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Thread: Cloning Pokemon in X/Y?

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    Cloning Pokemon in X/Y?

    So yeah, I heard rumors about cloning Pokemon being possible in X/Y, but I dunno how to do it... And I have a few questions about that.

    1 - How do one clone Pokemon/Items?
    2 - Can the Pokemon/Item one's trying to clone be permantely lost during the cloning process?
    3 - Does Patch 1.2 affect the cloning?

    Thanks for answering.

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    Re: Cloning Pokemon in X/Y?

    Quote Originally Posted by TokoyamiTheDark View Post
    So yeah, I heard rumors about cloning Pokemon being possible in X/Y, but I dunno how to do it... And I have a few questions about that.

    1 - How do one clone Pokemon/Items?
    Well if you heard rumors, why don't you share what you heard? I haven't been keeping up on it, it's possible, but I haven't read anything least anywhere I'd consider reputable.

    All Pokemon generations have the same cloning while doing a direct trade with another player. If you disconnect at the right time, variables of one Pokemon being cloned and the other being normally traded, both Pokemon being cloned, both Pokemon being lost, etc...

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    Re: Cloning Pokemon in X/Y?

    OK, I'll share the rumors I've heard. For example, there was a rumor about a guy cloning his Zygardes with MegaStones, and sending them to random people on the GTS who were giving out Growlithes and Vulpixes, so someone thought the Zygarde he ''received'' was a glitch and posted a Video on YouTube named ''The GTS Zygarde Glitch'' even though it's fake, because I never received a Zygarde for a Growlithe or Vulpix (BTW, both his Vulpix and Zygarde had the same OT and Trainer ID, so, yeah...FAKE....) Video got removed for some unknown reason.

    Another rumor about cloning was cloning Pokemon/Items via changing SD cards and copying the files, but the guy who made the video did a MAJOR mistake, so everyone knew it was phony (he took out the SD card out of the 3DS and dropped it on the floor. Then, he took the SD card that was to his left when he dropped the first one on his RIGHT) Tested it, not working at all... But how he winded up with 3 or 4 Yveltals with the same nature, same stats, etc... at the end of his video is a mystery.

    ...I was thinking these dudes were trying to hide the REAL way to clone Pokemon in X/Y, while other people said the 1.2 Patch would erase the Pokemon rather than cloning it, but I do not know if it is true or not, though.

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    Re: Cloning Pokemon in X/Y?

    This cloning method works

    It took me and my friend multiple tries locally, to finally clone.

    I can confirm it works. I won't be uploading a video, and I don't see a point uploading a picture since the other Pokemon is with him.

    What I can tell you, is the timing is between ~4.5 to 4.7 seconds, and unlike GTS cloning in DP, the timing is not easy to hit.

    Additionally, "who initiates trade first" seems to affect how long will the final grey screen to hang on. Have fun!


    1. As per randomspot555, this cloning glitch uses the standard "direct trade turn off method"

    2. So far based on my experiments and other people's remarks, no.
    It's likely due to how that game saves. So only the 3DS that sends the desired Pokemon turns off. (more info in video)
    Always at your own risk

    3. Patch 1.2 doesn't affect cloning so far. (and if they want to remove cloning, they might have to remodel the entire structure of how trades are made...)
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    Re: Cloning Pokemon in X/Y?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bor View Post
    If someone who has a black Charizard wants to try, I'm here. ^o^
    I would assume that Wi-Fi cloning would be much harder since there are more variables and time delays and lag and all that to take into consideration. In the video posted above, it is of two 3DS' communicating over local wireless so the situation applied in the video should be pretty universal.

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    Re: Cloning Pokemon in X/Y?

    Yeah, one can only hope.

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    Re: Cloning Pokemon in X/Y?

    Quote Originally Posted by Preparefortrouble View Post
    if this is a glitch, nintendo will probably release a update which will kill it off -__-
    I don't think this is one of the things that can be patched. Variants of this have been around since Gen I and it is simply timing correctly during a trade. The risk, compared to DP GTS cloning or Emerald PC box cloning, is there's a probability of you losing one or both of the Pokemon you are trading/attempting to clone.


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