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    • By Lugiamaster · Posted
      This program is really helpful but there is 1 request that I would highly appreciate. Can you bring back the ability to generate Action Replay Codes like what Pokegen can do? I would do it the way everyone else does but due to my 3DS not having anything like JK Save Manager and it being too complicated to get custom firmware due to updates from Nintendo, I'm forced to have to use PokeGen to put the Pokemon I want in Pokemon White and then transfer over to Pokemon Bank. As for Gen 6 and 7, well with those I have to use Powersaves which is abit longer but I can put up with it. If you could add in Action Replay Code outputs, that's be great.
    • By Vie xyrosa · Posted
      J'adore merci beaucoup  plus les nouveaux événements apres la derniere mise a jour marquent non legit ... alors du coup je suis jamais vraiment sur ses sont légitimes; /  
    • By wrathsoffire76 · Posted
      3 years later, this is STILL the best Pokémon save editor out there. 
    • By Ceiphid · Posted
      How come eevee can't get its egg moves like curse and wish in a legal way? I mean whenever I check using the legal thing it says that eevee can't learn these moves and such
    • By Kerllis · Posted
      I need it to run in linux systems
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    • @theSLAYER Sorry for taking a while(I fell asleep.) Unfortunately, I don't have a hacked Ds to be able to grab any RAM dumps or process any sprites.. D: What do I do?
    •   Maybe if you're able to grab RAM dumps for local events 😂 @Sabresite @Kirzi what's your take on this 
    • @theSLAYER Nice! Thanks for including me in. I bet that if I could join the Official Events and Offical Wiki and all other closed clubs, I could be the site's official "Information Grabber"! How does that sound?  
    • Hey @Got_Eevees, as we already have this file up,
      I merged your file and photos over.

    • what are you talking about?

      PKHeX allows usage of WC7 and WC7Full.
        Also, PKHeX can import WC7FULL and export as WC7.
      It can also import those files and export as PK7 (by dragging the wonder card directly in PC slot)

      I'm not quite sure what problem you're having,
      but this isn't the place for mentioning it.