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Thread: Pokemon White Hack error?!?!?!

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    Pokemon White Hack error?!?!?!

    what's up? I have a problem with hacking Pokemon White. I have edited the Trainers and Wild Pokemon and so on, but I couldn't understand the other tools like human sprite editor. Can someone make a tutorial for this or explain it to me? And after I played my hacked Pokemon White, it crashes in the 1st gym after the 2nd Trainer was beaten by me. Do I have to Patch it or so or Crack it, but how? And another question, how to use the text editor? Or how did the creators edit the Starters of the 3rd Generation as present for us, before we fight against the 1st gym leader? Or how did they do Brock as the 2nd gym leader? Thats really interesting. Please help me. Thanks for your answers.

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    Re: Pokemon White Hack error?!?!?!

    OK, what Pokemon White hack do you have? Seeing you talking about 3rd generation starters and Brock tells me that you're playing a hack...

    There is hex code you can edit to change what is handed out by the NPC in the Dreamyard, read this:

    As for the Brock editing, I'd assume it's just replacing sprites through the BWSE by I believe Kazowar.

    I don't know why your game is crashing. If these are your own edits, you may have overwritten some data - if you take a NARC, edit it and increase it's size, and reinsert it, you'll overwrite other narcs which can make the game crash.

    For the human sprite editor, I'm assuming it's the BWSE editor that I mentioned before: I have no answers, I would try looking in KazoWAR's thread about his various tools and reading posts about it.

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