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Thread: wild pokemon modifier question

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    wild pokemon modifier question

    Pokemon White Wild Modifier (L+R) (Select)
    Press L+R, you will get 649 Master Ball and 100 Ultra Ball, Toss to change amounts to Pokemon number and level respectively. Master Ball Quantity = NationalDex Number. Ultra Ball = Level. Press Select before heading into grass.

    94000130 FCFF0000
    02233FCC 02890001
    02233FD0 00640002
    D2000000 00000000
    94000130 FFFB0000
    DA000000 02233FCE
    D3000000 00000000
    D7000000 02250030
    D3000000 00000000
    DA000000 02233FD2
    D3000000 00000000
    D7000000 02250032
    D3000000 00000000
    D9000000 02250030
    D3000000 00000000
    C0000000 0000002F
    D6000000 02250030
    D2000000 00000000

    I was wondering if using this code and catching the pokemon considered (look) legit if I catch that pokemon on a legitimate location. Im using this code cause there are some pokemon that has like 5% chance of encountering =/ As long as I use the code and find them on legitimate location, its considered legit right? Or... will breeding those pokemon will give me bad egg or what..?

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    Re: wild pokemon modifier question

    You should be fine.

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