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  1. Sorry, but can you pm me instead of a vm please? Also, pm me the code you wanted because I forgot what code you wanted XD.
  2. hi RASN, how was ur 4th? how is the code comming along? i didnt do anything for the 4th, just saying hi , and thanks again for helping me get the code i was looking for
  3. hi RASN, how is life treating you, did u get my last ARDSi code request? i have the VMs active on my profile, so if you did get the request , can you make me the code, you are awesome when it comes to making ARDSi codes
  4. Hi Riolu, its nathan87531 again, can u make me an ARDSi code where i can catch all the unown , kinda like the wild pokemon modifer, i hope to catch all the pokemon in the HG/SS games, thanks for the help on the codes
  5. Riolu, You are amazing, thanks so much for the Pikachu Colored Pichu code, and thanks again for the yellow forest code, if i need any more HG/SS code ill let you know, thanks again.
  6. Here is the code ,it gives me a bad egg on the 9th box :

    94000130 FFFB0000
    B2111880 00000000
    E0018220 00000088
    E4CFFCFB E3CC0000
    30A4409D A14135E3
    1D6150D0 C983A6E1
    A19B72CF B74BE702
    34E71A8D 2BFE795C
    63F68436 681A8C46
    96BAFDA5 5F65EF3A
    84C46BA2 470DB45E
    2131E2F4 E610CBA0
    1D508C19 2E9BF3D3
    D51D098C 9EC4D347
    A8EDBD97 376A8127
    322A5D78 31877EC8
    5E098FF1 2D069E9C
    BE581EC0 5777FEB5
    E96DEECA A6E2F431
    54BCC0F3 1FF4E035
    D2000000 00000000
  7. i found the code, get an egg on the 9th box on my game and when i go owithdraw it to my game , it freezes my game
  8. hi Riolu, can you direct me to the forum for the event pokemon, i am looking for a pikachu colored pichu, and i cant fint it anywhere here , bowser told me where to go to but i cant find it, or if you have the code for the english pichu,can u post if for me , please and thank you, im a 34 yo man who loves pokemon, i guess im a kid at heart thanks again for the yellow forest code,
  9. hi again, can you make me a code for the ARDSi that i can get the pikachu colored pichu? thanks for the help with the yellow forest , and for the surfing/flying pikachu
  10. thanks you for the yellow forest ARDSi code, thanks again, i hope to find a surfing pikachu
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