Project Pokemon ROM Editor

Current Developers: SCV and Alpha

Special Thanks: Special thanks go to loadingNOW and pichu2001. loadingNOW's thepoketext system is an integral part of PPRE and provided me the address to the game's script handler when I was getting started with studying scripts. pichu2001 has helped tremendously in trying to figure out script commands.
PPRE started out as a program with a whole new concept. The first versions of PPRE were based on the code for Nitro Explorer 2, written by Treeki. This allowed for reading DPP roms using the NDS file system. One thing that I did not like was that I was using C# to code PPRE and had used C# to code PPTE (Project Pokemon's Trainer Editor). While C# is a great language. I wanted to try to support all of Linux, Mac and Windows.

Also an integral part of PPRE will be loadingNOW's thenewpoketext system. thenewpoketext is written in python. Rather than learning python to translate thenewpoketext, I decided I would learn python and use PyQt to code PPRE. New versions of PPRE will work like thenewpoketext in terms of reading the rom data. That is, it will use ndstool to unpack and rebuild the rom. For Linux usage depends on wine. I have not tested on Mac but it should work the same way.

Official Versions supported:

Diamond (USA)
Pearl (USA)
Platinum (USA)
Heart Gold (Jp, USA)
Soul Silver (Jp, USA)