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|Headbutt tree encounter slots (Post-National Dex)
|Headbutt tree encounter slots (Post-National Dex)
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|-style="background: #eee;" align="center"

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This page contains RAM addresses to various interesting and useful processes of GBA and DS Pokemon games.

Breakpoints can be set at these addresses.


This page is inspired by tsanth's thread with the same name on GameFAQs: [1]

Pokemon DPP (U)

DP RAM Address Pl RAM Address Description Discovered by
02000C54 02000C88 Main() Bond697
02000FB0 02001034 Begin Seed Calculation Routine mingot, arcee
0201B9E0 0201D2DC Set PRNG seed mingot, arcee
0201B9EC 0201D2E8 PRNG loadingNOW, tsanth
0201BA10 0201D30C Alternate RNG used in some cases: Examples, PID generation for mystery gift pokemon, recalculating a PID after a failed shiny check, number which determines swarm pokemon and great marsh pokemon SCV
0201BA1C 0201D318 Set IRNG Seed mingot, arcee
02038B70 0203E778 Script Handler loadingNOW
0203E7D2 Loads address for a command then branches to that address SCV
02042FB4 0204BAFC ARNG call for PID of Wondercard pokemon SCV, arcee
02042FBA 0204BB02 Loads PID from wondercard to r0 SCV, arcee
02042FC8 0204BB10 First Shiny Check call during the generation of some wondercard pokemon SCV, arcee
02042FD0 0204BB18 Beginning of loop that makes sure you do not get a shiny wondercard pokemon (in some cases) SCV, arcee
0204305E 0204BBA6 PRNG call for first set of Wondercard pokemon IVs tsanth, arcee
0204309C 0204BBE4 PRNG call for second set of Wondercard pokemon IVs tsanth, arcee
0205DED4 Create chain set (not sure about address in tsanth's thread it said 205DED tsanth, loadingNOW
0205DF42 End of Create chain set routine tsanth, loadingNOW
0205E40C 02069B00 Pokeradar Routine loadingNOW, tsanth, arcee
02068AAC 02075E38 Shiny Check, used to decide what sprite to show for a pokemon and to make sure dynamic PID mystery gift pokemon are not shiny as well as preventing manaphy from hatching shiny in some cases. SCV, arcee
02075C86 128 step RNG advancement arcee
0207760E Poketch check @ daycare screen arcee
0206A90C 02078780 Begin Calculation of Pokemon ID for alternate forms. SCV, arcee
020EBC80 020E1F6C Division routine; R0= R0 / R1, R1=R0%R1 tsanth, SCV
020EAC58 Pointer to Begin Routine for Script Command 0000 SCV
020EB974 Pointer to Begin Routine for Script Command 0347 SCV
021C4D48 021BFB14 PRNG State Kazo
021C4D4C 021BFB18 Mersenne Twister Lookup Table Kazo
021F4DA8 Beginning of Honey Tree Routine SCV
021F4EE4 Determines a value from 0-3 to use to determine which list will be used and how the shake value is calculated. If 0, slathering fails and not pokemon will show up. SCV
021F4F44 Determines a number from 0-5 that represents which pokemon will be encountered in a honey tree. SCV
021F4F98 Determines which list will be used by (value determined by 021F4EE4) - 1 (its not done this way, but is equivalent) SCV
021F4FAC Determines a number from 0-3 that represents how much a Honey Tree will shake SCV
021F5138 021EFF4C Returns 1 if the current tree being slathered is a Munchlax Tree and 0 otherwise. SCV
02211E60 Set GRNG seed magical
02211E70 GRNG magical
0223BA10 Movement Handler Start tsanth
0223BA46 "Am I on grass?" check tsanth
0223BAD4 Wild Encounter Check tsanth
0223BB2E Pair-battle (NPC partner) check tsanth
0223BD1C Movement Handler END tsanth
0223C1EE 022377A2 Pokeball catching routine tsanth, arcee
0223C5B8 Start of Encounter Table Lookup Handler mingot
0223C66A Start of Water (Sweet Scent/Surfing) Encounter Table Lookup Handler mingot
0223C6A0 Start of Water (Fishing) Encounter Table Lookup Handler. There are 3 branches for each of the rods in this routine with different results for old and good/super. mingot
022417F4 Encounter- terrain check arcee
02241848 Encounter- motion mod arcee
022479E6 Call to get ID routine (result in r0) SCV
0224E920 Start of Frozen Handler SCV

0224190A - ESV calc 02241B28 - nature calc (probably)

Pokémon HGSS (U)

RAM Address Description Discovered by
02000CA4 Main() Bond697
0201FD44 PRNG advancement routine Bond697
0201FD68 Alternate(simpler) PRNG Bond697
0204BFF0 Wondercard pokemon generation- full routine Bond697
02061E2A NPC movement arcee
02070068 Shiny check Bond697
020D3A38 Disable slow IRQ Bond697
020D3A4C Enable slow IRQ Bond697
020D34B0 Make wondercard PID Bond697
020F2998 Signed divmod() ?
020F2BA4 Unsigned divmod() ?
0210F6CC Mersenne Twister lookup table counter Bond697
021D15A8 PRNG State Kazo
021D15AC Mersenne Twister lookup table Kazo
021E19DC Upper half of wondercard PID Bond697
022440A0 Pickup / Honey Gather handler magical
02246B24 Start of Water (Fishing) Encounter Table Lookup Handler [2] mingot
02246FCC Fishing decision arcee
02247228 Pokéball catching routine magical
022475F2 Partial encounter calc- movement modifier arcee
0224767A Partial encounter calc- ability/item modifier arcee
02247698 Encounter slots arcee
02247720 Start of Water (Sweet Scent/Surfing) Encounter Table Lookup Handler [3] mingot
022477C0 Headbutt tree encounter slots (Post-National Dex) magical
022483C4 Partial encounter calc- roamer modifier arcee
0206C9D8 International shiny PID generation Bond697
02070068 Shiny check Bond697

Pokémon BW (U)

RAM Address Description Discovered by
01FF8000 ITCM start Bond697
01FF80F0 ARM9 IRQ Handler Bond697
02005124 main() function- infinite main/busy loop that runs the game starts at 02005166 Bond697
0200520C VBlank handler function Bond697
020056D0 Set up both main RNGs for use Bond697
020056EC PRNG advancement routine 1 Bond697
02005728 PRNG advancement routine 2 Bond697
0200852C Store sidtid as uint Bond697
0201778C IV creation routine Bond697
02017EF4 Shiny check routine Bond697
02018746 PID type decision Bond697
02018788 Shiny prevention routine Bond697
02019A6C PKM + RAM encryption Bond697
02035F50 New (NDS-only) input handler Bond697
02035F94 GBA-equivalent input handler Bond697
0203AE38 C-Gear startup RNG interaction(reseed MT, encrypt, etc) Bond697
0203EFE0 memcmp()- memory compare: 2 pointers and length of comparison(in bytes)) Bond697
0203F04C Set init MT seed (seed = init rng >> 32) Bond697
0203F078 ARNG(same as gen 4)- build initial MT seed table Bond697
0203F0C0 Mersenne Twister seed table handler Bond697
0203F270 Initial Seed Creation Routine OmegaDonut
0203F374 .sav encryption Bond697
020592E8 MD5 hashing routine for wifi Bond697
0207FD4C VRAM bank control handler Bond697
02082BE4 Takes 3 arguments: pointer to start of data write, length(in bytes) of data to write, uint to write multiple times- used constantly for clearing freed memory Bond697
02082D5C memcpy32()- accepts pointer to data start, pointer to copy start, and a length in bytes to copy Bond697
02085D54 DSi Detection Routine chiizu
02088E74 Convert dec -> hex(mainly for RTC data, but usable for anything) Bond697
02088A98 Date/time switch statement- used to grab pieces of the date and time and convert them to hex Bond697
0209C0C4 Signed divmod- r0/r1, result in r0; r0%r1, result in r1 Bond697
0209C2C8 Unsigned divmod- r0/r1, result in r0; r0%r1, result in r1 Bond697
020946AC ARNG2 - This is used in the DS to DS handshake XFR,Bond697
020A1B50 Model/texture definitions/positioning data Bond697
020AA1C4 RNG state pointer Bond697
02146292 Pokemon to be encountered Bond697
02146974 Pointer to the struct for the current heap being used Bond697
02146A18 Mersenne Twister seed table pointer Bond697
02150920 SVC mode stack location for card reads/writes Bond697
02151260 SWI/SVC mode stack Bond697
02193914 White Forest Trainer # Counter- returns # of trainers in White Forest Bond697
021A9370 Pre-battle setup(battle test, etc) Bond697
021A948C Double battle test Bond697
021AA43A Battle test Bond697
021A9DB2 0x80000000 OR PID decision routine Bond697
021A9DE8 ((rand() * 0xFFFF) >> 32) /0x290 -> function is called quite a bit for multiple calcs Bond697
021A9DF8 Fishing decision arcee
021AA700 ((rand() * 0xFFFF) >> 32) /0x290 -> seems to only be used for battle tests Bond697
021AA44C White Forest Battle Decision Routine- return 0 if no battle, 1 if there's a battle Bond697
021BC4F8 Player setup on new game Bond697
021BC50A Make IDs Bond697
021BFBD0 Opponent accuracy arcee
021C0A6C Battle routine(setup) Bond697
021C2466 Status infliction routine arcee
021C390C Complete breeding routine Bond697
021C4048 International breeding PID generation Bond697
021C6C18 Damage formula routine Bond697
021F6388 Battle PRNG State Kaphotics
02215374 Mersenne Twister Lookup Table Bond697
02215D34 Mersenne Twister Lookup Table Counter Bond697
02216244 PRNG State Bond697
02168844 rand(0xFFFFFFFF) / 0xFFFF Bond697
02168A52 ID generation for Battle Subway partner Bond697
021763DC Inside probability loop Bond697
021763F8 Probability routine- influences starting frame/seed Bond697
02176444 Outside probability loop Bond697
02176C6C Probability table Bond697
0221BBD0 Start of save data in RAM(when saving, all relevant data is written here, then cart RAM, then .sav) Bond697
0223C9D0 Daycare pokemon 1 Bond697
0223CAB4 Daycare pokemon 2 Bond697
0223D8CC BP Counter Bond697
02250030 Encounter slots in RAM Bond697
02257030 Step Counter Bond697
02257034 Shaking Patch Step Counter Bond697
0226DC5A Move Consecutive Use Counter (Wild Battle) Kaphotics
0226DC66 Protect Consecutive Turn Counter (Wild Battle) Kaphotics
0226E70E Move Consecutive Use Counter (Trainer Battle) Kaphotics
0226E71A Protect Consecutive Turn Counter (Trainer Battle) Kaphotics
02274302 Move Decision Dump (Wild Battle) Kaphotics
022BC734 Are there trainers in White Forest? (bool) Bond697
0233F004 Egg step counter ToastPlusOne
02FE0000 DTCM start Bond697
02FE0020 Interrupt handler lookup table Bond697
02FE3780 Main(user/system mode) stack start Bond697
02FE3F80 IRQ mode stack start Bond697
02FE3FC0 Supervisor mode stack start Bond697
02FFFC3C Vertical blank counter buffer OmegaDonut
02FFFDE8 RTC buffer(char rtc[8]) OmegaDonut
037FBCEC ARM7 IRQ Handler Bond697
022394E0 Date/time in hex - uint array Bond697
021AA41C Battle test/decision Bond697
0224120C Wifi RNG Bond697
0203AE38 Seed building routine for wifi RNG Bond697

Pokémon BW (J)

RAM Address Description Discovered by
02005124 Main() Bond697
022151D4 Mersenne Twister Lookup Table OmegaDonut
02215B94 Mersenne Twister Lookup Table Counter Kaphotics
022160A8 PRNG State Kazo
02FFFC3C Delay OmegaDonut
02FFFDE8 Date OmegaDonut

(All offsets are White offsets. Black offsets are White offset minus 0x20)

Pokémon Emerald (J)

RAM Address Description Discovered by
02024664 Frame Counter Kaphotics
03005AE0 PRNG State Kaphotics
0806F050 PRNG Advancement Routine Kaphotics
080003A4 Main loop Bond697
080005E4 Keypress handler Bond697
08000758 VBlank interrupt Bond697
080B413A Feebas setup routine on finding a Feebas tile Bond697
08296518 Modulus routine- r0 % r1, return result in r0 Bond697
08000248 IRQ setup Bond697

Pokémon Emerald (U)

RAM Address Description Discovered by
02020000 Timer1 storage on TID creation Bond697
020249C0 Main RNG Frame counter mingot
030022E0 Timer PRNG Initial State (Egg PIDs) Kaphotics
03002750 IRQ Handler (user mode) Bond697
03005D80 PRNG State mingot
03005D84 Timer RNG Current Seed (Egg PIDs) Kaphotics
08000248 IRQ setup Bond697
080003A4 Main loop Bond697
080005E4 Keypress handler Bond697
08000738 VBlank interrupt callback Bond697
08000988 Memblock header setup Bond697
08000B1C Malloc init Bond697
08000B38 Declare memblock(malloc()?) Bond697
0806F5CC PRNG Advancement Routine mingot
080B49E2 Feebas setup routine on finding a Feebas tile Bond697
Start Method H
080B5144 Battle Test Bond697
080B4AC8 Encounter Slot Bond697
080B4C74 Set level Bond697
080B4E2A Sync (bool) Bond697
080B4E4C Nature Setup/Decision (skip if sync() == TRUE) Bond697
08067E96 PKM Building Routine (test temp PIDs, make IVs on success) Bond697
End Method H
08067BF8 Roamer creation start Bond697
082E7BE0 Modulus routine- r0 % r1, return result in r0 Bond697
0817759E ARNG Bond697
0806D088 Get nature from tempPID(pass tempPID as an arg, return nature value) Bond697
03000DC0 RTC array buffer(char rtc[8]) Bond697
03000E20 Directional movement counters(possibly per frame) Bond697

Pokémon Ruby / Sapphire (U)

RAM Address Description Discovered by
02024D1C Quick Claw Determination FractalFusion
020287E4 Egg Creation Step Counter Kaphotics
03004818 PRNG State Multiple
0800010C IRQ setup/handler Bond697
0800024C Main loop Bond697
08000428 Keypress handler Bond697
0803AADC PID creation routine Bond697
08084AA6 Feebas decision Bond697
081E0770 Interrupts/SWIs Bond697
080003E4 Initial seed creation Bond697
08040EA4 Seed set routine, post creation Bond697
08040E84 rand() Bond697

Pokémon FireRed / LeafGreen (U)

RAM Address Description Discovered by
02020000 Timer1 storage on initial seed creation flovv, Bond697
03005000 PRNG State Bond697
08000558 Turn on Timer1 @ TM1CNT_H = 0x80 Bond697
08000564 Grab and return the value of Timer1 for use in seeding Bond697
08000570 Turn off Timer1 @ TM1CNT_H = 0x0 and store the grabbed value to 0x02020000 Bond697
08044EC8 PRNG Advancement Routine Bond697
0803DA54 Make PKM Bond697

Pokémon Ruby Debug Version (G)

RAM Address Description Discovered by
08045324 PRNG Advancement Routine(rand()) Bond697
030048F8 PRNG state Bond697
08085CEC ARNG Advancement Routine Bond697