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Thread: Map Editing?

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    Map Editing?

    Is it possible or How can i make/edit maps in Heart Gold/Soul Silver and in Black/White?

    I want to make a full conversion mod for these roms!

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    Re: Map Editing?

    is impossible and NOT now.....

    i hate say "not" and "someone talk about is have a answer" yes that answer is: no! , if you want make full conversion mod, you must discover and more research with yourselft (i no have freetime now lol i have many (a lot) homework...) , since DPPt is not discover about how to edit map (someone was create this tool but is just 1 place only not applying on another map data, but i hear it will done on next year!). because for now is impossible and impossible (since is not on single narc data), i just tired to answer some map hacking question. for now is not possible..... and don't trying compare with advanced map for gba games (dont trying ask about is can edit map on pokemon BW, advanced map is only gba games, and never support for NDS map hacking) , is totally different structure with same concept. yeah same concept but is not same technology be used on these engine.... if DPPt map hacking was discover, map pokemon BW will be easy to edit since BW is same as DPPt with some tweak and large block..

    For edit map cell, texture is possible now, you just using many tools for that like tinke and another tools was support that texture format.

    Edit mapping is not simple, is difficult thing until now is not done, so for now impossible... is not same as stat data and another value data......

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    Re: Map Editing?

    Oh, thanks! And HG/SS & B/W are same NDS games not GBA...

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    Re: Map Editing?

    I think what Andibad was saying was that you shouldn't try to use Advance Map as a baseline for making a tool for NDS because of the fact that NDS and GBA have totally different structures and you'd be wasting your time.

    I'm used to taking brilliant advice from Andibad so it's a lot easier now to understand what he's saying!


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