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Thread: another wonder card problem

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    another wonder card problem

    i got the wonder card to work but have noticed that on my D,P,PT games the pokemon dont have there ribbons is that normal as they ar there on my HG,SS games ??

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    Re: another wonder card problem

    What ribbons are you referring too? And what event Pokemon are you attempting to transfer?

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    Re: another wonder card problem

    If I remember correctly, Ribbons aren't displayed until a certain point in the game.
    The Contests, perhaps.

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    Re: another wonder card problem

    its what ever ribbons belong to event pokemon and ya might be right bout not showing yet lol

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    Re: another wonder card problem

    Like Guested said, I would continue the progress in your game so you can know for sure. That would narrow down the possibilities behind the issue.
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