received from the Celebi Tour Truck. Unfortunately his Mega Memory card glitched long ago and he lost most of his untouched saves, so after changing the battery to his cartridge he had to restore a save that had AR codes used on it to retrieve the celebi from Stadium 2 (he didn't have the time to play trough the game to reach the point in which Stadium 2 allowed him to retrieve the pokémon), which is why instead of dumping his savegame he traded it over to mine (which is completely clean). Data-wise this should have no effect at all, since the AR codes were used BEFORE any transfer or trade took place, and the AR codes were never used in the process of getting the Celebi out of stadium and trading, but that is the reason why it is my savegame which being uploaded and not his. Only real hardware has been used for all the Stadium 2 transfer and trade process, here are some pictures (sorry for the blurry ones, we were in kind of a hurry): The Celebi as Dr.Matt had in his Stadium 2 (this picture is from a clone he fully trained). Dr.Matt's authenticity certificate, my laptop and my GBC Cart reader/flasher: Dr.Matt's certificate, his Mega Memory and his Gameboy (sorry for blurryness) A close up of the ID number on the certificate. As you can see it's 2234 and the Celebi actually has 02233. Dr.Matt thinks distribution started at ID 00000 but they wrote 1 in the first certificate they gave and they just keept adding numbers. Some pictures of the actual trade (I brought two gameboys just in case and we used mine which had full batteries): The savefile contains both an untouched Celebi as Dr.Matt received in 2001 and the same Celebi at level 100 and EV maxed. As a bonus, I also included the legit EUROPE Mew that can be found here: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/forums/topic/40508-gen-1-europe-mew-denmark-event-mew/ The savegame also contains a full legit gen 2 living dex and unowndex in the boxes if anyone is interested. Download: Gold_europe_mew_celebi.sav Note: this is a Spanish Gold savefile, but it will load in any non japanese rom. All trades have been done using real hardware, no emulators or other means where involved in the process of getting the Celebi out of Stadium 2 until I dumped my savegame. Thanks to @theSLAYER for making it possible for me to get in contact with Dr.Matt, and lots of thanks to Dr.Matt himself for keeping the Celebi so many years and being so kind to meet with me so we all can enjoy an European Celebi. This had a special personal meaning to me, since I became aware my savegames banished in 2011 and finally re-completing the 251 original pokédex by getting the two exclusive legendaries in person is like reliving that moment in my childhood when I first completed my dexes.
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    Hello. Great job, Suloku. Thanks. I'm glad to have given you the Celebi.
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    Black Tapu Koko evnet at Hyundai Dep, Pangyo station, Korea. Card # 1105 - 검은 카푸꼬꼬꼭 선물.zip
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    Thanks to @Kaphotics' help, we have been able to determine PCJP completely. A weird calculation is done against the temporary PID to get a number between 0 and 1000. Then the ratio is subtracted from the calculated value, and the first entry where it is less than 0 is chosen. So for example, if the seed is 0x495C, then the calculated value is 638. The Wish Absol would result in 750, which means our calculated value would be less than 0. The calculation is here: https://pastebin.com/5ehNWhqJ
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    Today, I caught a bear. It is very dangerous.
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    I have received Easter Eggs data. 0221 - ピカピカはるまつり ポケモンのタマゴ(ジジーロン Drampa).wc7 0221 - ピカピカはるまつり ポケモンのタマゴ(ナゲツケサル Passimian).wc7 0221 - ピカピカはるまつり ポケモンのタマゴ(ヌメラ Goomy).wc7 0221 - ピカピカはるまつり ポケモンのタマゴ(バクガメス Turtonator).wc7 0221 - ピカピカはるまつり ポケモンのタマゴ(ヒドイデ Mareanie).wc7 0221 - ピカピカはるまつり ポケモンのタマゴ(ヤレユータン Oranguru).wc7
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    Don't know if it's the right thread for that but I thought it'll interest you Source: @Event_Fan
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    The Mew contained in this Pokemon Blue save file is legit and was obtained from a ToysRus distribution in 1999. The first 1,500 customers at each Toys "R" Us store around the United States received a special 'Peel & Win' sticker card on November 26, 1999. 200 at each store contained the text "Caught Me!" underneath, which allowed players to receive a Mew from December 8 to 12, 1999. Legitimate Mews for GEN1 Pokemon games are extremely rare these days, due to the fact the save games on Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow game cartridges get erased when the battery inside the game cartridge runs out. Luckily wilykat from the EverDrive forums had backed has save game up so was able to share this rare Pokemon GEN1 event Pokemon with us. Download Pokemon GEN1 Legit Mew Save From 1999 Read More on Pokemon GEN1 Events at Bulbapedia
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    Thanks to both @suloku and @Dr.Matt for this rare rare contribution! I've uploaded it!
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    Version ᅟᅟᅟ


    This event was distributed to commemorate the Japanese Cinematic release of Pokemon the Movie 20: I Choose You! Serial codes for this event were being given away for pre-ordering the movie tickets, and another Pikachu can be redeemed if you have another code. These serial codes are region locked to Japan 3DSes only. This also marks the first time this variation of Pikachu is given away, as well as the first time that Pikashunium-Z can be obtained legitimately. Distribution text describes the origin story of Ash and Pikachu leaving Pallet Town: After the fateful encounter on his tenth birthday, Satoshi (Ash) and Pikachu (Pikachu) depart from Masara Town (Pallet Town), to set forth on their journey to become a Pokemon Master! As US/EU/KO have yet to receive this event, Game-sync using saves of those regions with this Z-crystal/wonder card in your save will LIKELY GET YOU BANNED. (remember, Z-crystals aren't tradable) Distribution Title サトシのピカチュウ(オリジナルキャップ) Wondercard ID 223 PID Cannot Be Shiny Games SM Type Serial Code Dates Apr 15 to May 1, July 19 to 31, 2017 Species Ash Pikachu (Original Cap) Nickname (default) Gender Male Level 1 Nature Hardy Ability Static (1) OT サトシ TID 970401 Location 2017 Pokémon Movie Ribbon Wishing Ball Poke Ball Held Item None, Bundled with Pikashunium Z Moves Thunderbolt Quick Attack Thunder Agility Relearn Moves Thunderbolt Quick Attack Thunder Agility Receiving Text 0x03 Thank you for coming to see the 2017 Pokémon Movie! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. Distribution Text 10さいの たんじょうびに うんめいの であいを はたした サトシと ピカチュウ あこがれの ポケモンマスターに なるため マサラタウンから たびだつ
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    I think the private issues been discussed in this thread should be discussed in private between the people involved, this thread is great for people still interested in GEN 3 events and the research behind them, however is rapidly been derailed. The majority, myself included obviously don't know how private individuals on this forum came to obtain these distributions or what deals were made, so in my opinion its pointless discussing a private deal in a public thread, when most don't know the story behind it. The only beneficial thing that has been learned from this is various individuals do have rare distributions for GEN 3, likely for event Pokemon that have long since been lost, or have at least not been publicly archived for future generations to enjoy. Personally I would like to appeal to people who have GEN 3 distributions if they would consider distributing a set of the Pokemon on that distribution and sharing the actual Pokemon with us, or a save, not the rom. I personally can't see that doing any harm and it would be great for the community as a whole to have a more complete GEN 3 archive.
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    Every single thing he trades is fake. You don't need to look into the ID number. As soon as you check the OT, you'll know it's the guy who is a plague on WT, trading away his hacked garbage to unsuspecting people.
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    Introduction Howdy all. After the nightmare that is the question-fest in the comment section of the Japanese Shiny Tapu Koko, I decided to take my time to write this, in hopes that it will shed light on some questions surrounding this, and also future events. Groundwork in terminology To ensure we are all on the same page, some refresher on the terms that will be used. 3DS region refers to the region that your 3DS belongs to, named as per seen in your system settings page. Examples inside: Game Save Language refers to the language you selected at the start of the game. If you have PKhex, it's this: Wonder Card Language refers to the language of the wonder card, identified by the distribution text and distribution title. That is how our wonder cards are categorized in our Event Gallery. Pokemon Language refers to the language of origin of the Pokemon itself. Most wonder cards are programmed to have the generated Pokemon follow the Game Save Language, as opposed to the Wonder Card Language. Region locked: Event redemption (usually code) only redeemable on that one region. Region Free: Event redemption not restricted by regions. Region Expanded: Event may allow multiple regions, but not all. Now that we are all caught up, more reading! Types of distributions in Generation 7 Right now, these are the primary types of distributions, and how they are categorized: QR code events are not included, as Magearna's event was hard coded into the game, and it's the only event coded, meaning, there's no other QR code event. (unless they release a patch or something) Wonder cards from Pokemon Bank comes only in English, for some odd reason. Examples of Region Free Serial Code Events are usually anything that is tied to PGL competition gifts, Global Missions Gifts, or the ongoing monthly Mega Stone Gifts. [This means your PGL serial code can be given to someone of a different 3DS region] It's possible for similar or identical events to run across regions, however the serial code itself can be Region Locked. Importance of understanding Wonder Card Language The reason this is important, is because: To maintain save legality, it's important to know what wonder card language your save is allowed to have. The table below illustrates how wonder card language is determined, by 3DS region and game save language. ^ this table isn't valid for local wireless/infrared Region Free events. You'll find out below. So example, using a Serial Code on a US 3DS, and your Game Save Language is JPN, you'll end up with a ENG wonder card language. The one thing you must know, is that if a gift is Region Locked to JP, for example, you cannot have the wonder card on your save if your 3DS region isn't JP. I mean, isn't it obvious? It's called "Region Locked" for a reason. Note, that are exceptions to the table above, that is due to the nature of Region Expanded events. An example of such a scenario is the Lunar Shiny Magikarp. Also, it appears that for HKTW unique distributions, you can only receive the distribution on EU 3DS, If your game save language is ENG, JPN, KOR, CHS or CHT. (thanks @Kirzi ) [meaning otherwise, you won't be able to receive the wonder card] The simplicity of Local Distribution events Most, if not all, of Local Wireless and Infrared Region Free events only broadcast the wonder card in one language, which is normally the native language spoken in that country. Example, events held at Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center in Tokyo, Japan usually have Wonder Card Language as JPN. Events held in some mall in South Korea usually has Wonder Card Language as KOR. And since these events are Region Free, you can go and receive them on any 3DS region. Don't get duped by the Language Tab in a summary screen Ah, that black box that is the stuff of nightmares. During the release of the JPN Tapu Koko, people thought that only one that bears the "JPN" can be legit. WRONG. The language of the Pokemon (that we know is generated by Game Save Language) isn't the same as 3DS Region. It'll show up as long as language of Pokemon is different from game save language. Here's an example of the Legal Tapu Koko. As you can see, name and language is ENG, language tag doesn't appear (because game save language is same as PKM language), and 3DS Region is JP, meaning it's completely legal. It is possible for an event to force the pkm language to match the wonder card language, but so far it's only done on Ash-Greninja. Always be aware if the event is Region Locked, and whether it forces the Language of the Pokemon to follow Wonder Card Language. PS: PKHeX isn't programmed to deal with region locked events, as the wonder card themselves doesn't show whether it is region locked. So you may have a Pokemon with the wrong region, and PKHeX wouldn't correct you on it. Conclusion And there you have it. I've imparted all the knowledge I know regarding this. Make good use of this information. I'll give you a potato for surviving this long post, but I can't. Feel free to ask questions, However, anyone who posts questions that have the answers in this, (basically giving me the impression that you didn't read this) shall be royally punished. Haven't thought of how. Do we have any form of community service here, I wonder?
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    Mew is the most popular Pokemon in Korea with Pikachu, Snorlax. I also like Mew very much. This is awesome!
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    Finally got time for this. Dr.Matt was really kind and since he was given two back at the event, he gifted me with this awesome promotional poster for Pokémon Stadium 2. That day was raining and both his posters (and sadly, the certificate too) got damaged. I've made my best to assemble this as original size is A0 and my scanner's size is a little over A4. If anyone with enough photoshop skills wants to restore the image, I can send him the 300 mB psd file with the original scans. I tried to find a high quality scan for this poster with no luck (I've seen pictures of the same poster in different languages though). ps: when he has the time, Dr.Matt said he'll be doing a high quality scan of his certificate (though unfortunately it's damaged, maybe someone with the skills can restore it too).
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    @munchmill14 At least write a comment, not a review. 1. PKHeX has yet to update with the wonder card. Event Pokemon are handled differently. This also isn't the place to "report" on PKHeX bugs. (not that this is a bug) 2. It is fateful encountered, I don't experience the issue you're mentioning. Did you import it wrongly? 3. Yes, Locked to Hardy, as shown in the text above. I took this wonder card from the server, it's the real deal yo.
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    Welcome all, This post has QR codes that scan into your Pokedex! Normal Dex scans award 10pts, and Ga-ole scans awards 20pts for your Daily Island Scan! This thread is not for injecting Pokemon into your box/party using SciresM's Patch or any of that type of support. (honestly I wouldn't think that needs supports; once you swap our the code.bin it's too easy to use) Generation 7 Pokemon, from Rowlet onwards, will be found in the spoiler below. Note: Pokemon that is introduced in Gen VII, but do not have QR codes, will not be found in the spoiler below: Pokedex QR: Out-of-Dex Ga-ole Scans: Magearna Event Codes: Additionally, if you want QR scans for the remainder of Pokemon, I've attached the archive that is generated thanks to @SciresM! [It contains all Pokemon starting from Gen I, with the same exceptions of Ultra Beasts, Tapus, Gen VII legendaries] Feel free to Contribute Event QR codes here, Or Ga-ole images for the rarer Pokemon (like Ash-Greninja or Lunala or something) Links for said attachments are below: 2016-09-22 Ga-ole 01 PPorg.rar 2016-09-22 Ga-ole 02 PPorg.rar Gen_VII_Dex_QR_Project_Pokemon.rar Raw_Gaole.rar
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    Really? I had one of the missing Mews all along? Holy crap, I'm GLAD I had the foresight to back it up UNTOUCHED (thank you, GBA Action Replay!). Plus it looks like Emerald's cloning glitch preserves trash bytes, which is good to know considering I ABUSED that glitch back in the day. And yes, I did get it from the event myself.
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    I actually forgot until today that I made these savegames but never got to upload them: they are e-reader savegames for all the Nintendo of Italy Eon tickets we got. As you may know, the original US e-reader card is only compatible with the English rom and now each language has its own e-reader savegame. With a little help even the texts for the transfer process were translated so it feels more like what an e-card for the other languages would have been. Legality concerns: using this saves to get the Eon ticket produces the same savegame as sending the cartridge to Nintendo of Italy, so 100% legal. For those purist that only want 100% legitimate stuff on non-english games you'll still need to mix records after using the original US Eon ticket e-card (or send your cartridge to Nintendo... :p) Please read the included readme for proper instructions and credits. EON_ticket_ereader_savegames.zip note: this is also linked in the first post of the Mystery Gift Tool thread, if anyone fears for this being buried in this thread.
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    When I was given the 10ANNIV rom 3 1/2 years ago, the person who gave it to me asked me not to give it out or anything to preserve the cart's value. The same goes for a few others. Some of the stuff isn't even private, there just hasn't been anyone who has really cared, as far as I knew. Like this for example: It's an unreleased gen 3 event, METEOR Jirachi. I found its multiboot rom in.. some game. I've told people about it and given out archives, but nobody really seemed to care that much. I spent awhile gathering the multiboot roms and checking them out and to be honest, I didn't realize there was much interest in them anymore until Sabresite mentioned them not too long ago.
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    Because of past PGL ban waves (and a potential future one), many are wondering if they can edit save files safely. The safest option is to simply not hack or to not use game sync, although some minor edits may be safe. The problem is that it is unclear on what the bans were based, and the Pokémon company hasn't exactly volunteered this information. Here are the known causes of PGL bans: Getting 999 of every item (it's possible the bans are from a sub-set of items) Making illegal changes to Pokémon between game syncs Illegal Pokédex entries Changing anything in the save that is static (like OT, Gender, Language, etc.) Getting all clothing (there's been mixed reports about this) We have not received any reports of banning due to receiving hacked Pokémon in trades. Making other edits might be safe, but only as long as the result could have been accomplished without hacks given more effort. By hacking your save file, you accept full responsibility of any consequences such as being banned. If you are banned, however, we would appreciate your input so we can learn more. Thanks to everyone who posted in our previous threads about the bans for sharing their experiences, zenamez of GBAtemp for compiling the causes reported on GBAtemp, and to theSLAYER and Serebii for checking this information. Image Source (Thanks to \ from our IRC for suggesting this)
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    WCS Tournament Selection Round - South Korea Event Period: May 5th - May 7th Where: South Korea What: Mew!! How: Infrared Mew will be given out to all visitors! I hope someone from our community will be attending! Source
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    Additional Information Species: Mew Level: 5 Abilities: Synchronize Moves: Pound Held Item: None Ball: Cherish Ball Ribbon: Premier http://bbs.ruliweb.com/family/515/board/184030/read/9424710?
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    I found this thread a year ago, I'll try to sum it up the story since it's in spanish: http://www.pokexperto.net/foros/index.php?topic=27460.0 OP was asking about the Pokémon 2000 championship that was held in Madrid (the winners would later go to European and World champsionships, though that was only announced after the tournament ended), specifically he asked if a Mew distribution was really held there, as all he knew were rumors. Some users supported the rumors, somone even posted that back in the day he was given a Mew he was asured it was legit (not gamesharked/glitched) and the OT was "DJ" (I haven't been able to contact this user, since he hasn't been active since 2012). On 2015 user Pirk appeared, and he said that he attended the tournament, that he had been given such a Mew (along some merchandise) and that the OT was "D-J" in fact. He dusted out his old GB and though his cousing had started a new game in his Blue cart (were he received the Mew), he had his tournament team and a clone of the Mew in his yellow cart: On July 2016 I contacted Pirk to ask about the Mew and I also wanted to ask Pirk to ensure it was fully EV trained so IVs could be calculated (we later discovered that it in fact was fully EV trained). Finally on february 2017 Pirk and I were able to meet and I dumped both his Blue and Yellow savegames. Even though the Blue save was deleted, when starting a new game only Party data and box 1 data is deleted, so I hoped the Mew might still be in the other boxes. The very same Mew was found in one (same attacks, stats, etc, a 1:1 clone, or maybe the original). Pirk told me that in order to receive the Mew you had to show the staff that you had 150 pokémon, then they'd give it to you. It came at level 5 according to Pirk and the distribution was made via direct trade. Up until this point everything seems like good news, but there are some oddities about this distribution: - The DVs are not the fixed ones we know most (if not all) gen 1 Mews had. (there's a chance the NINTEN Mew had different DVs). - The data in the Mew matches more that of a wild pokémon than that of a gen 1 mew (compared with the ones we have, remember we have both mew machine AND the Toys R Us direct trade mew samples) - I haven't been able to find any spanish magazine that talked about the distribution, except for a very little mention many months later on the official Nintendo magazine that, in response to a letter, said that Mew was in fact distributed at the tournament in Madrid. The magazines (including official nintendo magazine) only covered the tournament, no trace from Mew distribution. NOTE: I've talked with other people and others have confirmed that Mew was in fact distributed there. So, what supports this Mew being the one distributed at the tournament? - That more than one person has confirmed the distribution actually took place (and it was stated in official nintendo magazine, albeit it was a letter response). - Pirk's word. He told me he cloned this mew many times, but that he never received any Mew from anyone and the only one he ever had was the one he received from nintendo, so there's no chance that the Mew in his yellow cartridge was a fake one and that the official one was lost when his cousing reset his blue savegame. - That Pirk actually agreed to meet in person with me to dump his save. Would someone go as far as meeting a random internet guy just for a prank? I personally don't think so. (This is just circumstantial and my personal impression). - In summer, I asked in a spanish forum if someone had been in Madrid in the distribution (that's how I found more people claiming they were at the event and Mew was distributed, but unfortunately none of them had their savegames). An user said he wasn't there, but that he dumped his savegame (he had the hardware to do so) and he had a mew someone cloned to him back in the day. He sent me the save and to my surprise this mew turned out to be exactly the same as Pirk's (except one move). This user lived more than 500km away from Madrid, were it was distributed and he received a Mew with the very same OT, ID and DVs. Prik did clone his Mew, and it really could be his very Mew that reached this other user 500km away, but the chances for that to happen seem extremely low to me. On the other hand, if there were multiple clones of this Mew to start with, the probability of it spreading trough the country increase exponentially. This to me is probably the strongest supporting point, simply because of probability, but of course there's always the chance that this was Pirk's mew traveling trough a chain of trades. Also, as I said, they only differ in 1 move (I'd personally expect more than 1 move being different), which is kind of a weak point. My personal theory: this mew was really distributed there, but someone of Nintendo of Spain said something like: "I have a gameshark, why don't we distribute Mew? This will attract more people to the torunament" and they gave that person the green light. He started a new game and used a gameshark to catch a mew at level 5 or something like that (giving the mew random DVs), then he proceeded to clone that mew multiple times for the distribution (with whatever method). This may sound ridicule, but since I know how Spain and Spanish people think, I strongly believe this could have been the case. Simply put, they didn't know Mew distributions had some "rules" and didn't care to ask. I leave it up to you to decide wether this Mew is legit or not. Someone even suggested that even if this is in fact the one distributed at the tournament, it would still not be legal if Nintendo of Spain made it in their own and didn't stick to "standard distribution rules" like fixed DVs. Download Pirk's savegame with the mew: http://www.pokexperto.net/foros/index.php?topic=27460.msg2765479#msg2765479 ps: I'd like to know what others think about this
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    How could they sue over publacizing a illegally sold rom whose distro cart was stolen from the distribution site? Should always archive. Original will always be worth something. There's a reason why anyone can download Nintendo World champion chips for NES for free and the last original physical cartridge sold for 25 k
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    This is Pokemon Korea's advanced technology
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    Hello everyone, I bring you a Gen 1 legit European Mew. Some months ago I found a very old webpage on which someone was showcasing the data for his legit Mew and Celebi. The page was last updated on 2003 but the site was a little active, so I tried the contact mail that was there to ask about those Mew and Celebi. Long story short, the Celebi was gone due to battery dying, but the Mew was still in his red cartridge. I asked the owner, Michael, if he would agree to send me his cartridge to backup the save, then send him back, and luckily he trusted me and everything went fine, so here's Michael's savegame: Download (savegame for english red, will work in any non japanese red/blue): Red.sav The Mew is at level 100 (Michael didn't keep it untrained), but it is easy for anyone interested to revert it back to distribution state with pkhex: just set level to 5, set EVs to 0 and set moves 2, 3 and 4 to "None". The Mew has the standard DV used for gen 1 distributions (HP:5, ATK:10, DEF:1, SPEED:12, SPECIAL:5), so there's really not much special about it, except if being one of the ones distribute in Europe. This is how Michael obtained the Mew: Michael wanted to stay anonymous, so that's why I won't reveal any more data or the website I found and used to stablish contact with him. I'm really grateful, specially because he trusted an unknown person and sent me his cartridge in the hope I would send it back, so if you ever read this, thank you yet again Michael!
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    Version ᅟᅟᅟ


    Distribution Title It's an Eon Ticket! Wondercard ID 2048 Item Eon Ticket Quantity x1 Receiving Text 0x2B Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the delivery girl in any Pokémon Center.
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    Yeah, so this is what it looks like it is doing (roughly) is this: seed (RTC minutes like R/S, with the xor high and low bits) pidh pidl if pidh is 0, or it with 0x2003 if pidl is 0, or it with 0x327 -- pid is not used pidh (again) pidl (again) if new pid is shiny, increment pid until not shiny. Increment maxes out at 8. iv1 iv2 item is based on the original RTC seed calculation, which is indeterminate based on the seed because the RTC seed is xor'd before its sent to seed the RNG. I never dived into R/S seeding, so I am not sure how the RTC is calculated, like based on minutes from an epoch, a random date, etc. I also don't know the seed period of GBA games, so maybe someone can chime in with that info.
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    Update: I found the shiny check, which roughly translates to while pid is shiny, pid +=1.
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    Oh sorry then. I only ever heard that the WISHMKR Jirachi was the only one until that Tanabata distribution in Gen 6.
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    Black shark, channel can be shiny since the shiny check is broken.
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    yeah i think we're out of luck here unless someone has the actual gba distro cart for the negaiboshi. to figure out how it works anyway. if someone does actually have it and is weary about giving it to anyone, remember, no one knew i had the 10anniv rom for more than 5 years, and even then it became known only because other people let it out. e: same goes for pcjp2003 and anything else we need info on.
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    Just a PSA: As the Original Series Cap Ash's Pikachu is out via serial code which is Region-Locked to Japanese consoles and copies, there is no way to get the Pikashunium Z-Crystal in other Region games such as US/EU as you can't trade it. It's totally fine to add the Pokemon itself to your save game via drag + drop the .wc7 onto the PKHeX editing controls and just edit the Pokemon's Country and 3DS Region to Japan (Thanks to this nifty guide by theSLAYER!) and make sure it isn't Shiny nor is the "Shiny Male" ticked under "Seen" in your Pokedex. I've updated my own Pokedex code I made to include it (as well as the recent Megas and stones) for those who can use hex editors. Sorry I just had to address this as the PGL can potentially ban anyone with Pikashunium Z in their inventory who isn't playing on the Japanese PGL. I know there are people who will still do it regardless, but I'm aiming this at the people who are concerned for their save data. tl;dr Don't add the .wc7 to your list of Wondercards in-game with PKHeX if you don't have a Japanese Region 3DS and copy. Alright, Happy Easter in advance to anyone who celebrates!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Since the 20 may 2014, you can't any longer connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection with DS/Wii games like the Pokemon Series. now you can inject the Pokemon Ranger's Wi-Fi Missions in a real cartridge.
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    I imagine the program flow like this: Master rom (not leaked) transfers multiboot rom (sample0519.bin) to the receiving GBA in multiboot mode Receiving GBA boots multiboot rom Multiboot rom waits for the master rom to make a connection, checking whether booting was successful (handshake) → If no (or invalid) communication occurs, it will keep waiting indefinitely at this point and cannot proceed (UI also isn't fully rendered yet) Check if there's a cartdige inserted (*0x80000B2==96h) and if it's the correct game → If not, quit and show an error Check if there's a free slot in the party → If not, quit and show an error Read some data from the game cartridge and use it as seed for Pokémon generation Put generated Pokémon into the savegame and write it back to the cartridge Show animation and success message If my theory is correct, I think point 3 is what needs to be patched to make it run without the master rom. My skills are insufficient, but maybe @Bond697 would be able to help?
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    Yeah, I can confirm it. It is one of the missing Mews. It's PID: C6B58F2D to be exact. And most importantly it's the 5th Mew of its batch with the Seed: 0x643F. Good job! Edit: I updated the list of what's still missing:
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    that is true. While our Gen 1 - 3 will likely be pretty barren, there's a few that I'm certain are legit. Gen 3 Ageto Celebi, Shiny Zigzagoon, 10 Anniv mons, pretty much anything in @InsaneNutter's Gen 3 Legit Event save
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    What's up, guys? I thought I'd share something really cool and that is... Legal PokeDex and Bag inventory hex codes! That's right! I've been working on this on the side since the PGL banning took effect and have been researching what is out and what isn't. If you know if something is released or not that I haven't included in the Dex or inventory do post about it. If you haven't noticed I've not included some past gen Pokemon notably Legendaries, Unown and non-breedable Pokes with Chinese entries as it's a newly added language this gen and those Pokemon would need to be released as an event or the next games if they're still on 3DS (DP remakes/sequels/whatever). I would also like someone to test this: In RGBY if you nickname the Legendary Birds and Mewtwo a filtered word would they have their names reverted to the in-game language of the Sun/Moon or Bank game they were transferred to (e.g English Mewtwo nn'd *insert filtered word* Banked to Chinese Sun/Moon would have its Chinese name)? As told here: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/forums/topic/39981-pokemon-yellows-farfetchd-pokemon-transporter/?do=findComment&comment=209767 !USE THESE AT YOUR OWN RISK AS NINTENDO AND GAME FREAK ARE NOT UP TO DATE WITH WHAT IS RELEASED THEMSELVES! PokeDex legally complete (C+P into offsets 2A88-32E7): Item Pouch all legal Items (C+P into offsets 0-6B7) Medicine Pouch all legal Medicines (C+P into offsets B48-C47): Berry Pouch all legal Berries (C+P into offsets C48-D67): Here are the legal Key Items and Z-Crystals on Bulbapedia: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Key_Items_in_Generation_VII http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Z-Crystal To sum it up: What Key Items you can have when post game: DNA Splicers Enigmatic Card Exp. Share Fishing Rod (SM) Forage Bag Gracidia Key Stone Lens Case Makeup Bag (Only if playing as female) Sun Flute (Sun only) Moon Flute (Moon only) Oval Charm Prison Bottle Reveal Glass Shiny Charm Z-Ring Zygarde Cube Z-Crystals unreleased: Pikashunium Z (Only legal on Japanese Region 3DS and copies!) Marshadium Z
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    PID is just a number that is used in some generations to derive Nature / Gender / Ability / Form (gen3 only). It's just a random 32 bit value, any number is valid. PID-IV combinations are another story; they vary per generation and origin console and only matter for gen3/4. PKHeX does not do any PID-IV relationship when picking a PID; it only generates for Nature/Gender/Ability/Form. Adding in IVs and a RNG method would result in many impossible IV setups... hence it's up to the user to manually pick a PID for their IVs if that's something they really care about.
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    Hello Readers! Today in my limited time, while searching for the Wishmkr Jirachi MB file, I found inside the American Colosseum Bonus Disc ISO's "PokeDownloader.tgc" (which is a funky gcm iso), a copy of the Normal event, the Meteor prototype rom (which I know is valid due to @Bond697's screenshots of IDA Pro on the Meteor Rom), and a completely brand new distro MB file called "sample0519.bin", which, like the Meteor and Wishmaker roms, boots to white in VBA, and IS a valid GBA MB rom, as VBA will not crash. NO$GBA does the same, and reports no bugs, so I suspect we have a 2nd Prototype Jirachi Event, which could also be Ageto/Agate Celebi, or an English version of another Jirachi??? I used a program for windows cmd shell called "tgcToGCM", which is able to be found via google. Sadly, converting GCM files into TGC cannot be done yet, (perhaps it could be done with the Dolphin SDK???), so that will not be loadable without extensive AR/WIIRD codes/USBGecko Debugger Shenanigans. My last contribution is the German Ruby save file from the "pika-save" colbtl.bin package used for region changing of US Colosseum's GBA menu. It is called "RubyDe.sav", and unique to the version off geocities.ws, is a secret. In the first slot in the party, an untouched Pokemon Channel Jirachi exists. Unlike the ones we currently have, this one has a language Flag of German, which matches the Save Region. The name is not garbled (which helps rule out hax), and all checks out at first glance. By any chance could someone check it out, and add it to RoC's PC, and the Event Gallery if it is Legit? I will attach "pika-save.zip", and the 3 ".bin" files, which I request be moved to that tech forum ran by InsaneNutter. Let him release the Meteor, and tell us the details on the Unknown ".bin" file pika-sav.zip sample0519.bin client.2003_1112.bin client.bin RubyDe.sav
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    There has been something bothering me for a long time: there's no GB emulator with infrared link support. It is understandable, as not many titles use that function and even then it's a really minor feature and doesn't really hinder gameplay. For Gen 2 pokémon games the feature was really minor, but it still provides things that can currently only be obtained either via real hardware or emulating pokemon stadium 2 and the transfer pack. I would normally prefer IR emulation over savegame editing, but for the Gen 2 pokémon games we have something not available for other IR games: full disassemblies: https://github.com/PikalaxALT/pokegold https://github.com/pret/pokecrystal Since we have the disassemblies, we can know exactly how the IR connection works, which data is sent, which data is expected to be received and how the connection alters the savegame. I don't exactly know asm language, but someone who does could write a program that given two savegames from GSC as input simulates the IR connection between them. By simulating I mean mantaining the 5 trainers per day limit, same random chances to get each item/decoration, etc. I think it would be great to have such a program. At the very least if someone knows asm I would like him to tell me exactly what is changed in the savegame after the transfer, since while my ideal would be a simulator program, adding editing capabilities to pkhex would also be nice (decoration and the trainer house at viridian city). This is what I understand from the gift connection: - Randomly, item or decoration is selected with 50% chance. - Randomly, a slot is selected. It seems some slots are rarer than others (can't really understand the code). - Some trainer and party data is sent for the trainer house (I would need to know the data exactly) - OT ID is stored to prevent another transfer with the same trainer. - Trainer and party data is stored at trainer house. - Gift is stored to be received at pokemon center. This is my rough understanding of the disassembly, but I'm missing things for sure, so propper understanding of the process data-wise would be great if someone is able to provide it. ps: pokémon pikachu color apparently can always send gift, I suspect this is due to it sending ID 00000, but something else might be in place in the connection, like a direct skip of the 5 trainer a day limit.
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    Trading between generations is only possible with Gen1 and 2, can't backwards convert for the other games. When trading, the data is swapped. PKHeX doesn't swap data as it allows you to clone data. Just open two windows of PKHeX and drag drop between to facilitate a trade. You already have the save file data, just transfer a pkm and delete on the other save if you want to emulate a swap.
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    Gen 3 Hall of Fame only stores TID/SID, PID and Nickname of your Pokemon, nothing more unfortunately. Though you might be able to recover your Pokemon as Pal Park doesn't delete the whole Pokemon data. It only sets the species ID to zero. So if you didn't move any other Pokemon onto the box slot, where the Pokemon you want to recover was before the transfer, it's data should still be there. You can search your Pokemon by it's PID in a hex editor. If you found your Pokemon save it's 80 Bytes into a new file. The problem now is that you can't load the Pokemon in PKHeX directly as it's species ID is invalid. So you have to decrypt it and fix the species ID at offset 0x20 as well as the checksum at 0x1C manually. Then PKHeX will be able to load it again.
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    EDIT: I made a mistake. @Bond697 said the item is determined by a number in the master ROM. I think this is the seed, right? @Bond697 said the algorithm for the held berry is (x << 0x10 & 0x30000) >> 0x10 & 1 which essentially boils down to x & 1, where 0 is ganlon, and 1 is salac. This is supported by all except for one of the negaiboshi that I have.
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    If you want to change what ROMs you can distribute to, you can just change the strings it checks against to use any rom: Note the AXVJ and AXPJ. Changing those to the game you want will fix it. Or changing the 2 "BEQ loc_201E410" to "B loc_201E410" will make it work no matter what game you use. To make those work, change "23 D0" @ 201E3C6 to 23 E0 and "1C D0" @201E3D4 to 1C E0. You really only need to change the first one, but might as well be thorough. I'm not sure why you would want to make the ROM run without a master. How would you get it to write to a GBA cart if you had to have a flashcart in to launch the mb ROM or.. something..? Also, something to think about regarding moving the mb ROMs between master GBA distro cart ROMs: Each GBA distro cart has its own set of global variables it writes to in IWRAM(0x3000000-0x3008000). The mb ROMs use matching global variables in order to "inherit" data from the master cart. Things like seeding the RNG are done in all the distros in that way. The multiboot ROMs don't make their own RNG seed, they just get it from their master. Take this example: 3 multiboot ROMs, 3 different RNG locations. That's just an example, all the variables are like that in each one. So if you move a mb ROM from one distro cart to another distro cart, the resulting pokes you get may not be "legit" since they may not normally be able to exist since the mb ROM may read and use incorrect data from an IWRAM location that is incorrect. I think you mentioned that you got a lot of identical(almost identical?) Jirachis when you moved a distro ROM to a different cart in order to generate them and that may be why. They may not be "real" Jirachis that could have been generated at the original event. The oldest ROM, sample0519, gets more data from the master distro cart than any of the others. Things like OT name and gender seem to be passed to it via IWRAM, not determined via RNG in the mb ROM. There's probably other data done the same way but I haven't looked. Really the only way to figure that stuff out would be to have the original Negaiboshi(sp?) distro ROM to look at.
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    I dunno. Whatever is easier for you? I was thinking about an Emerald Eon Ticket as well. Wouldn't be too difficult considering the compact size of data that needs to be added to the save. (Thanks to the hardcoded Eon Ticket Script in Emerald...) How awesome would that be?! Would be cool to see that. Btw. @Real.96 mentioned to me that Nintendo of Europe's Italian branch has finally ended the 3rd Gen Distribution. So sending cartridges to Nintendo of Italy isn't possible anymore. We're lucky that we made it in time!