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Thread: Chansey Challenge

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    Chansey Challenge

    New minigame for pokemon heartgold/soulsilver! All you have to do is catch 3 Chansey. When you have done this, meet me in the Union room (1 pm till 4 pm) and collect from me a prize. Trade at least one Chansey to me and you could own either: Machamp, Nidoking, Nidorina, Donphan, Ampharos or the jackpot prize, Mewtwo. Everytime I can catch Mewtwo, first to find Crystal at the Union room will recieve it. Good Luck!

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    Re: Chansey Challenge

    This section is not for unofficial/fan-run events. I'm sure this would be better placed in the HGSS discussion section, but please allow a mod to move the topic rather than you just creating a new one.


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