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Thread: new to pokegen

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    new to pokegen

    am new to pokegen and i think its pretty cool how easy it is to use i have made loads codes for all my games and now just going onto that wonder card bit i just tryed 2 codes and made 2 cards for my SS game it just dont want to work on my black game has anyone been able to get them on black or white ? and if so can ya plz send a lil help my way lol ( i am a bit thick lol )

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    Re: new to pokegen

    i just made th lavitar wonder card and no idea how i did it as i cant make any others now lmao and just lost all my legit wonder cards using an old libity wonder code arghhhhhhhhhhhhh can someone make a vid for youtube as it only shows pokesav wonder cards and it dont help at all

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    Re: new to pokegen

    i worked it out omg how simple when u know how lol all u do is select the slots for wonder cards to go in load game press select or what ever u press to activate code save the game do a soft reset and card is there load game and the man in blue is there i now got all my wonder cards back lol


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