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| Area index??
| Area index??
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PGT is the Gift data stored in a Wondercard. The Data format is mapped out below:

Offset Description
0x0 Data Type
0x2 Corresponding Card slot (1-3)
0x3 Data Specific
0x8 PKM DATA (Encrypted)
0xF4 Unknown

Data Types

Number Type Data Specific Details
0x0 None
0x1 Pokemon If 0, recipient is OT
0x2 Pokemon Egg If 0, recipient is OT
0x3 Item Item index number
0x4 Rule (What... is a rule??) <-See left
0x5 Seal Seal Index??
0x6 Accessory Accessory Number
0x7 Manaphy Egg Unused
0x8 Member Card Unused
0x9 Oak's Letter Unused
0xA Azure Flute Unused
0xB Poketch App (DP) App index??
0xC Secret Key Unused
0xE PokeWalker Area Area index??