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Thread: Gold Leaf Hidden Hex Values

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    Gold Leaf Hidden Hex Values

    Editing/Creating a Pokemon with Pokesav? want to give it Shiny Leaves/Crown, but don't know how?
    well, this is the tread for you.
    on the top-right side in the Edit Pokemon window of
    Pokesav there is a list that looks like this:
    Hex Value:
    for Shiny Leaves/Crown, all you need to note is the box labled "41h"
    and change it's value to one of the following:
    ( (00000) means no shiny leaves, and (*****) means 5.)
    Hidden Hex values:
    Shiny Leaf Value:
    41h=00 (00000)
    41h=01 (*0000)
    41h=02 (0*000)
    41h=03 (**000)
    41h=04 (00*00)
    41h=05 (*0*00)
    41h=06 (0**00)
    41h=07 (***00)
    41h=08 (000*0)
    41h=09 (*00*0)
    41h=0A (0*0*0)
    41h=0B (**0*0)
    41h=0C (00**0)
    41h=0D (*0**0)
    41h=0E (0***0)
    41h=0F (****0)
    41h=10 (0000*)
    41h=11 (*000*)
    41h=12 (0*00*)
    41h=13 (**00*)
    41h=14 (00*0*)
    41h=15 (*0*0*)
    41h=16 (0**0*)
    41h=17 (***0*)
    41h=18 (000**)
    41h=19 (*00**)
    41h=1A (0*0**)
    41h=1B (**0**)
    41h=1C (00***)
    41h=1D (*0***)
    41h=1E (0****)
    41h=1F (*****)
    41h=20 (CROWN)
    Best Values:
    00 (0)
    01 (1)
    03 (2)
    07 (3)
    0F (4)
    1F (5)
    20 (Crown)
    (If you choose 20, 
    you will NOT be able to see it's certificate when you go and see dawn, 
    if you want to see it, you must set it to 1F, then talk to her. 
    she will give you the crown and show you it's certificate.)
    This has been confirmed for the US Version of Soul Silver, so any feedback concerning any other version would be appreciative.

    I hope this helped somewhat.

    I found this out whilst playing about with the hidden hex values...
    I am currently working on creating a location list which will be added as soon as i finish it.
    I will also post any other findings.

    Please do not ask me any requests...
    I cannot and will not respond to them unless i create a request thread.

    Check out the results:
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    Re: Gold Leaf Hidden Hex Values

    Thorough, but old news, and not really needed anymore...

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