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Thread: Changing Pokemon Battle Sprite Placement in HGSS

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    Changing Pokemon Battle Sprite Placement in HGSS

    Hi everyone. As you may know, I'm working on a HGSS hack, and I've ran into a problem. I was wondering if anyone has ever done any research as to how editing a Pokemon's sprite position in battle would be possible. In DPP, it's quite easily achieved by editing the files called poke_yofs, poke_shadow, and poke_shadow_ofx (and others I may not be aware of). However, like many NARCs in HGSS's filesystem, when edited at 1/3/2, 1/3/5, and 1/3/7 respectively, they do nothing to change the actual game. In fact, I removed the files, and the game was still completely stable as far as I could tell. This tells me that the information originally in the previously mentioned NARCs is somewhere else; I assume it's probably encrypted in ARM9 somewhere (based on my past luck!) I searched the decompressed ARM9 (albeit quite noobishly, I don't quite know how to search with a Hex editor in an efficient manner, if one even exists), so, is there anything I can do to direct myself in the right direction?

    I've searched for patterns that are included in the original files, say, the y offsets (I assume that's what poke_yofs stands for), and nothing comes up in ARM9. Is there another file that they may be located within? Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated! If there's a way to academically study how ARM9 works, assuming this isn't just something isolated to Pokemon/Nintendo games, I'll be more than willing to do research and report here with what I've found.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Re: Changing Pokemon Battle Sprite Placement in HGSS

    I would also be interested in this, although in my case it's a lot more minor. Unfortunately, I haven't a clue where to even start on this one e_e

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    Re: Changing Pokemon Battle Sprite Placement in HGSS

    Yeah, I remember this being a big snag for making drastic changes to sprites, since they'd sink through the floor, sometimes. Ultimately, it was why I gave up inserting Gen 5 pokemon into HG/SS. It's frustrating that the file format didn't carry over from DPPt...
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