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Thread: DNS problems?

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    DNS problems?

    Currently I am unable to access site by its URL from 4 different Russian ISPs due to name resolution problems. Google DNS doesn't save the day either. I was able to access site by going to NS tool and finding out the IP from there: (screenshot:

    Basically it says there that NS server IPs cannot be looked up. Can you please try to fix it?

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    Re: DNS problems?

    thats because it's

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    Re: DNS problems?

    Quote Originally Posted by Delta Blast Burn View Post
    thats because it's
    And he ran the utility against, not his fault that the DNS records have ns1/ set.

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    Re: DNS problems?

    For the time being (until administration can sort this out), RoC has a quick fix by editing your HOSTS file

    [22:47] <ReignOfComputer> CWindows\system32\drivers\etc
    [22:47] <ReignOfComputer> HOSTS > Open in WordPad
    [22:47] <ReignOfComputer> Add line
    [22:48] <ReignOfComputer>

    If the site ever moves servers again, you'll have to delete this IP from your HOSTS file.
    But this should get you onto the site in the meantime.
    There may still be some errors with the Event Gallery, though, so you may want to add a line for as well (same IP).

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    Re: DNS problems?

    Sure, I used /etc/hosts change to get here yesterday - the DNS issue is not going away yet. Any other subdomains that share this IP?

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    Re: DNS problems?
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