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Thread: One of a kind

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    One of a kind

    I was wondering what sites i should post on/who i should get in contact with.etc to tell people about my possible very exciting find. I can't find any info about it anywhere else. It's a poliwag #60 original card - 59/102. The misprint is over the end of the W and the e of "weight." It's like a gold zero/ring on it's side, like the background gold foiling.
    I'm very, very, very sure it's a genuine misprint, and it's on the card itself, not put on after, or scratched off. It's in very good condition too.
    If you cannot get me on this forum, email me on, and Thanks. Hope to be sharing this exciting card with as many people as possible, and i will most likely be selling.

    Links to pictures, i hope to get better ones up soon, but i just thought some pics are better than none for now as these are taken on my phone, but they lack the full detail (don't forget to zoom in for more details) -

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    Re: One of a kind

    I would happily meet anyone to show them, and give a full 100% refund to anyone if they didn't believe it was real. I've checked it over and over, looks identical to all my other poliwags, checked all dupes of poliwag I have too. No spacing or alignment issues, no fonting issues, no discolouration or wording differences. Nothing. I'll try my best to put up a video of it up now too, to prove further that it is photoshopped, but it might be pointless if youtube compresses it too much it will be too grainy until i get a better camera tomorow. Thanks.


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