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Thread: ROMs won't open on DeSmuME

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    ROMs won't open on DeSmuME

    I recently attempted to load Platinum on DeSmuME in order to Pal Park pokemon from Emerald. Unfortunately, this particular ROM didn't open. In addition, neither the other 2 copies of Platinum nor the copy of Diamond I downloaded opened. They also didn't open on no$gba. However, I am currently running Windows on my Mac, so I tried downloading DeSmuME for Mac, and the ROMs worked fine. So I have two questions:

    1) What could be going wrong?

    2) Would it be safe to run through Platinum on my Mac version of DeSmuME and Pal Park from the Windows save state of Emerald that I intend to migrate from, or would they not be compatible with each other?

    Thanks in advance for any help. I can provide pics/vids of my process if necessary.

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    Re: ROMs won't open on DeSmuME

    1) Since you using a Mac, you have to use the Mac program.

    2) Should be.

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    Re: ROMs won't open on DeSmuME

    Maybe I wasn't clear enough, but I can run any Windows program on my Mac (Check this link) so the emulator should be working fine. I can open DeSmuME, but I just can't open the ROM to play the game.

    Either way if you think that I can Pal Park using the Mac version of DeSmuME then I don't need to worry about that stuff ... but just to be clear I ran the Emerald from the Windows partition of my Mac, so I'm just not sure if the two are compatible.

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    Re: ROMs won't open on DeSmuME

    Not sure about Mac but try changing the name of the rom to Pokemon blah if it's Pokémon blah. My desmume wouldn't open it with the é
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    Re: ROMs won't open on DeSmuME

    Thanks for the suggestion, but the roms had no crazy accents on them.


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