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  2. lets just say i have a banned console and tempted to try the second or third method ( mainly because i dont have a spare 3ds right now lol ) i'm just wondering is there any chance of my system getting banned again ? if the answer is no then i have another inquiry in reality my system hasn't been banned yet because i luckily got the news of the banwaves beforehand and didn't turn on my ds ever since now can i still use the methods mentioned above as a precautionary step to avoid getting banned for real ?
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  4. thanks! Already added it to the missing wonder cards list
  5. Source of the event pokemon: Serebii !! To celebrate the reopening of the Pokémon Center in Tohoku later this year, it has been confirmed that there will be a special distribution for the Pokémon Victini, one of the mascot Pokémon of the Pokémon Center. This Victini will be given at Pokémon Centers and Pokémon Stores across Japan from June 30th 2017 to September 3rd 2017. No further details on this Victini have been announced.
  6. Most likely automatic and persistent.
  7. The bans should be permanent, as per last time. When will they decide to stop attacking in waves? No idea, we don't work for Nintendo
  8. how long does the banwave last
  9. Nope. They've already researched this long before. The seed isn't miraculously regenerated. It appears that system transfer *may* swap seed once, but that's about it. Removing and faking the RSA is the tedious part, so that shouldn't be thrown around that easily. Until we get word from any of the devs, treat that portion as impossible. As said, seed swapping methods existed, but right now if they upped their game with detection, you might end up getting your swapped seed banned too.
    ¿Cuando sale la nueva actualización del programa?
  10. Looks like you got lucky!
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  12. Was Shadow Lugia Intended to be Shiny?????? xDD
  13. Is there any way to change the banner and icon to the "drag and drop" installation ??
  14. Is there any way to change the banner and icon to the "drag and drop" installation ??
  15. 1: Ice Body
  16. Sorry for the late reply. Are you using a physical or digital version on your 3DS? Or are you emulating?
  17. Since we don't know exactly what triggers the bans, that would be best.
  18. We always knew this was gonna happen eventually though... I figured this would happen eventually, but who knows what'll happen next, maybe they'll eventually stop caring. But that's just me talking out of my butt, so who knows, maybe they've gone back to their old selves again (remember, they used to be like this).
  19. Pikachu Cafe Tangrowth pkm file anyon got one

  20. hi does anyone have a Pikachu Cafe Tangrowth pkm file please i really need it
  21. Ok, after turning on my 3DS I'm not banned and made my way to turn off "sending data via SpotPass" in System Settings. Also after talking to some friends that have CFW 3DSes I can confirm they're safe. Thank God! What I'm scared of now though is that I installed A9LH for my cousin's O3DS back in February and I don't know if she'll be banned considering she's still on an older Luma version. Should I still tell her to go online even though she hasn't had the time to play it for the past weeks?
  22. I'm thinking about turning off my router so I can switch the wifi off on my 3DS. Might be pointless but I wanna play some PSMD. Ha
  23. I had to manually edit the download link too. I did what you suggested and managed to make it work! Thank you so much for your advice, i really hadn't thought about using a former file. P.S: the exact file to replace is the file "3" in .../Encounter Type/679 Build/a/0/1, and it should be put in /luma/titles/000400000011c400/romfs/a/0/1/
  24. That's exactly why i've not turned my WiFi on to check, if i'm banned nothing will change that. However if i'm not and progress is made figuring out what exactly is flagging a 3DS for a ban, I can then potentially do something about it before going online again. At that point ill either find out i'm banned or got lucky. This might well end up been like the Xbox 360, by that i mean if you have a console hacked to run unsigned code it has to stay offline. Jtag / RGH hacked Xbox 360's got banned before they even finished connecting to Xbox Live. If you wanted the best of both worlds with the Xbox 360 you had two consoles, one legit and one hacked. Owners of Nintendo consoles have had it great for well over the last decade, the DS, Wii and Wii U to present are a free for all as far as hacks and homebrew go, you can do what you want with no consequences. The 3DS has been a free for all until now, I dont think anyone actually expected Nintendo to care at this point, however it appears they do.
  25. Me neither, after those claims of legit users getting bans too... *shudders*
  26. Woah... Nintendo's usually been lenient but now it looks like they're going Sony. I've recently played it yesterday to finish off SoV but I don't think I got a ban. I also have "Send data to Nintendo" on but now after hearing this, I don't think I want to turn on my 3DS. :[
  27. I checked almost 10 hours ago and wan't banned. And I had lots of hacktastic stuff in my activity log, and IIRC I had spotpass enabled. Maybe I'm just lucky.
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