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suloku    157

Hello everyone,

Today I bring you a legit Celebi tour Celebi! This Celebi belongs to @Dr.Matt and he retrieved it back in 2001 in the spanish stop of the Celebi Tour; in fact he provided most of the data for it a year ago, data I posted here:

This week I was able to finally meet in person with Dr.Matt. He was able to keep his Celebi from battery dying by storing it in his Stadium 2 cartridge and because he owned a Mega Memory Card which allowed him to backup and dump savegames (but not to transfer over to computer), and with that he also was able to keep multiple copies of the Celebi, including an untouched one just as he received from the Celebi Tour Truck. Unfortunately his Mega Memory card glitched long ago and he lost most of his untouched saves, so after changing the battery to his cartridge he had to restore a save that had AR codes used on it to retrieve the celebi from Stadium 2 (he didn't have the time to play trough the game to reach the point in which Stadium 2 allowed him to retrieve the pokémon), which is why instead of dumping his savegame he traded it over to mine (which is completely clean). Data-wise this should have no effect at all, since the AR codes were used BEFORE any transfer or trade took place, and the AR codes were never used in the process of getting the Celebi out of stadium and trading, but that is the reason why it is my savegame which being uploaded and not his. Only real hardware has been used for all the Stadium 2 transfer and trade process, here are some pictures (sorry for the blurry ones, we were in kind of a hurry):

The Celebi as Dr.Matt had in his Stadium 2 (this picture is from a clone he fully trained).

Dr.Matt's authenticity certificate, my laptop and my GBC Cart reader/flasher:

Dr.Matt's certificate, his Mega Memory and his Gameboy (sorry for blurryness)

A close up of the ID number on the certificate. As you can see it's 2234 and the Celebi actually has 02233. Dr.Matt thinks distribution started at ID 00000 but they wrote 1 in the first certificate they gave and they just keept adding numbers.

Some pictures of the actual trade (I brought two gameboys just in case and we used mine which had full batteries):

The savefile contains both an untouched Celebi as Dr.Matt received in 2001 and the same Celebi at level 100 and EV maxed. As a bonus, I also included the legit EUROPE Mew that can be found here:
The savegame also contains a full legit gen 2 living dex and unowndex in the boxes if anyone is interested.

Download: Gold_europe_mew_celebi.sav
Note: this is a Spanish Gold savefile, but it will load in any non japanese rom.

All trades have been done using real hardware, no emulators or other means where involved in the process of getting the Celebi out of Stadium 2 until I dumped my savegame.

Thanks to @theSLAYER for making it possible for me to get in contact with Dr.Matt, and lots of thanks to Dr.Matt himself for keeping the Celebi so many years and being so kind to meet with me so we all can enjoy an European Celebi. This had a special personal meaning to me, since I became aware my savegames banished in 2011 and finally re-completing the 251 original pokédex by getting the two exclusive legendaries in person is like reliving that moment in my childhood when I first completed my dexes.

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suloku    157

Finally got time for this. Dr.Matt was really kind and since he was given two back at the event, he gifted me with this awesome promotional poster for Pokémon Stadium 2. That day was raining and both his posters (and sadly, the certificate too) got damaged. I've made my best to assemble this as original size is A0 and my scanner's size is a little over A4.

If anyone with enough photoshop skills wants to restore the image, I can send him the 300 mB psd file with the original scans. I tried to find a high quality scan for this poster with no luck (I've seen pictures of the same poster in different languages though).

ps: when he has the time, Dr.Matt said he'll be doing a high quality scan of his certificate (though unfortunately it's damaged, maybe someone with the skills can restore it too).


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Dr.Matt    20


Great job, Suloku. Thanks. I'm glad to have given you the Celebi.

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