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PKHeX 17.02.07

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PKHeX has been updated to version 17.02.07, finally fixing the Trainer Info bug everyone loves to post about, among many other fixes and features.


17/02/07 - New Update:
 - Legality:
 - - Added: Legality indication for exported QR images (if legality check is available for origin).
 - - Added: Legality indication for Box/Party pkm slots (^ + opt-in via Options->Set to SAV).
 - - Fixed: More edge cases for legality checks.
 - Added: More Generation 7 trainer stat record labels. Thanks skywalker25 & Holla!
 - Added: G7TID -> TID/SID generator for Generation 7 Trainer Editor. Thanks RoC!
 - Added: QR exporting for non gen6/7 pkm. Only use is for sharing via image rather than file.
 - Fixed: Transferred markings are now applied correctly.
 - Fixed: Gen 2 inventory items TMHM cap raised from 1 to 99.
 - Fixed: Importing japanese pk1 files now transfer to generation 7 without errors.



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