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  3. Ageto Celebi RNG

    Hello everyone at Project Pokemon! Those who know me, will recognize me because of my IRC nicknames: Sans or Jellal. I promised a good friend of mine, Sabresite, that I will post my research on Ageto Celebi RNG as well. For those who don't know me, I am the one who posted on /r/pokemonrng a guide on how to RNG abuse Ageto Celebi on emulator by re-using save states to advance multiple frames and get to an ideal PRNG state (23 frames from target) to RNG abuse Celebi, something that was thought to be very hard or almost impossible to do before. I will post the guide on reddit so you can take a look on it. This is something I worked for 3-5 weeks and it's a product of my extensive research as well as from my own experience doing this. The guide is here: I would like to give a special thanks to Kaphotics, Bond697, xfr and anyone else at Project Pokemon who previously worked on researching Ageto Celebi RNG in the past: Your inputs were very valuable for me. Without the information you were able to dig in, this guide wouldn't had been possible. I sincerely thank you for that! Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any. It's my first time at Project Pokemon, so keep up with me in case I don't reply.
  4. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    For anyone who blocked all the hostnames posted previously, to use Pokebank with Pokemon Moon (and i presume Sun) you need to unblock: You can use Pokebank with GEN 6 games with all the hostnames in my previous post blocked, you can also use the GTS on GEN 7 games with all the above hostnames blocked. Pokebank seems to require the above hostnames unblocking for Moon and Sun though. Figured out by unblocking the additional hostname until I was able to connect, then re blocking them until I narrowed it down to the above three.
  5. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    I finally got around to checking if I was banned or not, I appear to have got lucky so far *touch wood* If its of help to anyone i've posted as much info as i can provide below: What I did / didn't do on my 3DS: All I really do on my 3DS is play Pokemon, it was always at the back of my mind to be careful not use use Homebrew or apps like SaveDataFiler with WiFi enabled, although I know I have done that by accident once or twice in the past. If I had used Homebrew or something like SaveDataFiler offline I would always load a game before going online so the Homebrew app wasn't my most recently played title. The majority of content installed on my console is from legit CIA's, I had never used FreeShop. Instead of dumping my own gamecarts and converting them to CIA's I simply installed the legit CIA's created from pre-installed games found on certain consoles. Any legit CIA's I've installed I also own a game cartridge of, which I have used to play online at some point. Their is a difference between legit CIA's and user created CIA's. If you were to remove CFW installed legit CIA's would still work as normal, where as user created CIA's, or installed content from FreeShop would not. I've had Homebrew CIA's installed and an out of region Pokemon Green that i dumped from my JPN 2DS console, I was never online when playing out of region games, although have been online and loaded homebrew apps by accident (not recently though). I also imported Pokemon from my JPN Pokemon Green though Pokebank on a PAL console, which obviously is not possible to do on a non hacked 3DS. Sending of info via SpotPass and automatic downloads had been disabled since I got the 3DS. What did i do with CFW on my 3DS? All I use my 3DS for is Pokemon, I used CFW to backup my Pokemon saves, inject my Pokemon saves from an actual GameBoy in to the VC re-releases of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, along with injecting wondercards in to GEN 6 games. In addition I have used Homebrew apps / emulators installed as CIA files and form the Homebrew launcher. What have I done before going online again? As per theSlayers original post I have cleaned up and locked down my 3DS up as much as possible. The only thing i didn't do was "Use GodMode9 to clear my Activity Log" its been mentioned on other forums the local activity log is not sent to Nintendo and Nintendo is actually keeping their own logs about what you are doing online. My router is now blocking all the Nintendo hosts I previously posted except, which breaks online functionality when blocked. (That's actually a good way to verify your blocked hostnames rules are working or not) Everything on my 3DS homescreen is now legit. Anything that wasn't is deleted with the tickets cleaned up and the icon / home menu caches cleared. If i need to use the Homebrew launcher I plan to inject it in to the health and safety app when offline, use it, then return the health and safety app back to stock before going online again. I have pre-created files ready on my SD card to inject and remove from the Health and Safety app on the go. I've also deleted the Luma payload from my NAND as i figured Nintendo is more likely to look for something that could have only got there with hacks, rather than the SD card which is very easy to copy files to / from. End result: My 3DS boots to the Sysnand via the Luma 7.0.5 CFW (I will update to boot9strap in the future to use newer Luma versions) however the Sysnand doesn't have anything on that is not legit. If I get banned now it's likely i'm already flagged or Nintendo can actually detect CFW. I don't really plan on going online unless I really need to though. I'm currently working on finishing my GEN 7 living Pokedex of which I have most the Pokemon I need, it's just a case of breeding / leveling them up now.
  6. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    Well, what you said simply confirms what I Just told. I don't see why would home-brew communicate to the official provider by its own. As far as I know, booting home-brew lets you work "on the fly"... It is like booting Linux from the USB. Most probably, those banned played "restricted software" trough home-brew and connected with such software to the provider; the provider just did the standard thing: Checking their physical addresses, and telling whether or not this software was standard-compliant. They could have bricked the devices, but they did not... Copies from "the other marketplace" and their accessories (i.e. tickets), are often tagged in the wrong way. So, home-brew stuff should have been running a fail-safe to protect your system. That's basic, and a must for auditing. Surely that's going to be "the solution" for this situation; some kind of way to renew and cover your "console's ID". Has anybody tried replacing the console's network adapter? It is one of the cheapest ways to flag a device (that's what other companies did in the past, with other components from their consoles).
  7. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    Don't think its that, tho. If I'm not mistaken, many of freeshop games are tickets that were bundled with a console on launch, and I think those games tickets were the same across those consoles. Right now, it appears that Nintendo captures what you're playing now and what you last played if your 3DS was connected to the network, so if you had a homebrew title being captured as either of those, they log your console details down, then ban as a wave. There hasn't been newer ban reports after users take measures to avoid that type of scenario, but it could also be because wave is over and will come later..
  8. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    It seems there is a lot of speculation around this. Most obviously it is players gaming on-line with the same software all around the world. Thousands of copies of cloned data from a single source going back and forth from local systems to N's servers shall definitively raise a flag. How is it going by now?
  9. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    If you format it, I'm almost certain that there'll be no traces of installed CIAs and homebrew left in the 3DS, but if the information already has been sent over to Nintendo's servers, there's no way for you to delete what they have.
  10. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    I honestly question people who claimed that they've never tampered their 3DS and got a ban. I also feel like a PGL banwave is around the corner, too. What CFW settings do you guys have enabled in Luma/whatever you use? And were you banned?
  11. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    My 3DS hasn't been turned on for a long while now, and I know it doesn't have custom firmware on it along with having the wireless disabled most of the time. So, it's unlikely for my 3DS to be banned from going online. - Soldjermon
  12. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    I haven't used my 3DS for a while now, so I'm not sure if I'm already banned or not. I hope not... If I format my system will there be any traces left from installed CIAs/Homebrew/other stuff? Like in the title database or somewhere? Or can I expect a formatted NAND to be fully clean? I'll probably block all their servers though... EDIT: Are we sure d0k3's list of server addresses is complete? There have been many updates since then which could have introduced new addresses.
  13. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    Update: She texted me and said she can connect to the internet. Also, I have every option on the latest Luma to off and Clock+L2 on my N3DS. I also did the same for hers but without the Clock+L2 option if that helps, if anyone wants to share their CFW configurations.
  14. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    My intention wasn't "unban" ... I wanted to get the actual error ban while blocking those domains Now I make it work as I intended ... I'll try to find a way to change the seed thing and ... pray for survive now ... I REALLY gtg! (seriously)
  15. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    I i'm still banned, but I tried blocking all the domains and still got the 003-2001; I unlocked and got the ban error I don't understand Maybe I did something wrong with my router setting ... gonna look for it tomorrow gtg to work T-T
  16. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    Wait, this won't "unban" you. It's just that if you weren't banned (002-0102), this may help reduce the 3DS' communication with servers. Odd, my router blocks everything except for and , and I was able to do a few battles and wonder trades just now. 003-2001 isn't a ban message, it's just that the 3ds isn't able to communicate with the necessary servers, to validate and allow the online gameplay. (not the same as a ban)
  17. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    not blocking should resolve that (That's what happened to me..)
  18. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    Well, I tried blocking em' and always got the 003-2001 error ... ;s
  19. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    Thanks for the list! Btw, blocking the above one may prevent mystery gift connections. (not sure about the rest) edit: blocking prevents game sync and pgl usage. (couldn't use battle spot until I removed that entry)
  20. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    d0k3 over at GBATemp published a list of hostnames the 3DS uses, the two hostnames your 4chan guy posted are on that list, along with a lot more. Check and hosts updates: Connection test: eShop specific: Additional: Apparently if you block all the above the following won't work: Updating the 3DS FW eShop, as that won't start unless it could check for an update first System Data Transfer, for the same reasons Anything that requires access to the update servers. What works: Browsing the internet Playing online Basically, everything that is not in the 'doesn't work' list will work Theirs certainly no proof either way blocking any of the above will stop the 3DS sending data that will get you banned back to Nintendo, however for people that are going online you could certainly let the 3DS talk to a lot less servers and still have online play functionality by the looks of it.
  21. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    No sorry unfortunately the anon who shared the info said and i quote, ">tfw everyone in the 3ds scene is so incompetent and haven't figured out the bans yet>you and a buddy that majored in networking figured it out with 99.9% certainty and already protected against it" He wasn't too keen on sharing the rest of the info. Someone will have to use packet sniffers like Charles or something to figure out the rest. I don't even know what all this stuff means lmao. I'm just the messenger.
  22. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    Do you have the other 6 hostnames (links)? If you have a good router / firewall you can block devices on your network from connecting to: In theory if you block all the hostnames the 3DS uses to call home you can be connected to WiFi knowing the 3DS can't send data back to Nintendo. I block updates for the Wii U this way, my router looks for any traffic coming from my Wii U's local IP address, then if it's going to any of the hostname's ive added to the WiiUServers hostname alias, it will block the connection. The end result is I can play Mario Kart online, knowing Nintendo can't update the Wii U in the background, patching the exploits used for homebrew. Even if that did work we don't truly know all the hosts Nintendo might use to gather data, even if we we're confident we did blocking them could well break online functionality anyway.
  23. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    My console was banned Monday night, before it really became a banwave. My situation... 1.) Spotpass was disabled, for a long time, at least since a NAND restore in February, at most since I first got it in October last year. 2.) The Friends List App setting about showing titles being played to friends, was unwittingly left enabled. In contrast all my 6 other consoles had both Spotpass and this setting disabled and have not been banned (at least not yet). 3.) I never used Freeshop, I browsed it once a year ago to see if ORAS updates can be downloaded. They couldn't, this was the banned console. Remembering more, another console, I searched on Freeshop for SM updates, still nothing, and that is currently unbanned. 4.) The banned console really had the least unsighned CIA. NTR CFW, FTPD, InputRedirectionNTR, I ran those the most. When I called Nintendo CS on Tuesday, the rep said that they picked up something on Monday. The thing is all I did was run NTR CFW, the Friends List app to add people, and boot up Pokemon Moon. It does make me lean towards the Friends List app setting. 5.) It may not be a coincidence that I've done the most genning on that particular console, with that particular Moon game. Seeing as it never game synced too, perhaps that kind of activity was detected and I got snuffed out. 6.) Not so significant given the varied userbase, I have 11.4 B9S CFW, on all consoles. 7.) I never went online with the leaked SM copies. I did play a tiny bit (5 minutes worth, technically about 45 minutes but that's the damn cutscenes), but on a console that is currently not banned. I think I explained enough. The bottom line is they were able to detect the use of "unauthorized software" better than usual, and acted hastily, perhaps in response to B9S and SigHax, and/or an accumulation of building up a list of people to ban, with this week being execution time. Unfortunately the banned console also had the most NNID purchases, so if I can't move that to a safe console, I'm looking at $30-40 of repurchases (if I want the Smash 4 DLC, I'll likely opt out, it still is crap if I had to buy this stuff again).
  24. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    "It's telemetry sent to Nintendo. No it's not just the play activity that's sent, there's a shit load of other stuff too. Everything the 3DS sends by network you can figure it out by using packet sniffers. Nintendo segregates everything, a flaw for sure, so you can block everything that would send unsolicited data and still be able to play online/download games." - Anonymous I saw this info and thought I would share maybe its true maybe it isn't but I figured there's no harm in letting you guys know anyway. The person who said this, said there is 6 more links. I don't know anything about all this technical stuff though lol. Anyway do with this info as you will it was shared on 4chan so it could all be bogus. > This URL is used for uploading data from the home menu NAND shared extdata, it's unknown what this is used for. This data is uploaded every 24 hours.><regionID>/<filename> This is used for uploading unknown data from extdata.
  25. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    So far I'm not banned. I only used Freeshop to get Trip World (since it never got put on North America eShop) and GB Tetris (since it got delisted thanks to Ubisoft). This was last year and all three have since been deleted. The rest of my game installs have been from carts I dumped myself. I tend to use FBI, JKSM and Luma Updater. Just to be safe, I did withdraw all of my Pokemon from Bank that I don't already have backups of and cashed in my Battle Points on Moon.
  26. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    Well ... I started using freeshop like 2 weeks ago ... maybe less ... and got the ban there is ppl that did have freeshop months before me ... and didn't get the ban ... I hope the Dev Gods find what is the thing that tells nintendo who are using CFW T-T
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