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Thread: Regigigas, Shaymin, and Arceus

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    Regigigas, Shaymin, and Arceus

    I'm looking for an event Regigigas, event Shaymin, and event Arceus...the ones that were distributed from Toys R Us last year. If you have one of them that you're willing to trade, I'd be very grateful.

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    Re: Regigigas, Shaymin, and Arceus

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    Re: Regigigas, Shaymin, and Arceus

    Seeing as how you wanted to trade, you probably have a retail game (gud for u), Use this method to send the pkm to your gts gift center...

    -Download the file attached to this post, unzip it wherever.
    -If you don't already have Python 2.6 download and install the version that fits your OS from
    -In the files you unzipped earlier, look for Drag the PKM file you wish to send onto that file. Note that the PKM file must be a party PKM, not one from storage.
    -A window will pop up telling you to set your DS's DNS server to the given address. To do this boot your pokemon game on your DS and choose "Nintendo WFC Settings" from the main menu.
    -Tap whichever connection you're using and edit the settings. Select "No" for Auto-obtain DNS and enter the address given to you by the program for the primary DNS.
    -Save the settings and go into the GTS/GTC ingame. It may take a few moments, but the PKM file on your computer will be sent to your game. If your party is full it will be sent to box 1 of the PC.
    -Don't forget to set the DNS settings on your DS back to normal if you want to use official online functions!
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    Re: Regigigas, Shaymin, and Arceus

    herooftimedark: When he requested to be traded, I think he wanted it to be traded to him. I have all three of them. I'd be happy to trade them to you, southernmagic. Go to Project Pokemon's IRC and PM me there. ( direct your IRC client to OR go to: )
    ..Meh..I gotz to make a sig..

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    Re: Regigigas, Shaymin, and Arceus

    This is not a trade forum.

    There is a stickied Wi-Fi trading topic in D/P/Plat Discussion.

    Pokesav requests should go to Pokemon Requests.

    AR codes to RAM Editing.


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