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  1. because an unfixable computer to me is like having no computer... sadly even rent-a-center says ''its non fixable... meaning you got yourself a dud!'' i hate that... but at anyrate i hope youll possibly forgive my past stupidity/ignorance... and im hoping to redeem myself.
  2. but its no lie im not joking... im as serious as being an admin would be.
  3. im also apologizing.
  4. You have a Wii and an Internet connection and no computer? I don't believe that.
  5. i was also wondering this, what if its to help others? and i dont have a computer and im on here via wii, so how do i make these pokesaves without i wanted to appologize for us getting off on the wrong foot, i didnt realize how busy you admins are and how dificult it is to maintain this or any site ive talked with other admins and i beleive you guys deserve more credit and im wondering is there any way i can assist you for maintaining this wonderfull site? because i really wanna help....
  6. sorry
  7. No. Do it yourself.
  8. hi sorry to be a pest but can u pokegen a shiny brave male sandile with moxie and thunderfang name it Gaiagator and trade it since im on a wii i cant download it
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