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Thread: Hello Project Pokemon

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    Hello Project Pokemon

    Just introducing myself, thought it was proper. Just call me Fuerte, came onto these forums in case I might need help, and I was told to after I DL'd the pokesav.

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    Re: Hello Project Pokemon

    Hi Nice to meet you i'll be glad to help you with any problems. If you need a signature or avatars click on the links in my signature below.

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    Re: Hello Project Pokemon

    Hello There.
    I'm guessing your a fan of this guy?

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    Re: Hello Project Pokemon

    Quote Originally Posted by HottSushiz View Post
    Hello There.
    I'm guessing your a fan of this guy?
    Hahaha nope. but thats a kick ass picture man.

    Toff, speaking of sigs, would I be able to get that pic into my sig, or something similar?
    Also, you offering some help? I need a second opinion in this topic, could you please give it to me?

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