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Didn't know where to post this, a special project

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astrinax    10

I'd like to say hey and cheers to everyone. I like the community you have. I have not seriously used a pokemon game since crystal. Which I loved. I'd love to play some of the newer games like pokemon diamond, or the new hg or ss. My only problem with these is of coarse, I want to use my old team. Which is a lot of hoops to jump through. I'm all for hacking and that's fine means for me however, I'm running a mac that has os x (obviously) and 64bit windows 7. instead of really just tinkering and tampering with everything and learning how to. I was thinking I might just pay some one to do it. One of you, since I understand that you guys do this sometimes.

(this project pays 15$) (paypal) but if more than one person is interested, we can have a reverse auction where someone will do it for cheaper and cheeper. (we'll see what happens)

I do however have a few things that I want;

-The six pokemon requested will have legit stats. (high but not hacking detectable high)

-I get a file that is compatible with Visualboy advance. (which shouldn't be a problem)

-A save file from both pokemon Heartgold and either Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

That's it. I believe that all my pokemon have legal moves that are appropriate with them.

if anyone is interested in making some money, though not a lot please respond here or send me an email at

I really appreciate it guys. Hopefully everyone has a great thanksgiving.

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wraith89    34

Wrong section... and DS save files are in no way compatible with VisualBoyAdvance. Use No$GBA instead. Moved.

Also you should be more specific about which 6 Pokemon you want... and the moves and your trainer ID, etc...

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UnderXRay    10

like wraith said, you will need no$gba to run DS games on the computer, i will do it for free but you will need to be more specific about the pokemon you want, please pm me if you want my help and the specifics of the pokemon.

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