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    By Poryhack,

    Rather than posting a new thread each time we make an update to the site (and yes, it will be happening quite often), the staff will make a post here detailing each update. Not all of it will be of interest to you but this is ultimately here to inform. If you need to comment on one of these updates make a new thread in the feedback forum.


    Event: Secret Key for North America via Nintendo Wi-Fi

    By NewsBot,

    Event: Secret Key for North America via Nintendo Wi-Fi

    Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 03:45 PM

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    Why is the new site worse than

    By Poryhack,

    I'm sure not all of you think this is worse, but I have seen it several times over the last few days, and there's a pretty simple answer:

    The site is not done. At this point even some of the things that may look done are not set in stone. But rest assured that we are working to get this site in even better shape than

    Why the big rush to move if the site isn't finished? There were several reasons, but the most influential in our decision to move early was our dislike of being under the Pokesav banner. While we will continue to be pretty much the site for Pokesav until the release of Pokemod, we don't especially like Pokesav. It has negative connotations that PP does not, we are not affiliated with the programmer and as such cannot do more than minor edits of the program, and it just is not what we want to be represented by.

    So please, just bear with us for now. I assure you that Project Pokemon will be far greater than in due time.

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