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Thread: Modified HyperGTS

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    Modified HyperGTS

    Well, I took HyperGTS v1.01 by Madaruwode and messed with its' code. I program in, so this was a bit difficult for me to get working properly, but I managed to do what I set out to achieve.

    Basically, the modified HyperGTS changes how directories are distributed, and how you can distribute them:
    Method 1) Goes in a sequential distribution of the folder and restarts to the beginning once done. This allows for you to continuously send out a folder.

    Method 2) Randomly selects a Pokemon from the folder to give to someone when the connect. It does repeat, but (typically) someone shouldn't get the same one more than three times in a row. It has happened though in my tests.

    The individual method still works like normal.

    I also ripped out the code for the DNS server inside. It wasn't working all the time and tended to lock up. I have found that using DNS Server v0.3 alongside HyperGTS v1.02 (my modified version) works perfectly. I've had a distribution server running for nearly 12 hours straight without any issues (using a randomized distribution pattern of course).

    One extra note: I've completely disabled the ability to deposit Pokemon into the GTS. I immediately reject it. I didn't want to start messing with that, and I wanted distribution only.

    Logging is also more detailed, including IP addresses of the connected people, and what they do (Profile check, what Pokemon they're getting, including the file name)

    Known bugs:
    The Send Pokemon checkbox is checked when the program loads, but options are disabled. Just uncheck and recheck it to get everything up and going. Huge thanks to Madaruwode for his original HyperGTS!

    Please note: I edited this in Visual Studio 2010 Professional, so the Solution File won't work (or it hasn't in my attempts) on previous editions without some editing.

    Attached is: DNS Server v0.3 and HyperGTS v1.02, ready to go.
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    Re: Modified HyperGTS

    What does the 'Do you want to use automatic public/private IP switching' mean?

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    Re: Modified HyperGTS

    Just do Yes. I assume it has to do with local and public peers connecting.

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    Re: Modified HyperGTS

    I'm definitely going to have a go at this, I believe I had DNS problems with other versions/softwares.

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    Re: Modified HyperGTS

    i honestly can't even get the program to OPEN.

    neither of them.

    i'll click and click, but nothing happens, not even on my program manager.

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    Re: Modified HyperGTS

    Hey there, will disabling my firewall on NAT help others access the Modified HyperGTS via extenal ip and also how can I protect it from all those trouble makers who might use my DNS to access my network or pc? Any help will be greatly appreciated, I am stuck very badly indeed but now my real wifi works

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    Re: Modified HyperGTS

    I didn't disable NAT, it's on secured filtering. I actually DMZ Zone'd my internal IP (like the router assigned me to, so I made a DMZ zone point to

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    Re: Modified HyperGTS

    Oh okay as time goes by I am learning but now how should I protect it from "pc users" I mean if someone access my pc via ds I have no prob (That's what I wanted) but dns riders are a pain, any way to deal with these pests?

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    Re: Modified HyperGTS

    Not that I've found. You can disallow non-nintendo addresses from going through if you want to I think.

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    Re: Modified HyperGTS

    Now I have a problem, I wanna go public and the thing is there are alot of DNS riders how can I even know if somebody is sneaking in all my files and using my already slow internet connection also what is a DMZ host ip address? Is it the IP address of the pc I want it to host? If so how do I find it? And thanks for all the answers bro I really aprecciate it.

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    Re: Modified HyperGTS

    This is an excellent program! Thank you very much!

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    Re: Modified HyperGTS

    okay, i got the program to WORK, but i'm still confused on what code to give people...

    the internal or external IP, or the real DNS?

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    Re: Modified HyperGTS

    External IP is what you want others to use.

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    Re: Modified HyperGTS

    How do you find the public IP of the fake GTS server? I guess a more accurate question is how do these two programs work together? It says it's identified my public IP, but it can't do any of the auto-obtaining...

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    Re: Modified HyperGTS

    What ip I use to the dns on my DS? And when I enter in the GTS I no receive the pokemon

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